The Curry Coastal Pilot

time to be together

Curry County voters have an opportunity on the May ballot; a chance to help our county survive.

The proposed Public Safety measure is not perfect (is any tax measure ever "perfect"?) but voting for it will provide funds to support our law enforcement services, leaving General Fund money for other needs. It will give us and our leaders time to find a more permanent solution to our fiscal problem.

Do we want the State of Oregon to dictate what county services will remain and what we, the county citizens, will pay? (If that happens, we will be likely to pay more than is being asked in the levy.) Do we want to continue to be the county with the next to lowest tax rate in Oregon? Do we want to follow Josephine County and become another "lawless" place in Oregon?

Isn't it time we pulled together as a county for the good of all?

Vote "yes" on the levy. Please.

Shirley Nelson

Port Orford

if you do not believe

Yes, enough is enough!

Quote, letter written March 22, 2013: "Without additional revenue and/or spending cuts, Curry County residents will suffer. Jails may close, law enforcement presence may decrease, city and county services will diminish, etc. Now we are being led to believe that the Mexican Mafia, lurking in our forests, is waiting to pounce and will commence doing so on May 22. This latest desperation hail-Mary, greatly detracts from the bureaucrats' already dubious credibility."

If you do not believe the Mexican Mafia are already alive and well in Curry County and growing cartel marijuana, then you are arrogant fools!

The March 15, 2013, article, "Mexican Mafia Watching" is exceptionally well written. There have been cartel activities in northern coastal counties, Humboldt, Del Norte, Curry, Josephine since the late '60s, mid '70s. La eMe and associates were shipping marijuana to Los Angles in the mid-70s; they can be your neighbors and you would not even know it. Most tattoos are covered by normal clothing. Their allies are not necessarily Mexican looking!

Curry County needs the Sheriff's Department at full force. As someone looking for property in your area and having spent time as a visitor, a 2-3- percent sales tax would be beneficial, EVERYONE would share the tax burden, and as a visitor I want law enforcement protection! PASS THE SALES TAX and be done with it. You are running off potential property buyers, new businesses, tourists and expecting only one segment of the local community (property owners) to carry all of you.

Not to mention inviting a very nasty element to become very active publicly in Curry County.

Donna Sylvestre,

retired NMCD

New Mexico

join me to vote yes

Citizens of Curry County our sheriff now has only four deputies and this scant force enforces all traffic laws; responds to all emergencies; and investigates and resolves all criminal activity in the county.

At any given time there are deputies in court, on vacation, on sick leave, attending training sessions and only those left are spread over three shifts to protect and serve over 22,000 residents dispersed over 1,627 square miles. The chance of a deputy being on duty at any given time is slim, which is a grim reality. Who will one call for assistance in case of an assault, an accident, or other emergency?

If the property tax proposal does not pass Curry County could turn into a modern day "wild west" as the non-law abiding segment of our society learns there is little, if any, law enforcement in these neighborhoods. Cities with police departments will not go unscathed. This will affect all residents and property values negatively.

Some believe the federal government will again rescue the county but there is zero chance of that happening to avert this catastrophe. The help Salem proposes in HB 3453 will be financed by an income tax on Curry County citizens, which will be much more costly than the property tax increase, and will hand over control of the county to Salem.

Join me in supporting County Measure 8-71 to keep the long term tax burden lower and maintain local control.

C.J. Ruona