The Curry Coastal Pilot

Lately, a unsavory tone has been slipping back into more letters to the editor. Specifically, we're talking about when a writer refers to another by name and proceeds to tear that person down, rather than promote their own opinion and ideas about an issue. Some writers do both, making our job of maintaining civil discourse on this page a challenge.

One writer stated that other writers "have their heads in the darker part of their anatomy."

Clever, yes.

Meanspirited? Yes.

Could the writer have made his point without resorting to insults? Yes.

The main purpose of the letters section is to provide a forum for any and all community perspectives. We believe that such views can and should be presented in a civil manner, with the focus on the issues, not individual letter writers. We are not interested in letters that only incite and antagonize rather than debate the issues. Our readers have told us the same.

So please, when writing a letter, approach your topic, your argument, your response with civility and an understanding that there are other legitimate views on an issue.