The Curry Coastal Pilot

have rights to patrol

The recent article "Citizens willing to help fight crime" incorrectly states that state law "prohibits" people from conducting private law enforcement patrols.

Generally, Oregonians enjoy the following rights: the right to make arrests for crimes committed in their presence, the right to use physical force in order to make arrests, the right to use physical force in self-defense, the right to use physical force to defend others, the right to use deadly force in certain circumstances, the right to protect property using physical force, the right to drive around on public roads at all hours of the day, the right to approach and talk to other people, the right to possess weapons, the right to carry weapons openly most places, and the right to enforce traffic laws by initiating violation proceedings in court.

The above rights allow private citizens to take enforcement action against offenders, and if used correctly, these rights provide protection from criminal prosecution and civil liability. However, it should be emphasized that sworn law enforcement officers have, among other differences, broader arrest authority than private citizens.

Sacrificing to protect one's neighbors is an admirable and potentially risky activity. If service-minded citizens can maintain a safe community at no cost to the taxpayer, great. But those who will be conducting volunteer patrols need to be prepared. They must read, learn and follow the law. I can offer pro bono assistance if these volunteer patrolmen who want help understanding their rights and limitations under Oregon law.

Eric T. Bryant


variety of viewpoints

There was an interesting array of letters to the editor in the Saturday, June 1, paper.

There was one from a retired California parole agent that lives in Fresno, the crime capitol of California (you would think having been a parole agent he would know that), and he doesn't think he is going to move to Brookings because of the failure of the Law Enforcement Levy. He says he wouldn't feel safe here, but he does in Fresno?

There was one from Vicki Nuss that totally ignores recent F.B.I. statistics that show a decline in nearly all major crimes in the last 10 years in the U.S. and also a steep decline in mass shootings, but when all you watch is CNN or MSNBC or listen to California Senator Diane Frankenstein or Obama you'll believe anything. Forget the facts. Nuss's answer is to do away with the Constitution.

There was one from Gordon Clay slamming people for not passing the Law Enforcement Levy without his considering maybe some people couldn't afford it. To people I talked to, it was more a lack of confidence vote against the commissioners. Clay then extols the virtues of politicians Wyden and DeFazio's efforts to get logging back in Curry County. They and their Spotted Owl environmental extremist supporters were responsible for the destruction of the logging industry in the first place.

In past letters and a forum, Clay has preached against bullying in schools while ignoring the fact the kids are getting a lousy education.

I guess it's just priorities.

Ralph Martin


3% tax costs money

Now that the property tax levy didn't pass we see more people asking for a county/state sales tax of 3 percent. Didn't some other county/states try that, i.e., Utah, or was it Idaho? Seems they soon found it cost the state 5 percent to collect it with the added employees plus benefits, etc. Think now they went to 6 percent but still offset by income tax and personal property tax. With a library/computer you may read/go online to check these names/numbers/facts. I didn't check these figures personally this time, just trying to remember what I had heard/read sometime back.

Mel B. Echelberger

Gold Beach

nixon, obama alike

I could make jokes and smart remarks about Obama being Richard Nixon's illegitimate son.

Richard Nixon had an enemies list; so does Obama.

Richard Nixon thought he had the right to bomb anyone he wanted to; so does Obama.

I won't do that because I am sure that any sane person who voted for Obama in the last election is feeling really ashamed of themselves right now.

Most people who ever voted for George W. Bush will not admit they voted for him these days.

News organizations like the AP cheer for Obama, and what thanks do they get in return?

The Obama administration spies on them!

You mean to tell me that the IRS is supposed to be enforcing the Obamacare Act. Are you kidding me?

Congressman DeFazio owes everybody a public apology for voting for Obamacare.

Peter DeFazio should be calling for the impeachment of this admittedly corrupt and crooked president.

The day that Barry Obama gets kicked out of office will be the same day his humiliated supporters will be able to take those paper bags off their heads.

Joe Thomas


past, present, future

I have always been an avid reader, from my early years I had every type of reading material available; thank you Mom and Dad, my neighbors, the doctor's office, etc. etc.

Many years ago I read "1984," a great novel. It was fiction, but it had staying power and over the years, I have heard it mentioned many times. I actually remember thinking about the book when 1984 came and went. If you were never lucky enough to read it, you need not worry.

For the last four years the seeds of 1984 have been germinating; this year there are blossoms.

Mr. Obama and his administration are creating 1984 and all of its evil right in front of our eyes.

When you silence the press and give national agencies the power to suppress the people, you have 1984.

When you step on the Constitution it used to be treason.

On a lighter note of insanity, our commissioners have postponed creating a budget. I thought that was Obama's trick.

Most exciting, our benevolent Congress gave us $65,000; that's one salary plus benefits for one deputy. andhellip;

We are in hog heaven.

I would like to remind all of the local jerks who did not vote: You cannot plan the future if you do not know what the total majority is thinking and there are way too many people in Brookings who don't think.

Welcome to 1984.

Clifton Siemens


they just don't get it

Maybe no one else saw the classified ad in the Saturday, June 1, Pilot from the Curry County commissioners, but I have to say I am livid.

The Curry County commissioners that claim this county is broke is advertising in the "Help Wanted" column for a full time Director of Administration to perform the duties that the commissioners should be doing themselves. It is advertised to pay between $3,981-$5,079 plus excellent benefits and retirement depending on experience and education.

We are looking at $6,000-$8,000 a month when salary and benefits are computed. It's because of this arrogant, self-indulgent attitude by the commissioners that people voted down measure 8-71, the Law Enforcement Levy. You can't believe a word out of the commissioners' mouths.

It's time for a recall of the commissioners and a new form of county government that would be more answerable to the taxpayers of the county. It seems like the three we have now just don't get it.

MaryLou Frenzel


what right, mr. pilot?

Well it did not take long for the next barrage of fear mongering to try and get some more taxes out of us.

Well, if a tax is passed I hope we will have several chances to repeal it! If we can save $500,000 on 911 cost why haven't we!! Why is it now that we are hearing about the citizens committee ideas that our leader choose to ignore.

Mr. Smith says we can accept an increase on our already high state income tax? Almost double? I, for one, am glad someone can make those kind of decisions for me.

Our children can hardly make ends meet as it is. All of you working folks need to think about that before you vote for it. What will that do to your already stressed budget? You best get out and vote or you may wish you had.

And what do we care about what other people living outside of Curry have to say. How does the Pilot say with a straight face that those comments are representative of others' thoughts. Well, Mr. Pilot, do not expect a renewal of your paper from me. The Pilot has always been biased toward the passing of these taxes. It is not up to you to decide what is best for us.

You do realize that if we are forced to pay more taxes we will have less money to donate. The cost of living is such that it is no wonder donations are falling short for fireworks and other good deeds.

Carl Cooper