The Curry Coastal Pilot

Today's front page story of one young man's unfortunate experience with illegal drug use - and subsequent consequences - offers just a glimpse of the narcotic scourge gripping our community.

Statistics show that more and more children in middle and high schools are seeing drugs used, seeing other kids who are drunk or high, and are seeing drugs bought and sold on their school campuses.

The Curry Coastal Pilot is not reporting this to be sensationalist, or to sell more papers. We simply want to alert people, and particularly parents, to what our children are facing in school and in our community.

The situation is bad, but informed parents and teachers are more able to take appropriate and effective action. This includes educating students on the dangers of marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs.

And no matter what actions our schools take, that education must start at home with frequent, honest and tolerant communication about drugs and alcohol.

If you don't know how or where to start, there's plenty of help available online, at the library and at our schools.

Knowledge is good. Taking action on that knowledge is better. And, in the case of drug use, acting quickly is imperative to protect the well being of our children and other innocent people.