The Curry Coastal Pilot

The filing deadline is less than two weeks away for residents who want to serve their communities on school boards, water districts, fire districts and many other volunteer positions.

Is it your time to participate?

You pay the taxes that support these districts, and serving on a board is the best way to have a say in how money is spent. Running for office helps you get involved, meet people and make a contribution. You might even like it, and for sure you'll learn a lot.

Election Day is May 21, but candidates must file by March 21. Candidates can pay a modest $10 fee or collect signatures.

In Curry County, there are 95 board positions on the ballot, including school, library, fire, sewer and water.

Requirements vary. For example, for some boards, candidates must live within a certain zone for each position. Other boards elect members who live anywhere in the district. The positions are nonpartisan, and the level of campaigning varies.

You can learn a lot from the website for the board that interests you or by contacting someone who is serving on that board. Also, check the websites of the county clerk ( and the Oregon secretary of state, or give those offices a call.