The Curry Coastal Pilot

never have they seen

I've talked to a few elderly people who have said andhellip; never in their life have they seen such turmoil, scandals, lies and coverups as with President Obama and his administration.

And Obama's disregard for our constitutional rights and his arrogance toward anyone who doesn't like or understand his views and direction.

Obama is not transparent as he said he would be and has divided this country, and at times hasn't been truthful.

If you're not seeing and hearing this, then you may be listening to the wrong news media.

Lou Costa


'don't know' party

For the past several years the Democratic Party labeled the Republicans "the party of no."

Based on recent events, I submit that the Democratic Party be labeled "the party of I don't know."

No one in this administration (including the president) knows about Fast and Furious; no one knows about the IRS targeting conservative tax exempt groups; no one knows about obtaining emails/phone records of Associated Press and Fox News reporters; no one knows about what happened in Libya where four Americans were killed; and no one knows who changed the talking points to blame a video and then told the world the same story over and over!

Governments should be responsible to its citizens. It's time for the government to take responsibility and show leadership.

Allan W. Stewart


outstanding people

The VFW Post 966 would like to thank everyone who braved the inclement weather on Monday to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

We would especially like to thank the Cape Sebastian Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution for their silent flag folding; the Marine Corps League for playing of taps; the U.S. Coast Guard for posting and retrieving the colors; Dave Stephens for playing "Amazing Grace" and "Abide With Me" on the trumpet; Commissioner David Brock Smith for being the guest speaker; the flower club for providing the flowers; and the Pioneer Citizens for the bouquet.

We would also like to thank the staff at the Port of Brookings Harbor for putting signs out to notify the public about the change in location and to KURY Radio for advertising the change in location.

It is because of outstanding community organizations such as those listed above and the people involved that we were able to pay tribute to those who gave their all defending our great nation.

May we always be mindful of our brave men and women in cemeteries around the world as well as those who were lost at sea.

Wade Hatfield,

quartermaster VFW Post 966


future now at risk

As a retired parole agent living in California, I understand the need for law enforcement to ensure a safe community.

I have lived in Brookings in the past, and enjoyed the quality of life there. My wife and I have been seriously considering buying another home in Brookings for our "Golden Years." However, I think that will have to wait.

The recently defeated proposed Property Tax Levy is the reason. The lack of law enforcement personnel, or should I say the lack of future law enforcement personnel, has weighed heavily on our decision to return. We also considered the impact that this could have on the Curry County Real Estate market. No one wants to live in an area that they perceive to be unsafe.

Remember, the future of Curry County may now be at risk, both criminally and financially. I would certainly trade a higher property tax assessment for the comfort of knowing that police and sheriff's deputies are looking after the county.

Todd L. Cregar

Fresno, Calif.


To me and many of my veteran friends, your coverage of the parade in your May 29 issue was a DISGRACE.

Not one mention or picture of a veterans' or military group. For God's sake it was Memorial Day weekend.

I am proud to be a member of the Brookings community and our Azalea days parade is something we should all be proud of.

But have you forgotten the reason we have the holiday weekend, to HONOR the men and women who have died to give us the right to have that parade.

Wise up guys and at least give a nod to the vets and military on MEMORIAL DAY.

Semper Fi.

Robert Gilmore, past national vice



Division - MCL


citizens informed

David Brock Smith said, and I quote, "It's unfortunate that we were not able to inform the citizens well enough with regards to the importance of the levy." (Pilot, May 22).

andbull;Commissioner Smith expressed his view on Measure 8-71 quite clearly in the Pilot over and over again;

andbull;The Pilot editorial wrote about Measure 8-71 several times and seemed to be in favor of the bill;

andbull;Although the Pilot was fair, they seemed to be in favor of Measure 8-71; there were articles in almost every paper;

andbull;Sheriff Bishop spoke out several times in the Pilot, threatening the collapse of the Curry County Sheriff's Department if 8-71 failed. Threatening with the Mexican Mafia and other scare tactics;

andbull;County commissioners did not take into consideration any of the 19 recommendations from the citizens group;

andbull;County commissioners echoed that if Measure 8-71 failed to pass, threatening the people of Curry County that the state government would take over the county;

andbull;The four county commissioners are STILL collecting a large paycheck when they could have set up a commission like the City of Brookings - a part-time commission of volunteers.

