The Curry Coastal Pilot

Know by their deeds

There's been an awful lot of hoopla in some circles about Barack Obama's birth certificate, or lack of same.

But, what's the big deal? Yes, the Constitution requires it, but that's just a relic of the past - an antiquated document whose only purpose now is to pad the pages of our children's history books.

Remember, Jesus didn't have a birth certificate either, and He didn't need one to prove who and what He was. We know Him by His accomplishments.

In like manner, the Anti-Christ doesn't need paper documentation to prove who and what he is. We can know him by his deeds also.

So, let's just sit back and watch the show - while it lasts.

C.L. Grove


Lottery legitimacy

First I want to thank the Pilot and Jane Stebbins for the story in the July 3 edition, "Lottery, Not Taxes."

It is my understanding that the Oregon Constitution only allows one state lottery. True, the state can only run one lottery. It doesn't say "only" one lottery can be run in the state.

The article mentions fraternal organizations, charities, and churches being allowed to run bingo, raffles, and lotteries. This then proves that other lotteries are allowed in the state but that only one lottery can be run by the state.

Point number two: If the state can run only one lottery, then why are Powerball and Mega Millions being sold in the state along with the Oregon Lottery MegaBucks? Common sense decrees that they are three separate lotteries, since Mega Millions and Powerball are not the brainchild of Oregon and are NOT exclusive to Oregon.

So, multiple lotteries are being run in the State of Oregon by MUSL but a county isn't afforded the same rights? Is the state then in violation of its own laws by running more than one lottery?

This battle is far from over. This isn't just about a lottery; the real battle is about our rights as Curry County residents and being allowed to take care of ourselves. It's about crippling taxes that are discriminatory and will further damage our already hurting economy by creating further hardships on local businesses and the people in our county.

What about the question of the state running a lottery that is a monopoly and allows for no competition?

Make your voice heard with all of your elected officials; commissioners, state representatives, and the governor. Remember that laws can be changed by a vote of the people.

J.R. Wilson

Curry County

Reclaim our lands

An article in Saturday's Pilot by Lauren Dake illustrates the unseemly attitude in the country that the government exists to solve every problem.

Now the state government thinks that its job is to supply taxpayer monies to counties which are being ripped off by the federal government!

Both HB 2206 and HB 3453 are legislative attempts to remedy tax shortages caused by the fed's refusal to keep its promise regarding federal timber payments.

Kitzhaber should send in troops to reclaim state OandC lands since the feds broke their promise and voided any claim to those lands.

Instead of subsidizing the timber companies, FREE them to do what they do better than any government ... harvest timber!

Martin Sullivan


Appreciate the care

On the morning of June 17, 2013, I went to the urgent care facility at Chetco Medical Center on Fifth Street, for help with a medical condition which had become badly infected and required immediate care and treatment.

The staff was kind, considerate and professional, and I am much impressed with their efforts. The wait was minimal, the care shown from the front desk person to the physician's assistants and RNs was excellent. My sincere appreciation to Howard and Peggy, Bobby and Margo and Katie King for their outstanding care, especially since it was necessary to return each day for four days to have the dressings changed.

They were also able to find a new health provider for me, as the doctors I initially called for assistance were not taking any new patients.

I could not be more pleased with the response from everyone I met at Chetco Medical Center. We are fortunate to have this facility in Brookings. They are open six days a week, a variety of health care professionals are available and parking is not a problem.

Polly Houghtaling


curry health is busy

From Super Hero parties, Recognition Awards to Champagne Boat Cruises, this summer is looking extremely busy for the Curry Health Foundation.

President Jamie Lundin announced a committee is working on putting together a booth for "Party in the Park" and Captain America was chosen as the mascot. It is our first year and we are excited to participate in this worthy cause and rub Super Hero elbows with the youth of this community. Jamie also said that she and Leslie Keating are organizing the annual Champagne Boat Cruise set for September 15. It promises to be another great get-together for a good cause.

