The Curry Coastal Pilot

oxi-moron, maybe

For 20 years Curry County has created a budget based on maybe.

Maybe revenue will increase, maybe timber payments will continue. Now the commissioners are waiting to see if maybe we will pass their tax increase. Maybe we won't. Maybe they should do something now; maybe they won't.

Now the city of Brookings needs money. Maybe a 3 percent growth estimate was a bad idea.

Maybe the county and city should budget the money they have, not maybe.

One million gallons of water in storage is a good idea, maybe there will be growth, maybe not; having the water is still a good idea.

Maybe FTES and PERS mean something to the public sector, but I really would like to know the actual number of county and city employees (and how much they get paid, including benefits).

Maybe those numbers could be reduced.

Maybe dogs in a portion of our parks is a good idea; maybe someone will teach dog owners how to use a poop-scoop.

Maybe the state should solve its own problems before it comes after the county's money.

Vampires don't like crosses, put a stake in them.


Clifton D. Siemens


year-end? massive!

After I got out of the Marine Corps, with my hat and you know what, after two tours in Vietnam, I spent 18 years as a stockbroker and four years managing my own mutual fund called the Prime Income Fund (Prospectus available upon request).

I learned a lot during my last four years, talking with other managers, institutions and pension funds' heads.

Facts: We are $16.5 trillion in debt today. We were in a deficit the first two months of FY 2013 of $290 billion. Annualized at an increased rate for the remaining 10 months FY 2013, we are looking at the end of FY 2013 (Sept. 30) debt of $18-plus trillion dollars. That amounts, conservatively, at $57,300 per person debt in our country. Greece is currently at $36,000 per capita debt. Take a look at what's happening there!

Facts and predictions: Currently, Moody's and Fitch's bond rating agencies have our treasuries rated at AAA. It beats me why, except for pressure from President Obama's current administration. Fitch has warned three times that they are about to lower their rating. I believe Standard and Poor's rating of AA is correct. Another agency, unfamiliar to me, has slapped on a rating of AA-. I believe Standard and Poor's rating is correct at AA. One more downgrade, and our bonds become "semi-speculative" at A. Since most quality bond pension funds, mutual funds, and institutions, I would say, at least by Sept. 30, we'll be at A. How much big money, to China and Japan, will buy our bonds? Not many.

What's the solution? Print more money fast to redeem treasury bonds outstanding. Can you imagine the fallout? Not to mention the fallout here from briefcase nuclear bombs (Iran).

By year-end? Massive!

William F. Farrell


desperate for center

Hello everybody.

Just what has happened to the people that made promises to open a Kidney Dialysis Center in Brookings? No one seems to care unless a relative or friend needs this life-sustaining procedure done to them.

Three times a week, from Brookings to Coos Bay and back, over 750 miles plus over $100 weekly in gas. We have had people do this at home ... some successfully, some have passed on doing it, and some have moved to be closer to a facility. I myself am not a candidate for home dialysis and need the center.

To all you who need dialysis ... just think ... nobody cares. And if you do, please speak up NOW. Please, we need your voices heard loud and clear.

Lloyd Costa


on the dole too long

I hope the Curry Coastal Pilot and my fellow Brookings residents will join me in support of the May levy to provide for county law enforcement and other services.

In 2004, 53 percent of the county's general funds came from OandC federal timber payments, a total of 4 million dollars. This year, the county will receive about $350,000 from that source, and, next year, nothing.

Through combining departments, privatizing others, and placing general fund monies into reserves for future expenses, county administrators have kept basic services limping along. It would seem that's about to come to an end.

Residents of Brookings rely on Curry County for much more than a jail. Veterans' Services, Juvenile Services, Brookings-Harbor schools, fire districts, ports, libraries, and health departments are funded by assessment and collection of property taxes. If the State of Oregon has to take over tax assessment and collection, no one is quite sure what that will look like. Twenty percent off the top is one scenario based on pending legislation in Salem; a surcharge on personal income tax is another.

These are services we use and expect. We should expect to pay for them. We've lived on the federal dole for too long.

Arthur Dingle


rein in this mentality

After reading the article in the Pilot (March 30) concerning the Crook Point Golf Course, I felt dandeacute;jandagrave; vu.

I realize that industry cannot have a free hand at building whatever they want, whenever they want near our coastlines; there has to be thoughtful planning. But I wish groups like the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition and Oregon Coast Alliance would start using some common sense when it comes to our coast.

I saw what the Coastal Commission in California does to business. They cripple anything they don't approve of, yet several members live on the beach themselves. This is the same mentality shown by these two Oregon groups of activists. Their goal appears to be that they want to save us from ourselves. They, and they alone, know what's best for us. It's time to rein in this mentality in favor of constructive ideas; not just no growth.

