Editor's note: The end of the April 10 letter "Dance, Pray with us" included a wrong date. The event is scheduled for 2 p.m. today (April 13).

wake up, take back

I agree with Ralph Martin and Jeff Tribble (Pilot, April 6).

Both are correct, and thanks for sending this message to our community. Name one instance where communism, socialism and centrally controlled society ever prospered for very long. When the slaves, or people ignorant of the law, are held down for long they will rebel and gain their independence. Too bad that most of Washington's elite have failed at history for the last 60 years.

If you want to subject a nation, corrupt the educational system, take away their arms and you have an enslaved population. And guess what? People who blatantly lie about their oath to uphold the Constitution and push for no guns will themselves finally be victims just as Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol Pot and countless other dictators who were found dead. Death takes us all but to die in ignominy is not a good heritage to pass on to your children.

We would do well to listen again to Washington, Jefferson, Madison and others who told us to "avoid foreign entanglements ... avoid foreign bankers." We have suffered now for 100 years this Federal Reserve system to enslave the entire world in debt to international banking interests.

Wake up world and let us, "We The People" take back Creator -given freedoms. Check out the great new movement called "The One People's Public Trust." www.peoplestrust1776.org. Check this out for yourselves and experience a new wave of liberty.

Douglas Cross


a misdirected theme

In the Book, Evil lives in darkness, hiding from discovery.

Truly rotten people murder in daylight, seeking recognition for various distorted ideas. News agencies covering the story have a public following all the sordid details, generating a lot of revenue.

One weapon to curb many mass murders is by blocking views of their face, name, and philosophy, and rendering swift justice. But alas, we thrive on our "news".

Tom Holden


help my grandfather

Dear Grandpa and community: To my grandfather Lloyd Costa. I want to say thank you for helping me and my family.

We will forever be grateful.

My only wish is that someone in our community would step forward and help you and all the other people that are in need of a dialysis center. It makes us so sad that you have to leave your home the majority of the week and be in Coos Bay.

In Brookings is where you live. Your grandkids and great-grandkids need you and you have to be shoved out to another town.

So many people that invested in this community to make it what it is today are having to sell their homes, leave their families and move because no one with influence will help. I know if it was someone with power and it was their loved one that a dialysis center would already be here.

Please, please, whoever you are out there, please help bring my grandfather home to us. He and so many others have helped out our small little community and made it thrive. Why won't you step forward to help him and so many others,

If anyone else out there with dialysis has a loved one on dialysis would contact my grandfather Lloyd Costa maybe all of you could join together and help our community get one.

Naydene Carnicello


want local control

When it comes to decisions about Curry County issues, would you prefer that our community has control or would it be OK with you if the State of Oregon controlled decisions about local issues?

I prefer keeping control local, and that's why I'm voting YES on Measure 8-71, the proposed five-year law enforcement levy.

Our county's in a financial crisis, and as voters we can turn this crisis around. We just need to step up and vote YES for the reasonable property tax increase proposed in Measure 8-71. If this measure fails, there's a very strong possibility that many of our needed, mandated county services will be assumed by the state of Oregon. Many services are best provided on a local level, and turning them over to the state just doesn't make sense.

If you're not sure how this levy will affect the cost of your property taxes, go to the calculator at co.curry.or.us. Scroll down to the calculator to estimate your increase. Would you sacrifice local control for that amount?

Don't let our county down at this crucial time. Make sure you're registered to vote in Curry County and be sure to vote YES on Measure 8-71. The voter registration deadline is April 30, with forms available at the DMV, the Post Office and City Hall. Or, you can register or update your registration at oregonvotes.org.

Support local control of local issues: vote YES on the five-year Law Enforcement Levy.

Linda Bozack


dori did it again!

The annual Deviled Egg Competition was held April 6 to benefit Brookings Harbor Food Bank. We were all egg-cited to have fifteen entrants display their creations, with egg-spectations that one of them would win the beautifully decorated ostrich egg by Christina Olsen and the coveted Egg Crown. The underground current suggested that each entrant hoped to beat Dori, the self-proclaimed Best Egger. All waited egg-citedly for the egg-spert judges, Maureen, Janice, Jimmy, Ted and Barron's, decision. After tallying the ballots, it was determined that Brandy, at 10 years old the youngest entrant, won third place and a beautiful decorated blown duck egg by a Manley Art Center artist. Burrill came in second and received a set of Christina's wonderful, whimsical, note cards and then it was time to announce the first place winner. A hush fell over the crowd as Julie hesitated to make the announcement. Finally, after many 'Who Is It' inquires, she proclaimed that yes, it was....DORI!!! Gasps were uttered and as Dori came forth to be crowned and receive her ostrich egg, the crowd burst into applause as, after all, Dori was THE BEST ... again!

We at the food bank thank the entrants, judges, artists and participants for attending and contributing to this benefit. The volunteer help, Kimberly, Tony, Jane, Eleanor, Scott, Barbara, Mary, pulled it together and we are forever grateful for the help. Thank you all.

Julie Davis,

executive director

Brookings Harbor Community Helpers Food Bank

mayor ignores facts

I respect Mayor Hedenskog's abilities as a leader of the city of Brookings and he certainly is an affable person, which is why I found comments attributed to him in recent Pilot editions unusual.

Hedenskog is quoted as saying that County commissioners are "steamrolling over the taxpayers." A property tax measure was recommended by the Citizens Committee and was the top alternative in the Kitchen Table survey which was open to all in the Curry community. The May Curry County property tax measure (8-71) is backed by the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce, the Port Orford School Board, the Central Curry School District, and many others in our community. It's hard to see how Mayor Hedenskog can reasonably characterize placing a community supported measure on the ballot for a vote of the people as "steamrolling over the taxpayers."

The county proposal, on the May ballot, moves the county from almost being the lowest in the state in terms of tax levels to a position of being able to solve many of the current financial problems that threaten such services as public safety. And by approving Measure 8-71 we avoid state control of our county.

Hedenskog ignores the evidence from the Kitchen Table Survey that indicates most of our citizens understand the gravity of the situation and support a solution similar to the one that will be on the ballot in May.

I would challenge the good Mayor to reexamine the evidence and his position on this issue and join me and the growing number of county residents that are supporting Measure 8-71.

Dave Itzen, Curry County commissioner