The Curry Coastal Pilot

come dream with me

I never knew what the expression "Exercise in Futility" meant until now.

It means that intelligent, logical, and workable suggestions on how to prevent Curry County from sliding into oblivion offered by Ralph Martin, Mike Schrum, Cliff Siemens et al., through the years are now "blowin' in the wind."

As I recall, some of the suggestions were getting a town manager and possibly an assistant to replace our well paid but well meaning commissioners: someone with a background managing a successful town or business and who will know how and where to "trim the fat"; who will know when a department is overstaffed and, like our poor sheriff's department, understaffed.

I do not know our town planner. Should a town planner have a background in architecture and does Mr. Milliman have this? It seems to me that our town is full of mismatched buildings put up without rhyme or reason, like the long-standing empty building at the Port. Why was this built?

When we moved here over 15 years ago, Brookings was a great town to walk around in and Harbor was a place of beautiful trees.

The April issue of the Smithsonian magazine had research done on small towns, under 15,000 population which were the best places to live. Astoria, Oregon was No. 5. It was dying but in 1995 the residents got together and started to restore it. To quote the article, "diversification helped bring the fishing business back and lumber companies send enormous amounts of hemlock to Asia." Please try to get a copy of the magazine and please have some of the very concerned people in town visit Astoria to see how, and we can bring our beautiful town back and stop the county from going downhill.

I will never stop being a dreamer. Join with me.

Gerry Kass


dollar-a-day deal

As a property owner in Curry County, are you curious how the Measure 8-71 may impact your property taxes?

The median home in Curry County is assessed at $168,000 which works out to an increase of less than a Dollar-A-Day. It's easy to figure out your situation by going to and enter the assessed value of your home. Then go to and see how easy it might be to save that amount.

It seems that inflation costs jobs in Curry County. Historically, we've seen the cost of doing business increase even without adding county programs. Expenses continue to go up and some property owners think that cutting programs and personnel is the way to respond to increases in inflation. If these people were running a business they wouldn't be running it for long.

That philosophy leaves no room to take preventative measures to address emerging issues. Steady population decline and problems in our schools with drugs and alcohol, bullying and depression, dropout rates, and below average testing scores (except for Port Orford) are just a couple areas.

Is our future as a viable county worth a Dollar-A-Day? Are our kids worth it? How about the families that would love to live in Curry if it was a more economically viable county that is foreword thinking about its long-term prosperity without such a heavy continued reliance on government handouts?

Will Curry County property owners choose to continue begging for a free ride from the feds or Salem, which will really cost us all? Or will they be apathetic and decide not to vote?

Or will they finally step-up as responsible adults to vote YES on 8-71 to Keep Control Local? Do the math!

Gordon Clay


diverse diatribe

Elliot Engel is a Democratic congressman from New York and he wants to give military aid to the so-called rebels in Syria.

The rebels in Syria are nothing but a bunch of cutthroat al-Qaida-affiliated terrorist thugs.

The Arab Spring has been an unmitigated disaster. What has been happening in Libya and Egypt the last two years should make that obvious to everybody.

This president promised us that he wouldn't be a knuckle-dragging warmonger like the Bush league crime family; he lied.

The American media is demonizing the Assad regime in Syria the exact same way that they demonized Saddam Hussein once upon a time. The war in Iraq has caused one half million deaths and has cost this country over $1 trillion.

It was wonderful Democrats like Joe Biden who gave the thumbs up to the Shock and Awe War started by the vampire Dick Cheney and his neo-conservative buddies back in 2003.

Cancel the debt and kick these bloodsucker bankers right in the butt.

Get us out of the Middle East now!

No more foreign adventures with contractors like Halliburton!

American news networks, like the Fox News Channel, CNN, and NBC are a complete joke.

I actually have to go to the Russia Today Channel, which can be found on channel 280 on Dish Network.

Joe Thomas


... with faint praise

I'll vote "Yes" on the proposed law tax levy because I want everything to get better in Curry County!

I wanna continue the perks for county employees with lotsa perks being stashed away, full medical coverage for same at the discount rate of about $1,000 monthly per employee; also we need to continue all the great programs for juveniles and let's not forget the local need for new plumbing and heating in the county lockup.

Also the need for competent guidance should come in the form of a continuation of the present salaries for our county commissioners. They should not have to cut their salaries as promised. They are due a Cost Of Living Allowance (COLA) just like us seniors on Social Security.

It would not be fair that I receive an extra $11 monthly in my Social Security check and they not receive anything for their dedicated service to this fine county.

I'm still murky as to why law enforcement needs to spend millions seizing and burning off marijuana fields when we have medical cards that allow us to grow a few plants to endure life's struggles and maladies.

My "Yes" vote will show I did my part as a regular citizen. If it don't pass I'm going to buy some extra hollow points and show those Mexican drug cartel ruffians a thing or two before someone gives them a green card!

Gary Smith

Pistol River