The Curry Coastal Pilot

We urge all eligible Curry County voters who are new to the county or state to make sure they are registered in advance of the May 21 election. The registration deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 30.

Registered voters who want to update information, such as their mailing address, can do so up until 8 p.m. on election day.

To register, check or update voter registration information online go to Registration forms are also available at county elections offices and the DMV.

The May 21 election features dozens of local races and ballot measures across Oregon, but the most important decision facing Curry County residents is whether to approve or reject the Public Safety Levy, officially known as Measure 8-71.

If approved, the measure would increase property taxes by $1.97 per $1,000 assessed value for those living in unincorporated Curry County and $1.84 per $1,000 for those living in cities.

It would raise about $4.5 million, all of which would be dedicated to public safety at the county level, making up for what has been gradually cut with the demise of federal forest land revenues.

Curry County's total population is approximately 22,425, with nearly 18,000 of those people older than 18, one of the legal requirements to register.

This is one election that residents can't afford to ignore.