A golf course would create revenue for Brookings, put people to work, and allow the owners of the property to use their property as they saw fit. How about these environmental activist lighten up a bit and allow much needed business in Curry County to flourish instead of turning this area into a "nanny state."

Mike Wiley


united we stand ...

Reading yet another rant by a Pilot letter writer who seems incapable of intelligent thought or reason, instead spewing ignorant vitriol: Democrats, good/Republicans, bad; wanting nothing more than to enrage. Why do I internalize such nonsense? I am jaded by the same powers that he is, The Owners of this country. Yes, the Uber Rich Billionaires.

The United States has 425, perhaps 426 with Madonna joining the ranks - Madonna, proof that sex and deviant behavior sells. Based on the research material I could find, 75 percent are Democrats with 167 openly regular supporters of the Left. Eight of the top 10 are Democrats with the Koch Brothers, the two remaining who spend their money on controlling the Right. Bottom line: NONE of them care about US, YOU!

As the late political/ social comedian George Carlin stated: "It's a Big Club and you're not in it." This ownership was never more apparent than the "Occupy Movement." The overwhelming percentage consisted of drones that had no capacity for critical thinking. Is it any wonder that George Soros was giving money through his divisive organizations to recruit individuals and bus them into specific areas where the news media was the loudest?

You need to understand, the money changers need to keep the masses at odds so you don't see how badly they're sticking it to ya. This is an across the board issue, not a Democrat or Republican issue. Money creates Power, Power creates Control and Control creates Obedient Workers.

B.T. Russ


share blame, burden

I have an idea! Or, more like three ideas:

1. In the interest of saving money and their jobs, the county commissioners can start volunteering at all the jobs that VIPs can do in the big cities - dispatch, serving papers, and helping at the jail.

2. In their own self- interest, the cities can start sending a police officer once a week to help at the jail.

3. In the interest of the citizens, the state can supply all ailing counties, or counties with sub-standard jails, with ankle-bracelet technology, so that short-timers and non-violent offenders can serve time in their homes, thus saving the counties officer time, medical bills, and possible lawsuits arising from substandard, cruel and inhuman jail conditions.

This idea could not work until everyone has reached the point where they feel they have something to lose, whether money or power, by the loss of county autonomy. As shown by recent articles, we have clearly reached that point.

But the biggest benefit would be that such changes might convince local citizens that the city, county and state are truly concerned and trying to solve problems that are not all our fault, but are partly everyone's fault.

We could get immediate results, and we could share the blame and share the burden!

Kathryn Justman


Landslides good

Recent scientific studies (online ahead of print in the journal Geology) have proven the benefits of landslides for the health of a river and the fish ( This research tells us if you introduce variable geology, big landslides, messiness that happens in the world, fish appear to love that. They seem to respond to the heterogeneity that is so inherent in most real landscapes. Nature is messy, and the fish have adapted to that. The massive landslides that occurred several years ago were due to massive rains more than man himself.

Higher water temperatures in the Chetco can come from nature itself. Mt. Emily, a dead volcano, but still with heat radiating from it into the Chetco and the wide shallow river that absorbs more heat than a narrow river would.

If a species is "endangered or threatened" before the intervention of man, maybe they were meant to die out and let another species start. How many times have we read about an imported species that took over and destroyed native species? Not just fish either; Scotch broom as an example. Leave nature alone and she will take care of things herself.

There used to be great salmon runs on the Chetco, but they are dwindling. I think they started falling off when the extreme environmentalists began trying to "fix a river that Mother Nature says wasn't broken." Some people feel the need to interfere with other peoples' businesses, jobs and lives.

No one is against conservation; we are all just tired of the extreme environmentalists policies.

Dianna Blazo


i'm a 47-percenter

Why we can't get out of Bush's mess.

GOP=obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

The GOP wants to continue spending our taxes with corporations and the wealthy (breaks and loopholes): that IS spending folks. Meanwhile, they want to fix the mess the banks and financial institutions (the rich) made under Bush by making middle class, elderly and students pay by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, jacking up student loans costs, cutting Meals on Wheels, day care, and eliminating Head Start.

Why do Republicans support a party of the rich? GOP freedom Ha! Old white guys want to control women's vaginas, women's choice about abortion, control who you marry, want voter suppression for people they don't think will vote GOP, against Violence Against Women Act and on and on. Assault weapons, Yeah baby!

Do you think Congress and the wealthy will feel any of the cuts above? Duh! I would like to hear from middle class Republicans as to why you support such a draconian party.

Why aren't these issues discussed in the mainstream media? Could it be that the media is owned by corporations and the rich? Duh!

I want to get folks to think about what is going on in Washington by the extremists. Keep an open mind.

If you are Republican, elderly, middle class, or a student, you may want to reconsider why you vote for GOP candidates. They certainly won't be caring about you. I must add sequester victims too: our soldiers.

I'm a 47-percenter. I care about the 47 percent.

Mike Schrum