The Curry Coastal Pilot

sign of good faith

So, a letter writer thinks it's now the responsibility of citizens (i.e. the TEA Party), to come up with tax plans for the government when we already pay dearly for them to oversee fiduciary matters.

Why don't politicians, as a sign of good faith, cut taxes? Perhaps we're seeing the effect of "one trip too many to the well"! or the golden egg-laying goose is on the critical list!

May I humbly suggest that people come up with a plan that actually saves taxpayer money, it's the American thing to do.

"Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them." andndash; Charlie Reese

Martin J. Sullivan


letter was genius

I'm trying to understand why the socially progressive editorial staff of the Pilot and some other local socialists thinks the sheriff needs to apologize for his letter concerning the Second Amendment he sent to Mr. Obama.

Basically what he and other sheriffs did was fire a volley across the bow of the pretender-in-chief and let him know they were not going to tolerate his violation of our Constitution and possibly made him reword his Executive Orders. It was a stroke of genius.

I've read letters in the paper that state the sheriff has no right to interpret the Constitution or laws. These people should open their eyes and see that the sheriff, his deputies, troopers and all police officers have to interpret laws on a daily basis. How else could they determine there has been a violation of law to make an arrest?

The number of people in this country killed by guns is miniscule compared to the number of people killed by doctors' medical errors and, according to F.B.I. statistics, the most common weapon used in homicides is a baseball bat. Maybe we should ban doctors and baseball bats.

The police investigating the Sandy Hook School shooting have determined that Adam Lanza had an AR15 rifle in the trunk of his car, but used four handguns in the shootings. Right from the get-go Obama and his slobbering lapdog media cronies reported an AR15 assault rifle was used. It fit their "take people's guns away" agenda better. It doesn't matter if it was a lie.

Ralph Martin


truths self-evident

There has so much acrimony over the issue of driving in the river that I felt it was time for some simple logic and common sense.

The argument that local residents have always driven in the river is one that is fatally flawed and needs to be carefully examined. If that logic is reasonable then this country would still have slavery, women wouldn't be voting and segregation would be the law of the land. Just because we have always done something in the past doesn't make it right and may not be in the best interest of the country, its people or the environment.

The words, "these truths are self evident" applies beautifully to this issue. There some things that by their very nature are harmful and destructive and need no additional evidence to make it valid. Driving a dirty vehicle in a wild and scenic river makes no sense. Driving a vehicle in the city's water supply makes no sense. Driving a vehicle in a river that is home to endangered coho, Chinook and steelhead makes no sense. Driving a vehicle in a river that crushes immature fish or other creatures that live under the rocks makes no sense. Driving a vehicle up the river's tributaries crushing plant and animal life makes no sense.

We all love the river and want to share it with our children and grandchildren. We can still camp on its beautiful gravel bars, swim in its water, fish for its salmon, steelhead and cutthroat and float it's beautiful water in our boats.

I ask all citizens of Curry County to join me in protecting this very special treasure.

Gilbert Nett


'let it ring' is wise

Lately, it seems, I have been seeing more cell phone usage while people are driving.

The surprising thing is, it's not 20-somethings or 30-somethings but older, mature - but not wiser, apparently - citizens. Yeah, the ones who feel the need to let the young'uns know what are correct behaviors in life.

So a word to the wise -or should I say not so wise - LET IT RING.

Just saying.

Pamela VanVliet


adoption stateside

This letter is not in support of the sheriff nor about Afghanistan, it is about children.

I've been reading about Putin's ban on Americans adopting Russian children. So, a couple I knew went to China, waited a very long time and finally were able to adopt a little girl. Another couple went to Peru to sightsee, and came back with a baby boy.

There are so many children in the United States waiting to be adopted, who are temporarily placed with caring foster parents, but who might be shifted from one foster home to another.

There was a TV program on WJAR in Rhode Island, "Tuesday's Child." The children would tell you about themselves and would then say how they would like to be able to be with a family. We had three children and were taking care of two grandsons; otherwise, we certainly would have adopted as many as we could

I know there must be couples who would love to adopt a child but who look outside of this country. I begin to wonder if adopting a child from another country is some sort of a status symbol.

What brought this about is a program I saw showing children at a playground. A family with a little Chinese girl were on swings when the little girl saw a Chinese boy with another family. She immediately ran over to him and started to talk. I wondered if she noticed that he was the same as she.

If this doesn't make sense, file it in the wastebasket.

Everyone at the Pilot, have a great year.

Gerry Kass


sales tax more fair

My 2 cents on taxes: I would like to ask why only the property owners should be held responsible for the county's financial woes?

