The Curry Coastal Pilot

they didn't bother

I myself have in the past informed the middle school my son was getting weed at school from kids that were bringing it there.

They checked the child one day and, end of story, no real efforts were put into trying to stop it. My son was willing to give more names and they didn't follow up and bother with that either.

Seemed to me school would rather pretend there is no problem than make an effort to stop it.

Tonya Watkins


at the least, absurd

As the local paper covering this story in Wednesday Jan. 30, 2013, paper's front page about "A radical extremist group's agenda for the Chetco River" and quotes from members of the city council adds fuel to this controversy.

What happens when our city's water supply is contaminated from a spill of fuel from someone crossing the river? As a stakeholder in the health of our water supply, the comments as stated by our city council members I find to be offensive and not very responsible as stewards of our river and the cities water supply.

I don't understand the whole mental picture. It seems to be the same attitude the "Trash Dogs" must run into when cleaning up the forests. "What's wrong about dumping our garbage in the woods, we've always done it."

The watershed council has a Native American, a river fishing guide, an aeronautical engineer, a retired lawyer, an entomologist, a retired fish biologist, and a retired businessman, doesn't sound that radical to me. They do sound educated though. These folks do not have a hidden agenda nor are they environmentalist extremists. They want a clean river and a clean water supply.

If you live in Brookings/Harbor or have a well on the river, you are stakeholders in the stewardship of the Chetco River. This river is where we get our city water supply. I find this stance by the city council of driving in the river to be absurd at the very least.

David Twining


I never thought

"The ride ends here" (Pilot, Feb. 6). For a while back in fifth, sixth grade Cody Pettit was my best friend. We skated every day rain or shine. Around three-four years ago I moved up north to the outskirts of Portland.

I never thought anything like this would happen to him.

It hurt reading what he did and I just hope and wish he's able to get the help he needs to get.

Best of luck, Cody.

Devon Purvee

Forest Grove

budget summary?

As a new resident to Curry County, I have questions about the proposals offered by the County Commission to help resolve the county's budgetary woes.

Although I understand that there are two leading options, the "temporary" property tax levy or a tax to create a law enforcement district, I would like to know how the law enforcement district would work. First, how would the district be created? Who would make the budgetary decisions for the district? Would such a district reduce any oversight that the County commissioners currently exercise over the sheriff?

Finally, I have yet to see any detailed plans or summaries of the budget. It is difficult to understand what services are provided by the county, i.e. what our tax dollars pay for.

Some additional detail regarding these proposals would be helpful to the citizens.

Sharon Eblen


make overnighters

I disagree with Mr. Larason's observations about tourism in Brookings (Feb. 9, Pilot).

Our fair city has a diamond in the rough that needs polishing and that gem is tourism. Visitors here are a sustainable and renewable enterprise that benefits the local economy and can create new jobs.

One of the objectives of the Brookings Tourism Promotion Advisory Committee is to make the day-trippers passing through here become overnighters. The city is right on the Oregon bicycle and motorcycle routes and when they stop here, they will see there is enough to do and consider lodging.

First time visitors to the Brookings Harbor have called it the best kept secret on the Oregon Coast. Fishermen who have found Brookings now make it their first stop.

No, we don't have a fleet of helicopters yet or invading Vikings, but you might soon see a fort at the harbor with a battery of cannons.

Joe Willett


skin-in-the-game tax

I'm sorry that the commissioners have decided to balance the county's budget problems solely on the backs of property owners. I suppose it makes more sense, however, to put a 19-percent tax increase on county property owners rather than enact a 2 percent sales tax that would require the nonpaying users of county services to "have some skin in the game" as Republicans love to say. Users such as our annual flock of tourists, our school-age citizens, our other annual flock - the mushroom pickers (especially those who require Search and Rescue), the Californians who avoid their own sales tax, and our local crop of marijuana growers.

I'm quite surprised at the massive number of people who suddenly claim to be opposed to a sales tax because, when the Oregon's Kitchen Table numbers were tabulated, the favorableness of sticking it to the property owners was nearly the same as sharing the load (49 percent vs. 45 percent).

But, I can certainly understand why the Chamber of Commerce wants to avoid a sales tax: their businesses would have to "do their bit" right along with the rest of us. And that's in addition to losing all those California customers who would prefer to stay home and pay a 7.5 percent sales tax rather than 2 percent in Curry County; losing all those Internet sales to Curry County residents, since the rest of the country is exempt from Curry County taxes; and, worst, having to start preparing the income taxes of everybody who buys a fishing rod.

