The Curry Coastal Pilot

awesome community

On behalf of Soroptimist International of Brookings, I want to take this opportunity to thank this awesome community for their support of the recent Community Baby Shower. This year the event was held at the Chetco Activity Center and we were able to put together more baby boxes than we anticipated.

When this project started seven years ago, our organization had no idea what the response would be, or the reaction of the community. We just knew there were "babies" out there that had nothing to start a new life with and we wanted this to be a project that would fill this need in our community. From day one, our community and individuals have gone well beyond all expectations we could ever imagine.

Every year the event has grown and every year we are overwhelmed with appreciation and excitement from the organizations, individuals, businesses, and everyone in our community who donates to the Community Baby Shower. Thank you all! From the bottom of our hearts. ... You are the BEST!

Helen Donahue, cochairman, Community Baby Shower


three open seats

At the time of writing, there are six candidates for the three open positions on Nesika Beach Ophir Water District Board in the May 21 election.

All candidates will be invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Board on Tuesday April 30, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. in Ophir Fire Hall to promote their candidacy.

This will be a very important meeting and all customers of the water district are encouraged to attend and ask questions of the candidates in an open forum.

This opportunity is something we should all take seriously so that we know who and what we are voting for in the May election and give a voice to our hard won democratic rights.

Bill Sadler

Gold Beach

yearbook plea

I just became aware there are seniors at Brookings Harbor High School that won't have their yearbook because they can't afford it. This is important for now and in the future.

The cost for each book is approximately $55. If you can't afford this please send what you can afford. Send your donation to:

Brookings Harbor High School 625 Pioneer Street, Attn.: Tina

My manicurist, Paula, gave me this idea after I told her I'd like to do something for the kids.

I am not wealthy, nor do I have children or grandchildren attending any schools in this area. We must give what we can when we can.

The cutoff date is April 15, 2013.

Thanking you in advance.

Mona and Don Stiles


triathlete's take

Everyone has battles, some personal, some larger than self.

I was once part of a team of athletes, a triathlon relay team that proved to be unbeatable for many years. The swimmer (Wessbecher), the cyclist (Griswold), and the runner (Duncan) have now disbanded and taken on other ... concerns, challenges, injustices.

Today I, the swimmer, am writing on behalf of the runner, after receiving a heads-up from the cyclist. This is about an important common interest - the future of an indispensable asset to our region: Sutter Coast Hospital.

Our team's anchorman, Dr. Greg Duncan, understands the issues and dangers facing Sutter Coast better than most anyone. His strong engagement, working to ensure that Sutter Coast Hospital ends up the right hands, needs support. Local interests are clearly at stake: there is a danger of significant downsizing (50 percent) or closure if we don't act. From recent personal experience I see that outcome as catastrophic.

I - we - urge everyone to consider the negative implications of regionalization and critical access designation of our hospital. Get informed, and take a stand. ...

For more: ; email:

Roy Wessbecher


sequester facts

Once again misinformation is used to try to blame Republicans for something which has been caused by Democrats, specifically the current "sequester" cuts to the federal budget.

The fact is that although a sequester process was enacted under President Reagan (and never used), the current sequesters are the result of the Budget Control Act of 2011, which was proposed by the White House National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling on July 12, 2011; the bill was accepted and signed by President Obama, so this is entirely his responsibility (facts taken from Wikipedia, which is politically unbiased).

President Obama is also to blame in that he has proposed no realistic budget cuts, but has insisted on more and more spending.

Also the fact is that these sequesters are not really budget cuts at all and definitely not "draconian," as some have labeled them, but are only not spending as much as had been proposed. Current government spending will still exceed last year's spending even with "sequestration," so to make citizens "hurt" is a political decision not a budget reality.

Another point: the deficits Vice-President Cheney referred to were not the trillion dollars per year that President Obama is creating. In fact, even President Bush did not have a trillion dollar deficit until Congress was under Democrat control the last two years of his administration. Clearly the Democrats are to blame for these massive deficits

Theodore Allwardt


menu democrACY

These are troubled times in the life of Curry County. Now the government is telling us that it will be our fault when the County goes bankrupt after we refuse to vote ourselves further taxes. We taxpayers, on the other hand, lay the blame at their feet. That is a canyon of separation. But if we taxpayers let our County go down, our voices will be drowned out by a bigger new boss - the State of Oregon, and our tax rate will, without a doubt, skyrocket.

So I have a radical proposal to take back our little democracy. Lets start "Menu Democracy" in Curry County. I mean, let us take the Big Checkbook away from our "leaders" and start writing our tax checks to the department of government we value most. From recent letters to the editor, it seems many would choose to improve our law enforcement services. Though some of us believe we are all living in Mayberry-with-an-ocean-view and will probably favor education or health services over more speeding tickets for tourists!

My personal preference would be a sales tax, keyed to those newfangled electronic cash registers everyone uses, so we could cash in on the millions of tourist dollars that are dropped in the coffers of local businesses each year.

Of course, there are some dirty details, like "non-voters." Their share of the taxes received could be divided by the proportions of those of us who do vote with our dollars. And there would need to be a percentage set aside for administration. But it must shrink from current extravagant levels to match the new reality of us doing all their work! Our commissioners should simultaneously become volunteers, made up of sincere citizens who wish to help the County, not milk it dry.

And it would be a way to put the "servant" back in Public Servant.

Once upon a time in America, that was an honor.

John Harper

Gold Beach

enough already

We all get it!

Without additional revenue and/or spending cuts, Curry County residents will suffer. Jails may close, law enforcement presence may decrease, city and county services will diminish etc. etc. etc. Now we are being led to believe that the Mexican Mafia, lurking in our forests, is waiting to pounce and will commence doing so on May 22. This latest desperation hail-Mary, greatly detracts from the bureaucrats' already dubious credibility.

Why place all of this gloom and doom solely on the backs of the property owners via a property tax increase of such magnitude that it boggles the mind. Curry County has a significant population of senior citizens and retirees who simply cannot afford any additional hits against their fixed incomes. What will the County do with those unable to pay? Will they be made homeless, with the County selling their property for tax liens?

A property tax increase of the amount sought will further cripple property values and the already depressed real estate market. Those who are trying to sell property will undoubtedly find it more difficult as buyers ranks will be fewer due to the increased costs.

In my humble opinion, a small (2 or 3 percent) sales tax would be a much more equitable solution to the problem at hand. This assures that EVERY person who spends money in Curry County, including tourists, will contribute to the overall welfare of the county. Since those who earn more spend more, this tax burden would be spread fairly from the poor to the wealthy based upon their individual spending.

Let's hold our elected officials to their campaign promises and vote "No" on this outlandish and unfair property tax increase. Surely, through a combination of spending cuts and a new revenue source that impacts every Curry County resident fairly, we can come up with a better solution.

D.T. Hareid