The Curry Coastal Pilot

defense of brother

As Mike McGuiness' brother, I feel that a response is needed to some of the comments made in an article published in the May 18 Pilot. After watching the video, Mike felt that the commissioners meeting was a personal attack, and that his reputation suffered.

Lobster Creek campground is located over 20 miles from Gold Beach, and is neither occupied nor maintained during the off-season months. Located in the forest, there are many seasonal visitors, including the occasional tree rat, mice, insects, birds, (it's in the woods, folks!), and yes, even mold.

Rodents are controlled by a local pest company, that visits at the appropriate time, and prior to the opening of the campground. A non-toxic bait is used, so there are no potential problems with any visitor's children or animals discovering any bait. Mold does develop in certain areas, but pilot lights are left on to keep the lines charged, and the small amount of heat produced helps keep the mold under control, until it is easily removed using bleach, again prior to the camp's opening.

Mike begins camp preparation in the spring, after the winter has passed, and the area warms up, but this year had difficulties in obtaining juvenile help, and jail inmates mysteriously became unavailable, unlike in years past. Additionally, the generator was out of service for approximately five weeks, which hindered the pre-opening cleanup process. It became impossible to obtain "jail help" after commissioners Itzen and Smith began reduction and consolidation of several departments, and it was decided that Juvenile would absorb Parks. Lastly, yes, the cooking table is a solid door panel, the users love it, and it's like a giant cutting board.

Mike McGuiness has worked for Curry County for approximately 22 years, first as Veteran's Service officer, then in Parks, and tendered his resignation, effective May 22, and retired.

Alan McGuiness

Gold Beach

each of us can help

Thank you for printing Mike Griffith's letter regarding the importance of stopping the regionalization of Sutter Coast Hospital.

Efforts to alert Brookings and Harbor residents of the impending threat to our valued medical care facility seem to largely go unheeded. People are busy and burdened by everyday responsibilities. Many of us who have received care there are seniors and unable to actively participate as we would like.

Must we wait until any of us, young or old, need care and suddenly are confronted by the severe reduction of service and possibility of being shipped elsewhere ... away from home and family?

If you are not familiar with the details of this attempted takeover by a powerful San Francisco-based group, I urge you to contact Dr. Gregory Duncan's office, become informed and join those of us who are extremely concerned.

Each of us has a different ability to stand up for what's right for us as individuals and for our community. Together we can make a difference.

Marion Ayer


headlines are wrong

Your headline states voters rejected public safety levy.

How about voters rejected commissioners and bureaucrats, but still support sheriff.

How about big bucks for bureaucrats rejected, sheriff suffers.

How about Pilot loses, Stebbins finds new job in Portland.

Your articles are not news, they are your own agenda.

Ron Bodman