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just an opinion

Nice thing about opinions, most people have one. Sometimes one must adjust their opinion as new information and facts become available. This is the case with our county government fiscal challenges.

I've attended several commissioner meetings recently where I voiced my opinions, rather strongly I might add, but the facts force me to adjust. Very difficult for me: evidenced by the loss of a 43 year friendship because I refused to let go of my absolute disdain of the Obama administration and our federal government.

I share this to make it clear that I don't "flip-flop" easily. The fact is that our county government is not funded to operate in a functional manner. We know that loss of timber funds led to this reality as prior commissioners pushed the issue down the road. If we as citizens don't solve the revenue problem the STATE WILL! Two bills were passed and will shortly become law that will basically give the state the right to come in and dictate a remedy: HB3453 and HB2206.

Since a tax is the only way for the county to achieve fiscal stability: a lottery could not become a source of revenue in any short order simply because of court challenges from the state that could drag on for years, we have three choices: property tax, sales tax or income tax. Income Tax: the remedy behind HB3453, Stupid, Arrogant and Wrong! Will drastically hurt anyone earning wages! Sales Tax: Do we want to be the ones to open Pandora's Box? Property Tax: the lesser of the three evils. It will trickle down to reach most people's pocketbook. Just My Opinion.

B.T. Russ


speak up for center

We would like to thank the Pilot for its continuing coverage of our efforts to build an indoor aquatic community center as well as Kevin Bane at KURY Radio for his community spotlight of this endeavor.

We are also indebted to everyone in the community who has been working so hard to make this happen. With the incredible generosity of our local businesses and benevolent individuals, FBHAC has raised $25,000 to put toward a large comprehensive feasibility plan. This plan is an essential step in assessing exactly what our community needs, creating a business plan, and designing the center. Everyone involved with this project wants to ensure that this will be an enduring community asset.

We believe with the city's support, we will be able to accomplish this feat and secure available foundation grant money needed to proceed.

If you would like to see Brookings-Harbor pursue an indoor aquatic/recreation community center and would be willing to support this venture, please let our local city council and mayor hear your opinion. Please take a moment to send them an email or leave a voice message. Now is the time to speak up!

Thank you.

Vanessa Nidiffer


shu is their choice

I'd like to thank the Pilot for the series of articles on Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP). I believe it important that citizens in this area be made aware of what PBSP is all about as it's in their backyard.

In the last article (July 6), both sides of the Security Housing Unit (SHU) issue were summed up rather well. Warden Lewis was accurate when he said that men housed in the SHU were there because of their decisions in life. Gang members said they "...should have their human rights respected."

Let me see if I have this straight. Inmates decide to continue their gang activities while in prison, knowing full well there is a SHU program for such behavior. They are sent to the SHU and don't like it because it disrupts their ongoing criminal enterprise. They object and "demand" the SHU be modified to their liking. They can choose to debrief (get out of the gangs) but elect not to; yet still complain about being housed in the SHU.

Every inmate in PBSP SHU earned his placement there through his choices (violent behavior, active gang activity, etc.). Having a SHU program helps to protect other inmates who are trying to just do their time and get out.

My suggestion to the SHU inmates: Grow a pair and stop whining about the consequences of YOUR choices in life. It's the first step in becoming an asset to society.

Mike Wiley


the plan all along

The last several years have been fraught with county official's pleas and strategies to coerce citizens into providing them more revenue via more taxes. Commissioners say a tax increase for just five years will provide the "bridge" they need to implement a "permanent" solution.

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try againandhellip; Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it." That was Mark Twain's take on this famous poem.

March 7, 2012, a news article reported then commissioners Waddle and Rhodes saying recent legislation allowed the county to "borrow" money from the county's road funds to pay for law enforcement to patrol roads but, the money had to be paid back within three years. $700,000 was then "borrowed" for that purpose.

March 10, 2012, a Pilot article titled "Legislature OKs bill allowing county to borrow money from road funds" also reported the funds could be "borrowed."

Over the last six months the fear mongering and deception by county officials has elevated at a feverish pace, wasting thousands of county employee man-hours.

