The Curry Coastal Pilot


The Pilot's March 6 editorial "State may need to help counties" incorrectly reported that counties divved up, on average, $150 million in OandC payments annually in the 1960s. The correct amount is $15 million. The Pilot regrets the error.

caring lowers cost

How will the tax increase affect many in Curry County? For the man or woman on a fixed income of $700 per month who owns a small home of assessed value of $90,000 it will mean $165 more to pay over and above the regular tax. That is about $14 a month more. Try and live on $700 a month! The extra burden will send some into selling their home.

For us it will mean $431 extra taxes and we are retired on limited income.

We will soon see articles in this paper telling us of dire consequences if we do not vote this extra tax in. What happened when we had no 911? What happened when we had fewer law enforcement years ago? Evidently we did survive!

Fear and intimidation are tools leadership sometime uses to scare the uninformed to get what leadership wants. When we cannot afford an item or service we simply do not purchase it. So if we cannot afford the jail, extra officers or automobiles for them, or 911 services then we can learn to live without them. It seems this generation wants more than they can afford.

This is not business as usual. We are in a financial meltdown. Grocery prices going up, fuel going up, utilities going up! No one likes cutting back but we will all be cutting back and more so if this tax passes. For those in government work and the wealthy this added tax will not be a burden but for all on fixed income it can become the preverbal straw that breaks the camel's back! If you want to see your added tax burden google: and find out.

Obedience to the laws of our Creator, such as loving our neighbor as ourselves and showing it by caring for each other, can lower costs of law enforcement. So we need all people in this county to pay attention to how we live and treat each other.

Douglas Cross


obstructionist loss

This county is in serious trouble; there is no doubt about that.

But, in order to correct it, we need to think about what brought us from an extremely wealthy county to the financial mess that we are now in.

Some years back there was a company that wanted to fly parts of toys and other things to be assembled at the Port Orford Airport and then shipped by truck or plane to the sales outlets. The mere thought of a clean industry set the obstructionists off like a group of howler monkeys. The environment would be totally destroyed, etc.

Then there was a Hollywood movie company that wanted to do a movie on Rogue River and again the howl began that taking pictures would ruin the salmon spawning grounds on the river. So they and other movie companies took their cameras and money and went to other places where people were more friendly. Just think of what a marvelous opportunity for free advertising and maybe other movie companies would have come here to take pictures and spend their money.

Also we have a planning department that is very negative in their attitude in allowing people to enhance their property.

So. The State of Oregon and the County of Curry for many years has been gradually choking itself to death with a lot of unnecessary rules and regulations because the people were not facing reality and were following the weird obstructionist.

I am sorry but I will not vote for more taxes because that will not solve the problem; it will only place another burden on an already overburdened people. And I can remember when our present income tax was only a wartime measure. It seems like whenever temporary laws or regulations are enacted they get glued down and are very hard to get rid of.

Ben Gardner

Pistol River