The Curry Coastal Pilot

CandK cares about kids

I wanted to thank CandK Market for sponsoring the 2013 mock trial team that competed on March 2, 2013, at the Jackson Country Courthouse in the Oregon High School mock trial regional qualifying tournament.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank CandK legal counsel and human resources manager Kate Wilkinson for giving many hours of her time providing our team with coaching advice and real world insights.

Some of the schools that participate in these competitions have access to tremendous support and resources, and have long produced outstanding teams that consistently move on to the state competition. With their records of success and the confidence that comes from it, it is easy to see how they might have the intimidation advantage over the younger and less experienced teams in the competition. Thankfully our students didn't get the memo.

Coming from the furthest distance and running on little sleep and adrenalin, BHHS defeated one of the best teams in the competition during the first round. They went on to perform very well in the second and third rounds as well. Though BHHS didn't place in the top two in order to advance to the state competition, the experience they gained was worth every hour of preparation.

The students were excited and engaged, and, by the end of the day, exhausted. None of this would have been possible without CandK Markets and Kate Wilkinson. Thank you for caring enough about our community and its kids to make this possible.

Robert Wilson

BHHS teacher and Mock Trial Team coach


wisconsin wonders

For the last few months we've wondered about the articles on driving in the Chetco (River) and the lack of taxes in Curry County.

First of all why would vehicles be allowed in a river that supplies drinking water for part of Harbor and most of Brookings? It seems to us a small, one-lane bridge could be constructed for those finding it necessary to get to the opposite side and for those who wish to just walk across without getting wet.

We also wonder why the citizens of Oregon, Curry County and Brookings would want to pay the second lowest taxes so that the sheriff's department will need to close down effective July 1. Will the Pilot's police logs have enough room for all the "shots fired" listings to the state?

In Wisconsin, we pay $2.55/1,000 of our property taxes for Washington County. We also pay 5 percent state sales tax, one half percent county sales tax and a one tenth percent for a stadium 40 miles away in Milwaukee. Our property tax also charges 57 percent for various schools and we have to pay 6 1/2 percent to the state for income tax, as retirees. Between two-thirds and three-quarters of our taxes are for things we get no benefit from. But we do build walking paths, small bridges, have a city and county police force, and Level-1 trauma center and a nice stadium on top of excellent roads here.

Sure we have high taxes, but we have a lot of government-provided things and don't have months of letters and articles debating whether it should be done or not.

Linda and Ken Smith

Hartford, Wis.

tax back to security

I do not understand how the "knowledgeable" commissioners of Curry County can honestly and without a great deal of thought promote tourism when the county is going broke but most of all when we have no police security at all. If you read the Pilot you must have seen the article about crime in Josephine county on the rise.

Please read the police log, the sheriff's log and the county log which are published in detail in the Pilot. Brookings and Harbor are fair game. We advertise that we have no security, so we are open invitations to theft, vandalism and burglary.

Why not vote for a needed tax increase and get Curry County the way it used to be. How about trying to fill the empty stores with new business?

This is such a great place to live. Please do not let it fall apart.

Gerry Kass


Editor's note: This letter is being republished because a portion of it was inadvertently omitted the first time.

costs to all citizens

It is reassuring that the city of Brookings is aware that there are regulations regarding impacts on the Chetco River, based on their permit application to the Army Corps of Engineers for gravel removal from Social Security Bar.

The Chetco does not belong to the city, local residents, or even those living on the river. Further, most know the summer salmon catches are not reflective of the health of the Chetco, since they are not Chetco fish.

It would be more reassuring if everyone, including the South Coast Watershed Council, would note the Pilot's Feb. 23 Court Report citing an arrest warrant for a Brookings man on charges of interfering with making a report.

The laws and regulations established in this wonderful country are, fortunately, not intended to benefit individuals, but to protect and benefit our natural resources and the public majority. All law-abiding citizens have a responsibility to ensure compliance.

It would behoove all of our public officials, as well as our "news"paper, to consider the sources who oppose protections of our Wild and Scenic River, and those who attack individuals advocating protections.

Consideration should be made for the costs to all citizens when governmental entities have to enforce laws and regulations when there is non-compliance, such as: repeated citations by the state fire marshal; landslides caused by unpermitted roads; landfills on the river banks; rip-rap for personal convenience or corporate gain, etc.

Most law-abiding citizens believe they have a duty to uphold the law, and report illegal or unauthorized activities. Those who don't should be legally viewed as accomplices, or interfering with making a report.

Catherine Wiley


a sequester means ...

Many of you feel sequester means we are not going to overspend; that's wrong. It simply means separate from or apart.

Even with the sequester we will spend more this year than we did last year. We will collect more taxes this year than ever in the history of our country even though our growth is less than 1 percent annually when it should be over 3 percent.

