The Curry Coastal Pilot

plea for thank you

I have a question for you. When was the last time you received a thank you note or a verbal thanks of appreciation?

I love to knit and I spend a lot of time making articles of clothing for others. I don't do this just to receive thanks, but it warms my heart when someone shows me appreciation for what I have done.

Over the holidays, I decided to make a few sweaters to donate to children at Kalmiompsis Elementary School. I recently received a thank you from one of the girls who received a sweater. It was in the form of a photocopy of her wearing the sweater.

I was secretly hoping that I would hear from at least one or two of the kids. I felt very happy, and maybe my prayers were answered to receive this sweet picture and words of thanks.

I am a volunteer for the SMART reading program and I made 28 little pompoms for one of the classrooms for Valentine's Day. I also included a small bag of goodies. I noticed that the teacher reminded the students to say thank you to me.

My parents taught me to have good manners and to thank people for whatever they gave to me. I really appreciate all the families who are teaching their children good manners and to always say please and thank you.

I put the photo of the little girl who sent me the thank you on my refrigerator, so I can enjoy it again and again.

Heide Heikkila


rich isn't wrong

I have just finished reading Mike Schrum's letter and all I can say is, "There he goes again."

He rants and raves about the Republicans. Is he unaware that the current resident in the White House is a Democrat? Is he unaware that the national debt has increased and increased during the term of the Man in the White House?

He used the words "the rich" as if they are two obscene words and should not really be in a paper children can read. He also mentions the Republican Party wanting to control "women's choice about abortion, whom you marry," etc. Where did he get his information?

I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat. I vote for a person, not a party. I have been unsuccessful finding such a person these past few years.

Mr. Schrum, think of some of the wonderful things people who are "rich" do. Bill Gates has started and supports so many educational and health programs. Mr. Buffett has donated millions for cancer research and to hospitals and for education. I can name so many more "rich" people who support health, education and art, but it seems foolish, in retrospect.

I actually approved and liked one of your previous letters about the running of Curry County. What happened?

I admire your intelligence, your use of words and your thought process. I wish you didn't seem so angry.

Ms. Geraldine Kass


dance, pray with us

A couple of weeks ago I went to our Trinity Lutheran Church to worship, dance and pray.

My strange behavior passed as normal because it happened to be Palm Sunday and the week before Easter and I had joined a procession of the members of the congregation.

Congregational ways to worship around the world include movement, rhythm, procession, and lifting our hands and voices to express praise, exaltation, harmony, friendship, and other heart-to-heart emotions.

This Saturday, April 13, at 2 p.m., you are invited to participate in Dances of Universal Peace. The gathering will be held in the large conference room at the Chetco Community Public Library.

We are blessed to have, for a few days, a dance leader who will teach us the simple, synchronized movements of meditation dances from around the world, from different cultures, and from several different faith traditions. To learn more about this, Google "The Oneness Project" or

I am told these circle dances require no particular skill or musical ability, and they are easily learned in a few minutes. The more people we get, the larger our circle will be, and the greater sound we can make. We hope you will come and dance with us.

Also, if you play a musical instrument and would like to add to the rhythm and music, please call the dance leader, Allison Weiss, at 775-750-7736 to get the music in advance of Sunday!

Or call me, Kathi, at 541-251-2436. This is an interfaith event.

Kathi Justman


sutter needs to leave

In exchange for the privilege of having a monopoly over hospital care and paying no taxes, Sutter Health made a commitment to provide good medical care when it built the current hospital.

They have charged exorbitant fees for their service and sent millions in profits to Sacramento. Now, Sutter has quietly tried to implement a plan to regionalize, jeopardizing our healthcare, decreasing the ability to attract new doctors and forcing on us a Battalion Aid Station approach.

Many of us will be forced to seek medical care elsewhere and assume the cost of transport to Medford or elsewhere. Hospital stays will be drastically shortened and specialists will relocate to better conventional hospitals.

For 26 years Sutter Coast made big profits, sending healthy revenues back to their home office. When the economy faltered they found a loophole called Critical Access, which provides more money from the government for less service. Sutter Coast is all about healthy profits for Sutter Health.

The doctors and employees at our hospital are good medical providers, but they are subject to the financial aspirations of Sutter's corporate leadership.

If Sutter has given up on the people of Del Norte and Curry counties, they should get out of town and leave medical care to people who can deliver the real deal. We need and deserve a hospital that is for the people - not for the Sutter executive pocketbooks.

Sutter needs to leave ASAP.

Ron Morro, M.D.


not a 'silver bullet'

Desireandeacute; Hood's article "Going Virtual" in the April 6, 2013, Pilot brings up an interesting question: Are the students who are leaving the district asking for more technology, or are they looking for a way to express their individuality and personal learning style?

Online programs such as ORVA or Connections Academy provide a linear curriculum that may appeal to students who are motivated to move through "school" in order to pursue other interests. They do not, however, meet the needs of kids who really do think outside the box and, as a result, don't perform well in a one-size-fits-all, traditional approach to learning.

I respect the ideas that Barron Guido is bringing to Brookings, but I believe that technology should be seen as a way to open the world to learners. It is not the "silver bullet" that will fix the problem and bring the "defectors" back.

Bette Moore