We live in a county that is mainly national forest, wilderness area, or BLM land which means the taxable land mass is rather small, ergo the number of property owners is also small. The number of people that live, travel, or vacation here is much larger. Why not capitalize on everyone?

Share the tax burden through a small sales tax. The more you spend the more taxes you pay. Food items would be exempt like other places that have sales taxes. What could be more fair than that?

I live in Harbor and receive minimal county services our roads are not even maintained by the county. We pay for our own street lights, and some have our own water systems. The many people that rent in our county or travel through should help pay for the services they are afforded, and the roads they drive on.

Fair is fair!!

Victor Svimonoff


educating taxpayers

Wendy Willis did a fantastic job on the Kitchen Table survey. The fact that so many people responded is proof of how well the survey was put together and advertised.

Now the most important thing that must be done to proceed is to educate Curry County property owners. From experience, I know that is almost impossible.

For some unknown reason, property owners here do not think that renters pay property tax. Evidently, they have never been landlords. Successful residential and commercial landlords calculate their rent by adding together all of their expenses. Property tax is an expense that is passed on to the renter.

I have never had a landlord that was generous enough to not charge me for all of the expenses involved in renting me a piece of property.

Renters are not freeloaders!

Pamela Billington


couple with coos?

Regarding the financial state of Curry County and especially law enforcement, one relevant element seemingly has largely been ignored - the sheriff's warning that a new jail will cost about $30 million (Pilot, Jan. 11, 2013).

With the current deplorable state of the jail as well as of the courthouse, it is apparent those situations will need to be addressed and so far that apparently has not been factored into revenue increase proposals.

With that in mind, it could again be useful to pursue possibly integrating Curry County with Coos County, with its jail which appears to be much newer than the Gold Beach facility and currently is under-utilized. A major disadvantage is the distance to it in Coquille, an obvious transport problem. Yet integration also would result in monetary savings by consolidating county administrative functions.

The hopefully accurate reported Curry County property tax rate is $0.5996/$1000 assessed valuation, while Coos County's is $1.08/$1000,with Coos's assessed value at 56 percent of real market value. Integration would raise Curry taxes and Coos obviously is having its fiscal problems as well, but to maintain law enforcement in Curry County a tax increase will be inevitable.

Also, any specifically Curry County law enforcement property tax should provide a discount for residents of cities with police departments, or involve different taxing districts and reforms such as proposed by Brookings City Manager Gary Milliman (Pilot, Aug. 4, 2012.

Jim Hansen


drive special district

I read about the unfortunate people on Sundown Road who had part of their "narrow gravel road down a 300-foot embankment" partly wash away. This is terrible for you, but this isn't a county road or an improved private roadway, it's a logging road.

I know that your situation is bad, but why should I have to pay for your unimproved road? We live on Mountain Drive - 1 1/2 miles up - and it's the same kind of "local access road." The county couldn't afford to accept and maintain our road so we established a "Mountain Drive Road Maintenance Tax District" and all of the property owners started chipping in a little with extra taxes collected by the county. It was only for use on Mountain Drive and we decide where it's used.

It's worked out very nicely for us. We've improved and paved the whole road once and we had the funds to fix the last storm damage on the road.

You can do the exact thing that we did. It just takes the property owners on Sundown Road to stand up and take responsibility for their own road instead of expecting the rest of the county taxpayers to foot the bill.

One of the reasons why Brookings and Curry County are in such dire straights is because our local politicians can't stop spending money.

Bill Tuma


support 5% sales tax

Considering 98 percent of Curry property owners live a non-criminal, peaceful, law-abiding existence, it's not in the mind set of most to pony up higher property taxes to support the convicted evil burglars and wife beaters in their jail cells while they enjoy free medical services and three hot meals daily!

I personally support a 5-percent county sales tax on all goods and services except prescription drugs and store-bought foods. This should give Curry County about $5 million yearly to fund every project whether its needed or not.

Example: Poor guy spends $100 a month on taxable items. He pays $5 tax. Rich guy spends $1,200 month on taxable items. He pays $60 tax.

The rich guy is contributing more to the county than the poor guy.

However everyone is contributing their share. The rich guys are already paying higher property taxes because they live in a bigger house.

They did not win that house in the Lotto - they probably worked 80 hours a week for life to live in that nice house.

To see what goods and services should be taxed, open the yellow pages. Every business listing of goods or services should be taxed the 5 percent on all their transactions. No exemptions,except food and drugs.

If you don't like this scenario let's meet at the gun store and share a case of hollow points to do our own security 'cause come July, we're gonna need it!

Gary Smith

Pistol River