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being right or true

Regards vehicles crossing the Chetco River: Mr. John Baker will be happy to know that his apology has been accepted (Feb. 9 Pilot Letter). However, I am concerned that he feels his opinions carry little weight in this discussion. Perhaps sir, I can explain why this is so.

To have weight or possess substance, opinions or ideas must be able to be demonstrated as either being right or being true. To do this, one follows an idea by means of a logical, rational thinking process to a conclusion that can be verified. Sometimes this is called science.

For example, another writer in the Feb. 9 Pilot believes that drinking water in both Brookings and Harbor does not actually come from the Chetco River. Now, how can he believe this when we're consistently being told that it does come from the river? I suspect at some point he thought beyond the barrage of misinformation and concluded what he expressed in his very informative and detailed letter, also of Feb. 9.

As we know, much public policy today is based on emotionally charged and exaggerated arguments rather than ideas that can actually be demonstrated. Certainly, this river crossing issue has struck a local nerve. If nothing else results, at least it serves to distinguish between ideas that carry weight and can be verified, and those that, like farts in a frying pan, can never really be pinned down.

Cam Lynn


shallow supply

I am disheartened that Ralph Martin would join ranks with the City of Brookings Council and supporters of vehicle driving in the river.

The mayor and Council endorsed the questionable practice of joy riding in the Chetco, a federally designated Wild and Scenic River. The importance of their decision was memorialized, no less by Resolution. Interestingly enough, the city amended the building code which prohibited building in the Chetco River floodplain to allow development.

Neither Martin (a retired police officer) nor the City Council are interested or care that the state and local law enforcement support vehicle restrictions in accordance with the basic right of public safety, health and welfare. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife also supports these restrictions.

Please get your facts straight before claiming that Brookings and Harbor water supply "comes from the aquifer 50-60 feet below the river bottom." Harbor Water P.U.D. Source Water Assessment Report andndash; May 2002: Alluvium of the Chetco River supplies the drinking water to the system. It is an unconfined alluvial (sand and gravel) aquifer with a very shallow water table (andlt;10 ft.). The District's Ranney Collector produces from six laterals in the subsurface at an average elevation of minus 28 feet. The aquifer is considered highly sensitive.

A spill or other chemical release within the Chetco River Watershed and the Carey Creek and Jack Creek sub-watershed areas will reach and pass through the drinking water protection area for Harbor Water P.U.D. Small quantities of chemicals, (Potential Contaminant Sources) in some cases a gallon or less can significantly impact aquifers.

Yvonne Maitland


assistance, anywhere

If you are a veteran, the spouse, widow/widower, or the child of a veteran and need assistance with VA benefits, or VA provided healthcare, the Disabled American Veterans are here to assist you free of charge.

You do not have to be a member of the DAV to receive our assistance. We are veterans' service officers that are trained and certified yearly by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and bonded by the Disabled American Veterans. We can assist veterans and their families anywhere, regardless of the state they live in, where they receive their VA healthcare, or where their claims are being processed. We will provide assistance at times and places chosen and convenient to veterans and their families.

I am a 14 year disabled army veteran with over 26 years experience with dealing with the VA. I am a DAV veterans' service officer with over four years experience in assisting veterans in Curry and Del Norte counties.

I can be reached by telephone at 707-954-3657 or e-mail at

Earl Commins, senior vice commander

Chapter service officer, Disabled American Veterans

Oregon Chapter

S.R. Pyne/Edwards #20

where credit is due

I was so pleased to see the Pilot publish the photo and article about our P.E.O. Quilt for raffle for scholarships in last Saturday's (Feb. 9) paper.

The first thing I did was pick up the paper to read the article and in doing so immediately saw that we unintentionally left out credit to the person who made the quilt so beautiful.

Michelle Fallert, from Country Keepsake quilt store did an exquisite job of machine quilting on this quilt. She donated her time and talent to make this quilt stand out among others. From the back of the quilt, the whole design of the fabric on the front can be seen with her stitching. I have never before seen such detailed machine quilting. Every flower, peacock and surrounding design can be seen with her stitching. This quilt comes alive because of her.

Thank you, Michelle, for putting your talent into this quilt. Our apologies for not giving you credit originally for your art work. It was an unintentional omission.

All the monies made from this Quilt Raffle go directly to our P.E.O. projects, which are scholarships, grants and low interest loans to women pursuing a higher education.

The Quilt raffle will be drawn on May 19 at our P.E.O. Tea in Brookings.

Sally Irish


united in no thanks

I would like to thank our local hospital board for your three separate votes in favor of Regionalization, and your consideration of cutting the hospital in half to qualify for higher Medicare reimbursement under the Critical Access program.

