The Curry Coastal Pilot

internal revolution

The recent three-pronged attack against the Obama administration (the fourth yet to come) has, and will further blossom to all U.S. citizens who are not on Welfare, Disability or Social Security. All military and former military have been affected by the Benghazi scandal. All reporters have been affected by the AP scandal.

But, by far the most people affected by the IRS scandal are taxpayers. If our government can target those who do not agree with the current administration's policies, and penalize them for not agreeing, it can target anyone for anything.

This particular scandal has, and will continue to snowball into an internal revolution society, the likes of which I have not witnessed in my 73-year lifetime.

It's about time we woke up to pay attention to what's been going on for four and a half years.

Thank you IRS for starting the Internal Revolution Service.

William F. Farrell


cleanup appreciated

A huge thank you to the Humane Society and the volunteers who make it happen: the big cleanup and improvement of the vacant lot between Hemlock and Railroad streets - a downtown and Art Walk neighborhood!

B.W. Wayher


adult supervision

The Dead Ducks, among their other dis-accomplishments before they Waddled on down our Rhodes, passed the county funding buck to their spiritual heirs.

So, as their first dis-accomplishment, the Scions of the Dead Ducks (SODD), Itzen and Smith, attempted to create a Rube Goldberg tax mechanism (spare fellow businessmen, throw a sop to the cities, hit the property owners, and skip the visitors). Instead, they only managed to create a house of cards which blew down at the first puff of wind.

An efficient solution would have been the 3-percent sales tax, with exemptions for food and prescription medications. Such a sales tax was just as unpopular as a property tax and, at the very least, had the benefits of being simpler and more equitable. Even an income tax surcharge, if the Republicans and Democrats in Salem could even manage to agree (a difficult scenario to imagine) that Curry County is in a state of fiscal emergency AND could agree to run things here for 18 months, is more equitable than the late, obviously unlamented, property tax proposal.

After the supposedly fright-inducing drumbeat about retaining local control, after Brown and Shafer, Rhodes and Waddle, and Itzen and Smith, don't you think it's about time to ignore cries to "run government like a business" and get some adult supervision?

Oh, well, maybe SODD will get it right next time. Maybe.

Michael Pitts-Campbell


local incompetence?

The defeat of Measure 8-71 was a vote against a property tax increase as well as a vote of no confidence in the county commissioners.

Commissioners Itzen and Brock Smith attempted the easy way out, increasing property taxes, placing the entire burden of public safety onto the backs of property owners, knowing full well, as Itzen is now quoted as saying, "It is the toughest time in history ... to ask for any kind of tax increase." Yet he and Brock Smith attempted to do just that.

The county revenue shortage is primarily caused by the loss of timber revenues, an impending situation for at least five years, yet these and former commissioners failed to act in a timely manner to prevent such a crisis. Is that what you call local control? Or local incompetence?

In the last presidential election and now in this election, we have seen this: The use of scare tactics and other forms of propaganda intended to manipulate people into voting for agendas that do not serve them, do not work. Those who have engaged in these tactics during these last few months hopefully understand that now.

What we need is a multifaceted solution to the problems at hand. Salary cuts or elimination of paid county commissioners should be considered one of the facets of that solution since these commissioners have failed to prove their worth.

The margin of defeat of this levy was too wide for the commissioners to consider a 'do-over' of solely increasing property taxes this coming November.

Pamela Niles


college does pay

I am disappointed in the cartoon you chose to run on May 22, 2013.

I know it is the "popular" thing to disparage colleges and tell our young people to not bother running up debt. But actually it has been proven over and over again that college does pay and people do make a decent living by attending college.

At a time when our young people seem to be more fixated on YouTube and gaming, we need to be encouraging them, not discouraging.

I have not taken a survey, but it seems to me that this past year we have seen unprecedented numbers of college freshmen returning to Brookings before they have even finished one year of college.

We do not have the jobs here for the hundred or so young people that graduate every year to stay. We do not have the wood products and fishing jobs that this community had in the past.

We do not need to discourage our children more.

Tamara Pettinger


bring jobs to county

Before turning in for the evening I thought I would scan the Pilot in hopes of catching a glimpse of the election (levy) results. Well it looks like another property tax hike will go down in defeat.

What amazes me is the lack of registered voters actually voting. Such a hot topic and a good percentage of the counties voters refused to vote. I personally take those votes as votes against the levy.

I personally am against any property tax hikes, for whatever reason. And I think the majority of Curry County voters feel the same. The factions that put these tax hikes on the ballot just don't get what is in tune with the majority of Curry County voters. The doom and gloom will be headlines in the next few additions of the Pilot.

You county politicians need to take stock and a different approach to raising monies. In the last year of all the doom and gloom articles there weren't too many articles on how the county civil servants could be trying to bring in "JOBS" to this county. Workers pay taxes and spend money. Let's spend some time and energy in this direction for a change. ...

Mark H Foley


share our passion

Being a volunteer can provide some of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

There are always a variety of opportunities for you to help improve the lives of others.

Coastal Home Health and Hospice is presently in need of additional members for our Home Health Advisory Committee. This committee serves in an advisory and policy capacity to the Board of Directors of the agency, to assure that our local home health services are provided with the highest quality.

This opportunity is open to the entire community and no previous experience is required.

We are seeking board members who share our passion to provide our patients and their families with the best available care.

Meetings are held quarterly in our Gold Beach Office. Committee members are asked to serve a two year minimum.

If you are interested, or if you would like additional information, please contact us at 541-247-7084.

Travis, Sandusky, president

Coastal Home Health and Hospice Board of Directors

Gold Beach

no corporate greed

We need to stop regionalization of Sutter Coast Hospital and subsequent downsize to Critical Access.

Greg Duncan M.D., current chief of staff, Sutter Coast Hospital - I have known him for many years and I have never known him to make a decision that was not in the patient's best interest, and I concur with his reasons for opposing regionalization. His arguments are factual, well researched and explained simply. He has put much personal time and energy into this opposition because he believes it is in the patients of the hospital's best interest. He is basically taking on a billion dollar giant and needs our support.

For more information, request a newsletter by email .

I myself do not want lawyers and bureaucrats to make medical decisions for me or my family. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Dr. Duncan for what he is trying to accomplish for our community.

Mike Griffith


what to pray about

I am not a public speaker, per se.

This is what we have to pray about.

So let me tell you why we are here today. We are here today to honor all veterans for their service to our country in all wars past and present and forever to this great country.

Let us praise all the men and women that love this country. Let us heal the wounded to the best of our ability and never look with disdain upon these gallant heroes again!

Let us all return our great country and bring it back to the outstanding place in the world again!

As chaplain of the VFW and a Christian, "no arrows please," let us again reunite, with love of country, honest men and women and spread love around this city, country, and homeland

God bless those in need with love.

Richard Henderson