Our president refuses to lead. He has been president now for the fifth year and he will not remove himself from the campaign mode.

We have never had a president do what he is doing. He is constantly lying to put blame onto the Republican Party and it seems to be working. He wants our economy to remain stagnant so that he can continue to get support from the liberal press and blame conservatives. I had to turn CNN off last night (March 4) because the host claims John Boehner is lying.

The uninformed voter had better understand quickly what Obama is doing to our country or its going to be to late. His next goal is to put all the blame onto the red party so he can win the house and put Pelosi back in charge. He doesn't want to lead folks he wants to destroy our country.

Most of my information comes from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, 1240 AM on your radio dial.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

for 'banjo carl'

The church family at Christian Community Church has been blessed to have Carl Rovainen, "Banjo Carl," as our music leader for the last one and a half years.

In his honor, we will hold a special remembrance at our regular service, Sunday, March 10, at 10:30 a.m. at the Driftwood Estates clubhouse. Anyone who would like to share in this is welcome to attend.

Pastor Carl Smith


i want a third party

President Barry has said that the border with Mexico will go unprotected if the GOP does not cave in to him on the sequester.

Say it ain't so President Barry? If a tree falls in the forest and nobody sees it happen, did it really happen? If the Obama administration starts firing border patrol agents, will anybody notice the difference?

Illegal immigrants were being released from jail before the sequester even began.

Good job President Barry!

Be sure to call Congressman DeFazio and let him know what you think of the whole situation.

President Barry says that the Mexican border area has never been safer. I say that 60,000 people being killed by the drug gangs make him a liar.

President Barry wants amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants. Thank God for Republicans like John McCain and Marco Rubio; they only want amnesty for 10 million illegal immigrants.

The two party system is an anti-American joke.

I want to start a local chapter for the Libertarian Party right here in Curry County, but I do not know the first thing about political organizing.

Anybody out there who is interested in my idea can contact me at

I only want to hear from sincere people who really care about their country and community. Democrats and Republican operatives who would like to sabotage the effort are not welcome.

Joe Thomas


education rat hole?

Is anyone else in this country tired of pounding money down a rat hole when it comes to public education?

Of the 33 developed countries in the world, the U.S. educational system is ranked 17th overall, and 25th in math. That's below average. Is there any wonder why we have to import engineers from other countries?

Of the 50 states in the U.S., Oregon's K andndash; 12 education system is ranked 43rd. That's a disgrace.

Of the schools in Oregon, Brookings elementary and middle school are ranked just satisfactory. Brookings high school is ranked as needs improvement. Does anyone see a problem here?

We already spend more per pupil than any other country in the world and Governor Kitzhaber is continually looking for more money for education. Have to pay off the labor unions, you know.

We have three school districts in this tiny county of 22,000 people with three administrations and three superintendents of schools. The number of students in all three school districts in Curry County is only 2,594 and there are only nine schools. My son works for San Juan school district in the Sacramento, Calif., area and they have 70 schools that serve 40,000 students and only one superintendent of schools. It would appear we either have the dumbest kids in the world (I don't believe that), the most incompetent teachers (?), or the worst curriculum in the world (?).

There must be a reason for the poor educational performance of the U.S., Oregon, and counties schools. Enlighten me.

I think if I had children of school age, they would be home schooled.

Ralph Martin


rand paul's agenda

It seems apparent to me that the nightmares that Sen. Paul must have during his nightly slumbers are the guidelines for his legislative agenda the following day.


Joseph Hougnon


Integrate 2 counties

In published discussions concerning the financial future for Curry County, again the possibility of integrating with Coos County is being ignored.

Curry commissioners apparently would not wish to jeopardize their salaries and benefits by facing another election with more and established candidates involved and only three positions available.

If the proposed Curry property tax increase is voted in the county tax rate in those cities with police departments would increase from $0.5996 to $2.44/$1,000 assessed valuation, $2.56/$1,000 in other areas.

According to Coos County's current published budget the property tax rate is $1.0799/$1,000 assessed valuation. With that, integrating with Coos County would save in-town Curry property taxpayers $1.36/$1000, $1.49/$1,000 in other areas. (Please check my math!)

Coos reportedly currently has a minimal sheriff's patrol. Integration would result in one set of commissioners and county officials rather than two, with salaries, benefits, and PERS payments for those spread over a large tax base.

Also being ignored is the deplorable state of the Curry County jail and courthouse, highlighted by reports of the sheriff and Eric Hanson (Pilot, March 2, 2013), patching things together with whatever they can. The sheriff estimates jail replacement at $30 million, obviously to be collected from taxpayers even if by bond repayments - if the county could possibly sell bonds. There should be a ballot option about the issue of two-county consolidation. At least the Curry commissioners should approach Coos about the possibility of integration.

Jim Hansen,