The Curry Coastal Pilot

avail pool aerobics

The water is warm.

Yes, the Brookings City Pool is open for summer fun but also for Adult Exercise and Aerobics. The schedule expanded the times adults can swim laps, exercise and participate in aerobics.

This year there is no additional charge for aerobics, no need to sign up; just drop in anytime it is scheduled. Your season pass will get you in or you can buy a Ten Swim Pass or pay per visit.

I hope you will at least try this wonderful asset available at 1130 Ransom Ave.

Eunice Hakanson


harvey high marks

For those who haven't seen the Chetco Pelican Players presentation of "Harvey," do plan to attend one of the remaining performances.

This is an outstanding production in all areas: excellent casting and direction, stage sets, lighting, etc. - all top-notch achievements.

Unlike musical performances of familiar works, take into account what each actor/actress has to undertake in remembering lines for just this one productions, and portraying the character with the help of excellent direction (Tommy Jones and Evan Vest). In addition, there are those behind the scenes who create the sets. This is an area where the Pelican Players have always excelled. The sets are always exceptionally well done and never a disappointment.

Key performers Sean Farris, as Elwood Dowd, and Sydney Clinton as Elwood's sister, do an outstanding and believable portrayal of their characters. Jimmy Stewart would applaud Sean's characterizations of Elwood and his imaginary rabbit who is observing the performance from the corner of the back row.

A few weekend performances remain, so do plan to see and support our local thespians and little theater, especially when we have so many dedicated individuals willing to undertake demanding productions, such as "Harvey"!

Barbara Wieneke


copper will crop up

Gee. High copper content on the Smith River plain might harm salmonoids?

Does anyone ever look for natural answers? A little research on line shows 50 (FIFTY!) old and existing sources of natural copper in Del Norte with most close to the Rowdy Creek drainage.

Maybe our local salmonoids like copper. They seem to thrive in most local streams.

What will the water testers have us do? Replace all the soil? I think not.

Bob Douglas

Smith River

no travel with bikers

What a lamebrained idea, I thought, as I read about the city's intention to show preference to bicyclists over the citizens of Brookings who use Railroad Street as one of our main thoroughfares about town!

Not many who drive will be brave enough to pass the slow, meandering, inconsiderate bicyclists who will not pull over to the right to allow more room for passing.

This will, no doubt, cause more of a traffic problem than we already have. Who would want to travel the entire length of Railroad Street at 5 to 10 mph?

This is a poorly-thought-out solution to a non-problem! I am not the only person to think this is a bad idea!

Don't do it!

Tom Moody


Help a helpful man

After reading your feature article on Bill Clapson and his health crisis and the plea to our local community for help, we realized how much we owe Bill (the Water Man) for all the counsel he has given through the years.

He has given invaluable help and information to many of our friends and neighbors regarding their wells and water systems and offered assistance in implementing procedures. Now is our chance to help Bill with his medical needs.

Donations can be made in the name of Bill's wife, Glenda Clapson, at either Rogue Federal Credit Union or by mail to Glenda Clapson at P.O. Box 7731, Brookings, OR.

Please join us in this worthy endeavor.

Ron and Sue Morro


Beware sales taxes

Be cautious of sales taxes.

Governments from federal to local worldwide are short of money. Just read the international press. Nearly all are seeking ways to increase revenue in order to maintain services and infrastructure. We are not out of our world recession yet.

As stated in Opinion of June 11, 2013, Curry is a low-income county. For that reason residents said they could not afford the recent proposed house tax increase. I personally know families who are struggling paycheck to paycheck.

The state of Oregon does not have a sales tax, yet. Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton and some other democrats are in favor of a state sales tax of 5 percent; after all, most states have a sales tax. If this new tax and the 3-percent local tax is made law, the total will be 8 percent.

If this burden is thrust upon residents it will make a difference to disposable income which is spent in Curry County stores and restaurants. There will no longer be an incentive to drive from Crescent City to avoid the California sales tax.

Think carefully before passing this new tax. There have been alternatives recommended in this column in recent weeks.

Roger Mitchell


can't afford the tax

I am against the 3-percent sales tax. It is against business, especially small businesses and people who are low income.

For example, the person buys $50 of supplies that they need, the total comes to $51.50 and this person wants to buy a $5 item. The person only has now $3.50 they can not buy this item. Let's say that 100 people are in the same position. The store loses $500 because of this tax. The other example is, this person will have to buy less because they can not afford the extra $1.50.

The other thing that I am concerned about: I read in the Curry Pilot that it would cost the Curry County close to half a million dollars get this tax going - money Curry County can not afford.

Again, this 3-percent sales tax is against businesses and people who are low income. Please vote against this 3-percent sales tax.

Lauren Diane Spector