At a recent Curry Health Foundation board meeting it was unanimously agreed to present an honorarium to Leslie Keating, who recently received the "Woman of Distinction" award from Soroptimist.

In other news, the patron board in the hospital lobby was recently updated and three tiles were raised to the next level of giving. We would like to congratulate Ray's Charitable Foundation and Corner Drug for achieving Milestone level, which is an accumulation of between $5,000 and $9,999. Also, two of our own moved up a level, Steve and Dotty Denny to Keystone, between $2,500 and $4,999 and Dale and Jo Ann Thomas to Pinnacle, over $10,000.

Roseann Ismert,


Curry Health Foundation

Gold Beach

dear feds: you owe Us

Since we can't tax ourselves into prosperity, I have a suggestion for the financial woes of local government.

Why don't the commissioners write a letter to the federal government saying, "Look, you owe us 'X' million dollars per year according to the 1937 OandC Act?" (In Josephine County, it's $12 million, so I'll use that as an example.) "We know that the federal government is hurting for money. We're hurting also, but you owe us $12 million each year.

"You can pay us in a number of ways. Pick any one of the following:

1. Pay us $12 million in cash each year.

2. If you can't, then let us take $12 million of product (timber and minerals) out of the federally managed forestlands each year. We'll know what to do with it.

3. And if you don't like either of the above, then take out a map and draw out $12 million worth of land each year and give over the management of it to the county. We can do a better job of economically sustaining the county with the land than you can."

It would take some guts, but the current financial problem is caused by the feds reneging on the payment of their bills. The solution is to address the source of the problem. It is not in expecting the cash-strapped property owners to foot the bill.

Former Josephine County Commissioner Sandi Cassanelli


seeds of a new show

Just because you see my name at the end of this letter don't assume it's about politics because it's not.

My husband and I have discovered that the dahlia has just recently been introduced to the U.S. as far as it's history is concerned. The Spanish returned from Mexico in the 1600s with a bundle of dahlia seeds and sent some of their prized possessions to the Netherlands. Some years later, England became involved but the relationship between the two countries didn't get strong until after the civil war. Seeds started to filter into our country during the late 19th century. It wasn't until the 20th century that the dahlia became available to everyone, not just the rich.

There is such an enormous range of dahlias available that it is difficult to make sense of this diversity. In 1904, the first Classification and Description of Dahlias was drawn up and the revised copy was finely introduced in 1947.

We now have a chance to become a part of this beautiful flower's future in Curry County. Bob and Mandi Chibonte has started the Wild Rivers Dahlia Society and will hold the first ever show at the Gold Beach fairgrounds on August 24 and 25.

If you want to become a part of history with the dahlia as your guide, please let the Chibontes know and call them at 541-247-2364.

Whatever you do, don't miss going to the show. It will take your breath away, I promise.

Teresa Dalrymple

Gold Beach

taking a toll on us

Curry County is in bad shape. A sales tax is not the right answer. Property tax increase is not the answer either. What can we do?

We have a weigh station near the California border that is very seldom used and what did that cost Curry county?

How many millions of dollars was spent on the welcome center just north of the California border. I know for a fact that there was a few million dollars spent on large rock just to build the road from the highway to the flat land below, not counting the dollars spent on the building itself. What was wrong with the welcome center we had in Brookings?

What Curry County needs is a toll station like the Golden Gate Bridge has in the southbound lane entering San Francisco. The vehicles have to travel at 25 miles an hour and a camera snaps a picture of your vehicle's rear license plate and then they send the owner of the vehicle a bill for $6. That would bring in a tremendous revenue for Curry County. This is for vehicles entering Oregon from the south.

I, like a lot of people here in Brookings/Harbor moved here because we had no sales tax and our property taxes were not too bad either. I don't want to pay more for property tax, nor do I want to pay sales tax. I love living in Brookings/Harbor, but if we are going to be taxed to death, I might just as well move north or east. We live here because we wanted to be here for the weather and beauty of Curry County.

This is just my opinion.

Doug Pendarvis