You have done what has been considered impossible. You have united the Tea Party with the Democratic Party. The Independents and Republicans are on board, too. You have united liberals with conservatives, city government with county government, and lawyers with doctors. Young people and senior citizens also see this the same. You have united Oregon government officials with California government officials, Curry County residents with Del Norte County residents. Our local Board of Supervisors is also united.

The creative talents of all the above are now working together to overturn your decision on Regionalization, and block your approval of Critical Access. You cannot answer the simple question of how Critical Access will improve healthcare in Del Norte and Curry counties. If you were to talk to Asante about running the hospital, instead of Sutter, there would be a shout of joy that would carry from here to Sacramento to Salem. Please consider Asante. Sutter Coast has lost all trust with the local community. Ask your neighbors and people that visit your business their opinion.

If anyone reading this letter wants to have a say in this issue, share your opinions with the local board members. Critical Access would reduce our hospital from 49 beds to a maximum of 25 beds, resulting in a loss of hospital employees and a large number of patient transfers - mostly by air - to other hospitals. Does anyone other than Sutter executives want this?

Jim Buckles

Crescent City

sales tax is right fix

I know that a sales tax is not a very popular fix for Curry County. However, I feel that it is the fair approach.

Everyone needs the services that we might lose, therefore, everyone should pay.

Having a sales tax will surely cause an inconvenience for businesses. A sales tax is not a new concept, businesses all over the country have figured out a way to deal with it.

I feel that the property tax is being proposed because it's the easiest to implement. It was said in a previous Pilot article that your taxes would only go up thirty dollars per month on an assessed value of $160,000. In my case, that is $30 per month on top of the $300 per month that I'm already paying. If it's only $30 per month, lower my tax bill by $30 per month and you'll see my point.

I don't believe for a minute that this will be a temporary increase.

If you raise property taxes, the homeowners will suffer, many are on a fixed income. That means that every dime for the increase comes from locals. Tourists pay nothing. Businesses won't suffer, they'll just raise their prices, to cover the increase, homeowners don't have that option.

Fair is fair. We're all in this together and we should all contribute together. I would have to spend $1200 per month on taxable items at 2.5 percent sales tax to equal $30 per month. Therefore, I'd save and we would spread the responsibility.

Mike Pundyk


pole people applause

Last Christmas, the Brookings Merchants Association enlisted the help of the community in making our town more festive with our "Adopt a Pole" program. The 100 light/utility poles from Constitution Way to Easy Street were wrapped in sparkling red and silver garland.

Sixty-seven poles were adopted by individuals and businesses in Brookings. The labor to install and remove the garland was donated by the Outreach Gospel Mission. The Homebuilders Association, along with the Board of Realtors were responsible for the beautifully decorated tree in the pocket park on Chetco and Hillside, the first tree in the Heart of Brookings for several years. It was a great first step. What a terrific town this is!

Our deepest thanks go to: A Wildbird and Backyard General Store, Bernie Bishop Mazda, CandC Art Glass, CandK Pharmacy Express, Chetco Pharmacy, Crafty Cards, Philip Roberts, Candice Michel, Cream Cafandeacute;, Ross and Laurie Stevens, DoLittle Cafandeacute;, Gold Shield Rawleigh, Gary and Carolyn Milliman, Gypsies, Redwood Massage and Wellness, Redwood Theater, Shabby to Chic, Sterling Bank, The Hairport, Burtonique, Liberty Advocacy, Judith Zineski, Carolyn Self, Steve Blasdell, Wallace Burnett, Curry Medical Center, Paul and Moira Fossum, Coastal Copiers, Creating Lasting Memories, Dave and Tammy Tanner, Jan and Jerry Norman, Matt and Valerie Quale, All 4 U Bookkeeping, Feather Your Nest, Sac's Thrift Avenue, Oregon Coast Realty, Dottie's Corner, Stylin Salon, Carl and Connie Lindquist, Dave Jenkins, Jan Carringer, Gowman Electric, Pam and Dean Downing, Brookings Liquor Store, Eslinger Logging, Rick and Diana Eslinger, Colby and Kelsey Eslinger, Shawn and Kelli Ryan, Brent and Heather Hodges, Integrity Financial, Ray's, Shop Smart, CandK Markets, Fred Meyer, Coos Curry Electric, Frontier, Bi-Mart, and Dr. West and his terrific office staff.

Thanks to each of you for supporting your community! Let's make 2013 even bigger!

Michael Olsen, chairperson

Brookings Merchants Association