The Curry Coastal Pilot

Leadership lacking

Why is the county dysfunctional? (Pilot, Dec. 26, 2012).


Small example: Pilot's article of the catastrophic failure of Sundown Drive resulting from the deluge occurring in Nov. 2012. Despite letters and evidence submitted to Curry commissioners substantiating the county's road ownership, they have, upon advice of Curry County council and Curry County roadmaster, done nothing and have avoided any acknowledgement of the county's responsibility to administer their duty "... To delineate responsibilities of Curry County as to the maintenance of roads" and "... To promote public health safety, convenience and general welfare."

Even to the point of saying that doing nothing is easily defended in litigation. (County council commissioners meeting). The elected leadership has apparently deferred to the advice of appointed, hired agents of the county to effectualize their leadership.

The dangerous and hazardous condition depicted in the Pilot continues to exist to the public with no resolution imminent from the owners of the road (Curry County) who have the power and authority to fix it.

This is not a routine maintenance issue! The residents of Sundown Drive have maintained (rightly or wrongly) the road for over the 20 years that we have lived here and the road in general is in better shape than when we moved here. The residents have mitigated this casualty by seeking geologist advice, clearing a narrow access and erecting warning signs and cones (i.e., doing what the county should have been doing)! Potential future extensive failure is obvious, barring immediate corrective action.

This fix is beyond the scope and resources of the residents of lower Sundown. It is the responsibility of the governmental entity charged with this duty. In this case, not only the Curry County commissioners as the government agency, but also the administrators of the owner - Curry County!

Jack M. McGahey


unite and solve

I keep reading articles in the Curry Coastal Pilot about what the Curry County commissioners, individually or two out of three, propose as a way to raise tax money to support law enforcement, emergency services and other County services.

Now they have an initiative to be voted on in the May 2013 ballot; they came up with proposals that are different for city residents than for residents living in outlying areas of the County. Today I read that the Brookings City Council is considering making their own unique lower tax proposal for a November ballot. These proposals are pitting the City of Brookings against Harbor and the outlying areas of Curry County.

When you look at the concerns we are reading about, they are being felt by many counties in Oregon - not just Curry County. It is a State of Oregon concern; I think we need to look at it that way and work with our State legislators to resolve this. Dealing with this as a city or county is not realistic. The State of Oregon is not out to hurt Curry County, or any other county.

Linda Weirup


time to face facts

It's time for the citizens of Curry County to wake up and face reality about the county budget.

Curry County is going broke. Simplistic solutions like using more volunteers, asking for voluntary donations, cutting the commissioners' salaries, or even the ever-popular "cutting waste" won't come close to fixing the problem.

To get an idea of how poorly-funded county government is all you have to do is look at your property tax bill. You will find that your library gets almost as much of your property tax money as the county general fund.

Our libraries are assets to our community. But so are services provided by the county, like sheriff's patrols, a jail to keep criminals off the streets, 911 services, a county prosecutor and parole officers to help enforce our laws andhellip; the list goes on. And the county must provide essential services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just during business hours like our libraries.

Yet many in our community think everything would be fine if the county would only learn to "live within its means." It's like telling someone who's starving that the solution is to go on a diet.

It's time to face facts. The proposed property tax measure is far from perfect, but time has run out. It's the only thing that will save our county from being taken over by the state. And don't think we won't end up paying even more if that happens.

Tomas Bozack


i'm a 47-percenter

Why we can't get out of Bush's mess.

GOP=obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.

The GOP wants to continue spending our taxes with corporations and the wealthy (breaks and loopholes): that IS spending folks. Meanwhile, they want to fix the mess the banks and financial institutions (the rich) made under Bush by making middle class, elderly and students pay by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, jacking up student loans costs, cutting Meals on Wheels, day care, and eliminating Head Start.

Why do Republicans support a party of the rich? GOP freedom Ha! Old white guys want to control women's vaginas, women's choice about abortion, control who you marry, want voter suppression for people they don't think will vote GOP, against Violence Against Women Act and on and on. Assault weapons, Yeah baby!

Do you think Congress and the wealthy will feel any of the cuts above? Duh! I would like to hear from middle class Republicans as to why you support such a draconian party.

Why aren't these issues discussed in the mainstream media? Could it be that the media is owned by corporations and the rich? Duh!

I want to get folks to think about what is going on in Washington by the extremists. Keep an open mind.

If you are Republican, elderly, middle class, or a student, you may want to reconsider why you vote for GOP candidates. They certainly won't be caring about you. I must add sequester victims too: our soldiers.

I'm a 47-percenter. I care about the 47 percent.

Mike Schrum


taxes, taxes, taxes ...

A simple solution to the financial woes of Curry County is to institute a 3-percent general sales tax.

Why? It would be a fair distribution of taxes for everyone - including all of the California people who come to Curry County to get out of paying a 7 1/2-percent sales tax plus 20 to 40 cents more for a gallon on gas. This tax would NOT hurt our local merchants because it would continue to be cheaper to shop in Curry County than in California.

Wake up residents of Curry County and make the people from California pay their share instead of burdening the residents of Curry County with an increase in property taxes.

Dr. G. Batemon


welcome them home

The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts are having a Welcome Home Party for two of our local troops who returned from Afghanistan - Nathan Bourdlaies and Sarah Braun.

We would be honored to invite you to come and help us welcome them home and show them how much we appreciate what they do.

It is this Saturday, March 30, at the Elks Club downstairs. There is a free lunch at noon - hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, chips, drinks and dessert.

Hope to see you there!

Sharon Hitzman

for the Brookings-Harbor Redshirts

food for thought

With damaged bridges and roads, people need an emergency food supply after the Cascadia subduction earthquake and tsunami.

A local supply of food from vegetable gardens, farms and ranches above the tsunami zone would be of short term help.

But, people staying here in the years afterwards would become very dependent on a local food supply.

Planning for the future, we need an agricultural program for growing fruits, nuts, vegetables, with a supply of eggs, cheese, and meat for everyone.

Donna Goss