The Curry Coastal Pilot

Hydrants blooming

Fire hydrants are blooming in Harbor even though there has been a death in the family. Dale Wells has again worked his miracles and created some really fun and funky looking fire hydrants in the Harbor area. First in front of Harbor Window and Heating on Lower Harbor Road is a hydrant that now has a doggie theme. In front of Ocean Suites Motel he created a hydrant with a marine life theme. In front of Best Western Beachfront Inn is a beautiful hydrant with a patriotic theme, and on the kite field is a hydrant with a kite theme. We all owe Harriet Opsahl of Oceanside Diner a round of applause for her monitary sponsorship of these hydrants and Dale Wells for his artistic talents and sense of community pride.

In addition there is a hydrant on Oceanview Drive sponsored by Suzie Etchart Realty with a beautiful patriotic theme. Please take the time to visit and enjoy the generosity and talents of our neighbors.

In addition, we have had one death in the fire hydrant family. On Sunday, June 16, the hydrant in front of the former location of the Oceanside Diner, that was painstakingly painted with love, pride and talent by Dale Wells, Verna Pooler and Jeanene Craft to look like a little NASCAR driver, was painted over with yellow paint.

Wells, Pooler and Craft spent hours designing and drawing, and then about three days painting the little NASCAR driver on the hydrant. It had been viewed, appreciated and loved by a good portion of Brookings-Harbor's residents and a great number of visitors to the Harbor.

One has to wonder what kind of a darkness would possess a person's heart to cause them to destroy such a beautiful little object of community pride meant only to put a smile on peoples face?

Ralph Martin


Forget Sales Tax

Barbara Wilson's letter (6/29/13) regarding a 3 percent sales tax from May 1 to Oct. 31 is no tourist trap.

Giving more money to the county and taking it away from tourism will only serve to hurt the local economy. A very important reason tourists come here from California is no tax on gas, shopping, restaurant meals, services, etc.

Let's help the local economy and not give anymore to the Curry County "fat cats."

Joe Willett

Brookings Tourism Advisory Committee

Obama's false claims

Our "historic" President makes some false claim about the Syrian government using nerve gas on their citizens. The head of the United Nations came right out and said that he did not believe what our president and his administration said.

The only thing that makes this president historic is that he is an even bigger joke than George W. Bush and he has assumed the dictatorial powers of our first American King.

Ralph Nader says that Barry Obama is the biggest con artist this country has ever seen, and I would agree.

Got Fascism?

How do you like it so far, America?

Joe Thomas