No Mr. Smith, the citizens WERE informed about Measure 8-71. You sir, failed to take any action on trying to resolve our dilemma. You sir, did not have any answer to the question, "What happens in five years (if Measure 8-71 passed) and the tax money ended? You stated, "We will work on that." That is not an answer. You and past commissioners have been working on this ever since the federal government created the OandC and grant money for Curry County. And in all that time, nothing was done. No, Mr. Smith, the citizens were informed.

Andrew T. Ragan


expensive sellout

Re: Regionalization of Sutter Coast Hospital.

In these times that we live it's not surprising to hear of "the dog eat dog" attitude that exists in the world. But it is very sad when this attitude affects the health or wellness of a low income area.

I have worked hard my entire life as a single mom and then until retirement and now live on Social Security. We are forced to leave the future of our health in the hands of politicians and large organizations. How sad and disappointing it is to hear that Sutter Coast Hospital is selling out at our expense for greed ... the Almighty Buck!

Linda Wallace

Crescent City

not just a handgun

After the Sandy Hook massacres how can any parent of children not worry every time they put their little ones on the school bus or drop them off at school? How does a parent get though the day without thinking that some nut might grab a weapon with several 30-round magazines and fire off 154 bullets in less than five minutes in a school their children are attending? How can any reasonable person, much less our laws, consider that type of weapon as just a handgun is stunning and needs to be addressed.

Those American children who were dismembered by that man and his weapon deserved life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as stated in the Declaration of Independence which preceded our Constitution by 13 years.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) "National School Shield" plan sounds like we are grooming children to be inmates in Pelican Bay Prison! Do we really want our children to learn in prison-like conditions as proposed by the NRA with roaming armed guards (who would be required to have a background check), reinforced windows and doors, and medal detectors? How is the Second Amendment weakened by laws that require background checks aiming to prevent criminals, domestic abusers, and mentally unstable individuals from acquiring weapons? Many would agree that the Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to own a weapon that fires 45 bullets a minute as does the Bushmaster xm15-e2s used in Newtown last December.

Parents and victims of weapon violence are exercising their right to petition our government to represent current needs by wanting additional weapon regulations. They might be more reasonable then the chest-thumping, selfish bullies defending their "second amendment rights" based on something authored in 1789.

Victoria Nuss


me! me! me! county

The voters of Curry County have spoken. The law levy failed. Apparently, most Curry voters think Salem can do a better job running our county than our own county and local governments.

Unfortunately, with so much misleading information coming out of Brookings' City Hall (,) our chance for a brighter future has dimmed. We missed a great opportunity to show Congress, in support of Senator Wyden's OandC lands bill, that we want to take responsibility to see our county move forward. The vote is a sure indicator to Congress and to Salem that we want to continue to rely heavily on federal and state support and not accept any more responsibility for our own public safety than we already have done. We are the leading Me! Me! Me! county in Oregon and are not interested in contributing for the good of the whole.

The Feds drilled the first hole in our economic boat when they started to reduce timber sales. Every time since then the commissioners have put forth a Tax Levy, Curry voters say "NO" and pick up the drill and drill another hole.

Representative Bruce Hanna, who helped craft HB 3453, said it would be irresponsible not to throw Curry voters another lifeline. Please Wyden, Merkley, DeFazio, Hanna, Kitzhaber. STOP throwing us last minute lifelines. It's time we learn how to swim on our own.

My hope is that Congress and Salem will stop being our enabler. It seems that we've got to hit rock bottom before we wake up. If we don't wake up, we deserve whatever we get.

Gordon Clay