Feb. 4, 2013, commissioners held yet another "finance workshop" with the county attorney, finance director, assessor, sheriff, maintenance staff and others. Commissioner Smith stated "July 1st is when we're going to have to go into a 2.1 (million) budget scenario. We're going to have to lay off 65 employees."

Shortly after defeat of ballot measure 8-71 May 21, commissioners "borrowed" $950,000 from the road fund which has reserves of nearly $35,000,000 dollars. This was the "secret" backup plan all along.

House Bill 4175 was passed in 2012. It allows Curry and six other counties to use available road funds for patrolling county roads with NO requirement to pay the funds back.

For more information on HB-4175 go to:

Thomas Huxley


made a great nation

A response to C. R. Grove - excuse me?

How dare you write that our Constitution is an antiquated document, whose only purpose is to pad our children's history books.

It better pad our children's history books because this history of our Constitution has made the dignity of man self-evident and made the rights by this dignity into a great nation that Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have never known.

One cannot call "antiquated" the cause for Human Rights. If we don't keep abreast of this Constitution, forget a free future. Intelligent minds put our Constitution together and it works! Because of it, no ding-dong in the White House or Congress has free reign.

I won't even dwell on your mention of Jesus Christ not having a birth certificate. Duh! Nor did Abraham, Moses, Caesar.

C.R. Crow


for whom the tolls

As a taxpayer and citizen of Curry County I find it difficult to understand the great debacle facing our county in terms of fiscal responsibility and the resolutions that we have already tried to solve it.

Raising property taxes hasn't received the required votes at the polls. Let's raise the taxes they say. ... Let's lower the taxes we answer. This strategy, however, has showed no promise. Until we can agree on a solution to end our quandary, we will just keep the shovel in hand digging an ever-bottomless pit with no ladder to escape.

Therefore, I propose my quite simple plan that would produce enough capital to cover most, if not all, county services. Used on a broader spectrum, it could lower the fiscal liability state-wide. The solution: a "Welcome to Oregon Fee." For a small $5 charge, visitors would be levied with a toll fee upon entering the state from any land border. (Other states have toll roads and bridges), what I suggest is a toll fee that encompasses entering our great state. With some basic infrastructure built at our state's border-crossings, we are set to go. The proceeds would not only cover the costs of highway maintenance, but could be doled out to those border counties to cover their increased cost of county services. Plus we would be providing another job source. More jobs equates to a higher tax basis.

This strategy is a "win-win," not just for us, but for other struggling counties as well, plus our roads will benefit, too.

Think about it! Tourists/visitors pay a nominal amount to enjoy our beautiful state!

Gregory Christensen Oregon State

University student


obamacare, et al

Obamacare and the health care system to include the pharmaceutical drugs industry are an economic disaster.

andbull;Obamacare: Six years ago my civilian doctor saw what was coming, quit private practice, and joined the VA system. Just within the last three months, I was able to find a new doctor who had decent referrals;

andbull;Health Care system: April 1 of this year I was in Roseville, Calif., visiting my brother who had a double lung transplant three years ago. He is highly susceptible to colds, flu, etc. I contracted bronchitis and checked into the local hospital ER room for treatment. After a blood test, CT scan, two inhalers, a prescription, and three doctors (the third who didn't know why he came to see me), I left. The bill to my insurance companies was almost $4,000. I actually was reluctant to go to an ER, but my brother insisted that night for his own health reasons;

andbull;The "death triad" of the drug industry, their attorneys, and pill-pushing physicians will fall under its own weight with homeopathic acupuncture, acupressure and herbal cures.

Ten years ago I had a very bad pneumonia. Jon Loren, who then had his herbal drug shop in Harbor, sold me an $18 box of capsuled herbs with the brand name Crocodile - a Chinese herb. In three days, I was well.

In talking with the head administrator of the Roseville hospital about my displeasure in their system, I asked her what the solution was for her and her system.

Her answer - "I might as well quit and open up my own herbal health shop." At least she understood the problem.

Goodbye Obamacare, et al. You are a disaster.

William F. Farrell