The Curry Coastal Pilot

respect our property

Last year, Outreach Gospel Mission again was victim of being a dump site for items that did not sell at the Brookings City Garage Sale.

OGM had to pay $679 to dispose of "donated" items that were placed in the driveway, front steps and the parking lot of our property after hours. Unfortunately, certain people do this type of thing throughout the year.

Imagine waking up and looking out your driveway at home and find a tricycle with two wheels, a refrigerator with mold inside and out, soiled baby clothes, golf bag with no bottom and a organ with half the keys missing. ... This happens three to five times a week.

OGM is truly blessed for the many, many donors who are in support of this ministry; especially the Women's Home. I know that their donations would rather be utilized for the common good of people then caring for a "dump site."

We are so very thankful to those many people who donate clean, serviceable items. There are times when we are at capacity with certain items and we must refuse them. OGM only has so much room to store donations.

Best wishes to the community for a wonderful Garage Sale Saturday!

Michael Olsen,

executive director

Outreach Gospel Mission

take prevention

Tax Levy 8-71 may not be a perfect solution but it ends in five years and if we get any timber money it will be subtracted from our tax obligation.

This levy gives us five years for the county to figure out a better solution. This lack of timber money has been going on for years and we finally hit bottom.

Sometimes we must take preventative measures to prevent an emergency or a less expensive alternative in the near future.

The choice is: You have to pay the bare-bones county levy or let the state tell you what to pay.

Sandra Ensley


stop irresponsibility

People like John Johnson (April 27 letter) try to demonize Measure 8-71 by calling it a "wealth confiscation plan."

Then there are those who say "you're using scare tactics" when I mention what Salem might do ( I call it concern because I don't see another viable option to keep local control AND to keep lower taxes.

People are dying to leave Curry County ( Our largest population happened in 2008 and every single year since then, more people have died or left than were born or moved here - not a very good trend for real estate, home building, retail sales or our schools.

Other Oregon counties are tired of watching irresponsible Curry residents make some of their wealth over the years by having the second lowest property tax in the state while not ensuring prosperity for the county but continually begging D.C. and Salem to take care of them.

I'd prefer not to pay more than a Dollar-A-Day ( so that's why I support 8-71. We'd still have the fourth lowest combined tax rate of all Oregon counties. If 8-71 doesn't pass, chances are we'll be paying a whole lot more.

Johnson closes his letter by asking "What is their agenda?" I can't tell you but it does beg the question, "What is the Me Me Me Brookings City Council agenda in opposing 8-71?" It feels like there's an ulterior motive from a city with less than 30 percent of the county's residence.

Fact is, people continue to leave because they don't see the citizens stepping up to get this county back on track. It's time to step up, Curry County. Vote Yes on 8-71.

Gordon Clay


yes, yes and yes

As a former Curry County Budget Committee member, 1979 to 1992, and a Curry County commissioner, 1992 to 1997, I have seen the county's finances fluctuate greatly.

The first big drop in county income came in the early- to mid-1980s, when the environmental lobby began the attacks on the timber and fishing industries. The then county budget committee began to spin as many items as possible out of the county general fund. Examples are at one time all five libraries in the county were totally funded from the general fund as well as the 4-H and extension service.

When the OandC timber monies into the general fund began to decline, the librarians and the 4-H and extension supporters were told by the budget committee to form their own districts, which they did. Curry General Hospital which was built by the county from OandC funds, was sold, getting the county out of the hospital business.

The commissioners, since the early 1990s, of which I was one, have been telling us that the federal bailout dollars were going to go away. For several years the feds have passed continuing funding resolutions that have contained county bailout dollars. Well that day has finally come; the monies are all but gone.

Does the county need a tax increase to provide for public safety and those functions the county is required by state law to provide, YES.

Do I support the proposed tax as a bridge while the OandC counties work with our senators and congressmen to pass a stable source of funding for the counties, YES.

Remember that Curry County, according to the Oregon Blue Book, contains 1,648 square miles, this is 1,054,720 acres and, of the 1,054,720 acres, approximately 62 percent or 653,926 acres are claimed by the federal government and the county receives virtually no property taxes on those acres.

Does the federal government owe the people of Curry County something for those acres, YES.

Terry C. Hanscam


this vet favors 8-71

As a veteran I'm in favor of 8-71 because it will help us keep our Veteran Service officer (VSO).

Approximately 3,500 veterans and people who have served our country from Curry County bring in roughly $4 million per year. We were called on to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Our VSO (Kimberly O'Neal) is continually being trained to help cut through the government paperwork. When she gets no-shows, this creates more of a backlog. All of the VSOs I have worked with say the same thing, "You can't keep everyone happy." The Vietnam Veterans of America has always supported our VSO.

I want to thank Bill Waddle, former commissioner, for his hard work in getting Kimberly as our VSO. Also, thanks to the previous and current commissioners for their support of the position.

Freedom isn't free and neither is being safe. That's why this bill is so important. I don't like to pay higher taxes either, but I think it is better than the alternative. "If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of its self" - Henry Ford.

Another concern I have as a veteran is the condition of the flags flying at William James Ward Cemetery. I contacted the staff at the cemetery several months ago because the flags are tattered and fading. Their response to me was that the VFW, who placed them there, said "they (VFW) would guarantee the flags for a lifetime." It is disrespectful to leave the flags up in this condition. If they will not be replaced, they should be taken down.

Sam Vitale