The Curry Coastal Pilot

wackos andndash; a pet peeve

This article has hit on my pet peeve - dog wackos and their dogs! They are everywhere! People have too many dogs!

Even the person you quote in the article, Tony Barron, admits to being a dog wacko. He says he has four Jack Russell terriers at home. Why does anyone need four defecating dogs?

When I use the laundromat over in the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center, I watch people and their dogs. There are benches outside the laundromat. The dog wackos come by and let their dogs urinate on the bench supports. The concrete there is saturated with dog urine. There are shrubs and flowers planted in the curbed islands in the parking lot. Dog wackos come by and let their dogs defecate in those places. They don't pick up the poop. Not a thought for the landscape personnel who tend those flowers and shrubs.

It's universal with dog wackos. I went down to Crescent City. There is a picnic area with picnic tables at a beach down on Enderts Beach Road. Some people were laying out their picnic lunch on one of the picnic tables. Along came a man in a small car. Out came three large dogs; none of them on a leash. One made a beeline for the beach, one of them promptly went over and urinated on the corner of the picnic bench, and the third one proceeded to squat and deposit a large, steaming pile.

The bearded old dog wacko paid no attention to the work of his defecating dogs and walked on by to the beach.

I do agree that dog owners need a place for their dogs. I suggest that a great place for them would be the far side of the moon!

Bob Friedman


mafia merits look

Mexican Mafia?

I find it rather interesting that when I was questioned by the Sheriff's Department in regards to my sister Debbie's death, "Did she have any enemies?" I told them yes, she had been being harassed. She believed this person was a very evil person who preyed on the elderly and weak and who she believed was associated with the Mexican Mafia.

The detective looked at me, in my opinion, like "Mexican Mafia" was an incredulous idea, that it was an absurd idea, anyone would have to be crazy to think that. It is also my impression that Debbie's death and any information we passed on was not investigated at all, as the detective said, "If a witness didn't come forward or someone confessed, we may never know what really happened."

Now that it is convenient to them and their cause, Mexican Mafia doesn't sound so incredulous after all?

Cindy Davis


it's that time again

It's getting close to that time again, time for the annual Writer's Round Up in Port Orford, now in its seventh year.

Visit with Oregon Poet Laureate Paulann Peterson on Friday evening, March 29, at the American Legion Hall as she talks about her adventures as a beginning writer of poetry to eventually becoming Oregon's Poet Laureate. Refreshments will be served from 5 to 5:30 p.m. and Paulann will speak from 5:30 to 7 p.m. that evening.

Saturday, March 30, local South Coast authors will read from their works from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the hall, while renowned writer Cheryl Long-Riffle, from Eugene, will speak on the present state of publishing, and what it takes to be successful, from 2 to 3 p.m.

For the Grand Finale, Paulann will hold a workshop on writing poetry, at the Port Orford Library, from 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 31. Admittance to these events is free and everyone is invited. If you would like to read from your work, or sell your books at this event, or do both, contact Gary Carter at 541-332-8899.

For more information on Paulann's presentations, or to sign up for the workshop, call Tobe Porter at 541-332-8899. This once a year event is sponsored by the Port Orford and Langlois libraries. Spread the word!

Gary Carter

Port Orford

front page tactics

Judging from the front page of Saturday's Pilot, the newspaper sure wants to be a part of what the mayor refers to as "an attempt to scare the voters" and one of the Letters to the Editor the author refers to as "fear and intimidation tools," by filling the front page with the headlines that jumped out at us readers.

Regarding the "New Bill" article, how many bills are proposed (introduced) in the legislation each year - and then die right there. Regarding the 50 year old "County Jail" article, who has been the responsible party that should have maintained this building? Why, when the county was spending its way into debt, wasn't money spent on it? Regarding the "Mexican Mafia" article, why not just rent the land to them, as is, no electric and no water? Let them grow their marijuana. In case we haven't noticed, other states are legalizing marijuana from what I read.

In one of the articles it was stated that, "if the levy doesn't pass and, as his wife works for the county as well, it would be a double-whammy on his family." How many situations are there like that in the county and cities? Maybe it's time for persons in that situation to work on their transferable skills. How many elected officials have really accepted the fact that on their watch they caused the county to go broke? Is that a transferable skill?

We must realize that Curry County is not a bottomless cornucopia! Curry County need to recognize limits to its wants. If there is truth to the statements that this county has a majority of seniors living here that should be a benchmark on what would float. We don't use the schools, we don't use the jail, we - what do we use?

Bruce Warren