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Dogs plan a two-fer

Calling all Loyal Trash Dogs!

The Dogs have planned two events for Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013. That's more than normal for us but Harve thought we could make two events work in one day.

We'll have one team travel to the shooting ranges on FS 1107 (up the Chetco River) and another team travel to Floras Creek near Langlois. Both events will be cooperative with a band of interested residents who dislike trash more than the Dogs.

We'll split with some Dogs going to Event No. 110 and some to Event No. 11.

Wear your usual trash collection work clothes. Water and gloves will be available. The Cookie Lady is working overtime baking some goodies! A good day will be had by all!

See you at 9 a.m. Saturday the 16th (2/16/2013) at the Fred Meyer Garden Area.

andbull;Trash Dog Event No. 110, Feb. 16, 2013: Co-op Cleanup Shooting Ranges, Forest Road 1107

andbull;Trash Dog Event No. 111, Feb. 16, 2013: Floras Creek Trash, Curry County Highway 124

Ed Gross, for the Trash Dogs


saving curry county

As a Tea Party supporter I accept Mr. Mike Schrum's challenge in the Pilot to tell him how to make the county survive its fiscal problems.

Tom Huxley had an article (Pilot, March 17, 2012) explaining exactly how to solve the county's problems. I've never met Tom but his article "Curry County's payroll, benefits must be restructured" is exactly a tea party supporter's dream.

Our Juvenile Department is given $835,000, almost one-third of the amount to satisfy the county. We only have around 27 kids that graduate high school in Gold Beach. We need to take the testy child home and tell the parents it's their responsibility to take his car keys away, no more video games, no TV and give me your phone. Now go to your room and study; I'll be in soon to see that it's all right.

I was a Port of Gold Beach commissioner and all five of us worked for a zero salary and they still do. Empson ran for county commissioner and wanted to cut their salary back but got voted out. One article says Susan Brown wants to raise taxes another says she doesn't, but it's not important anymore because liberals and uneducated voters would rather see our president send 200 Abram tanks and 20 F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to help wipe out the Jews. Do you think that's more important than dredging our ports? If your answer is "yes" please don't respond.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

expected skepticism

As someone who owns a home in Brookings, and who one day hopes to make it our permanent residence, I am keenly interested in maintaining public safety in Curry County, and I believe the proposed five-year property tax levy is the right approach.

Given the large number of expatriate Californians who reside in the county, it isn't surprising the skepticism any proposed tax hike is likely to incur. We've seen how government budgets tend to swell as revenues increase while the promised benefits never seem to be realized.

Here in Orange County, hardly a receptive environment for taxes of any kind, we've regularly reauthorized the Measure M sales tax increase to help fund local transportation infrastructure. I believe this is due to the fact that we taxpayers can see tangible evidence that our tax dollars are being spent for the intended purpose.

A temporary levy will allow the citizenry to gauge whether or not the additional funds are being expended in the designated manner. If so, then there would seem to be no harm in asking for a renewal again when the current term expires.

If, however, this new revenue source eventually gets swallowed up by the bureaucracy and merely goes to fund other county programs, the levy will expire and for good reason.

Jim Higgins

La Habra, Calif.

watershed moment

I was so happy to see people of Curry County stand up to this watershed council at a meeting in Brookings!

These watershed councils are very bad for all the people of the U.S.A. These councils are where the money is given to the enviro-extremist groups (to save the world).

I read in the Medford paper today that the enviro-groups are putting more dead fish into the rivers and steams. This is polluting the water of Oregon! If I would do this I would be in jail today!

Talking about damaging the water supply. Getting back to the Cheto River, but it's not just the Cheto river, its all the rivers and/or streams all along Oregon that they want to stop you from going to and use! They say they want to save it for future generations. Well its not going to be used by you or your kids, or by even and anybody of the U.S.A.

Now for the forester of Eugene, Roy Keene. Now they do log more around Eugene than in Curry County, but Curry County had so much going for the county before the enviro-extremists took over. The fishing, logging, recreation, and even mining too.

Now the BLM has held back 10 percent of the timber payment from the O/C counties. What a hidden agenda.

It is our land NOT the BLM. Lets take it back Now!

David McAllister

Grants Pass