The Curry Coastal Pilot


The Jan. 23 letter "Help wanted" included an incorrect phone number for the Oregon South Coast Money Management Volunteers. The correct number is 541-813-1770.

germs hang around

There are a few points I feel need to be addressed.

As a doctor in this town, I am on the front line of the cold and flu season. I feel strongly that folks should be aware that the germs for these illnesses stay active on hard surfaces - i.e. cart handles, etc. - for two weeks. I would congratulate Fred Meyer, Ray's and Grocery Outlet for having hand wipes or antibacterial foam at their entrances. Shop Smart and Rite Aid should follow suit. All folks, sick or healthy, should take advantage of this health service and use these every time they are in the store.

Due to the lifestyle of the homeless, they also transport cold and flu sickness from town to town. I feel the initiative suggested by the city council, fining citizens who give money to the homeless, should be implemented to reduce the chance for further spread of these viruses.

This has nothing to do with the health of this community, but if seat belt laws are enforced, why isn't the law against using a cell phone while driving? This would be a good way for the city to make money.

Dr. Gene Chickinell, DDS PC


old law, sage advice

I wish to enter the conversation regarding people in the river.

My pseudo uncle, who was a Cherokee c

hieftain in Texas, told me "Never drink downstream from a herd of buffalo." Sounded logical to me 70 years ago; pseudo because he married my widowed aunt.

My history book said that England made laws in the 13th century saying, "You shall not pollute rivers or streams."

John Baker


We appreciate help

We would like to thank our family, friends, members of the fishing community, the Port and the Coast Guard for their assistance last week when our commercial fishing boat, Tammyran, sank. We are extremely grateful that no one was injured in this incident.

The kind words, help and suggestions we have received are very much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone that has assisted us during this hectic and difficult time.

Lyle and Deborah Marrington

Diversified Fisheries, Inc.


invitation to tea

Issue after issue of the Pilot has articles referring to the financial and budgetary problems with Curry County and Brookings city governments.

I have what should be a solution: invite the TEA party to make recommendations to the city and county to solve our budget shortfalls.

I challenge the TEA party to approach the city and county with their expertise. It is the American thing to do.

Mike Schrum


pro progressive tax

With Curry County going over a fiscal cliff there has been a lot of discussion about increasing county general fund revenue through a new sales tax, an increased property tax, or both.

Tax policy experts tell us that the sales tax and property tax are regressive taxes, meaning they impact the poor and middle class far more than the wealthy ( In fact, in almost every state that has one or both of these taxes, lower-income taxpayers pay a much higher percentage of their income in taxes than the wealthy ( And that includes Oregon. In effect, poor and middle class taxpayers end up subsidizing lower taxes for the wealthy.

Not only that, increasing taxes on the poor and middle class who spend most of their money locally will mean they will have less to spend buying goods and services from local businesses. This will hurt the already depressed local economy.

Why not think outside the box, and consider the possibility of a county income tax, based on the already-established state income tax structure? The income tax is a progressive tax, meaning those with higher incomes will pay their fair share to support our county government.

Let's ask our commissioners to consider the possibility of a county income tax, rather than a tax that places a disproportionate burden on our local businesses and our working families.

Linda Bozack


weapons all right

God bless Sheriff John Bishop!

In the editorial on Jan. 23, Sheriff Bishop said "I could have written the letter better." No Sheriff Bishop! Your letter on Jan. 16 was an excellent article and we have no worries about gun control with you as our sheriff.

I have so many friends who love guns not only for protection but hunting as well. The top man in the Knights of Columbus in Brookings is a master hunter - elk deer and bear every year (well he tries). I'm a Marine and my brothers in the Marine Corps have an honor guard firing detail for a brother who has passed away. The Vietnam Veterans have some very interesting people, including Sam Vitale. People you can respect.

All people who love weapons do so not only for protection but also for recreation. I've taught all my children how to use and respect weapons. One year we went up to the mountains and shot down our Christmas tree with a Ruger!

Weapons are all right and we live in the right county with Sheriff John Bishop, thank God!

God bless you!

Lee Burch


assault weapon?

This is in regards to the letters about "assault weapons."

What exactly is an assault weapon? Is it a pencil that I use to defend myself against an attacker? Or is it a motor vehicle that is used to try to run someone over?

Can anyone tell me what an assault weapon is? Inquiring minds want to know.

Richard Cola

Smith River, Calif.

equine Neglect

In response to animal neglect: These horse should have been taken from owner on the first report of animal neglect. How awful for these horses to have gone without food or water.

Maybe someone should lock Mr. Perry up without food or water and maybe he'll get the message.

Where are the horses' rights?

Peggy Anderson


Live without fear

Dear Dom: I pray that anyone who is living with fear in their lives will read your article in last Saturday's "Faith Forum" (Pilot, Jan. 19).

What a novel idea that through faith in God we can live our lives free from the bondage of fear!

Everyone should try it because what does one have to lose but fear itself!

God bless you, Dom, as you fearlessly share your faith and soldier on!

In Christian support,

Mary Jo Anderson


health care for all

On Monday, Feb. 4, the first day of the 2013 legislative session, the 61 member organizations of the Health Care for All-Oregon coalition (HCAO) and 20 grass-roots groups of local supporters from across the state will rally on the Capitol steps in Salem for Health Care as a Human Right.

According to HCAO leaders, the purpose of the rally is to demonstrate the breadth and depth of support for universal health care and for the Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Act, which has been re-introduced in this session by Representative Michael Dembrow (D45). The act would cover all Oregon residents with no co-payments, deductibles, or premiums and be funded by dedicated taxes, based on ability to pay. Advocates believe that universal health care will result in a healthier population, a more prosperous economy, and a better business environment for the state.

The rally on the Capital steps will be only part of a very full day of activities supporting healthcare for all Oregonians. Beginning about 10 a.m., teams of marchers carrying signs on behalf of a universal health care system will walk through downtown Salem. At 11:30 the formal rally will begin, led by emcee and rally organizer Jessica Hoffman, chair of the HCAO Mobilization Committee and a health care activist since her student days in the Public Health Department at Oregon State University.

Several individuals will speak at the rally with stories that exemplify personal and business problems due to the current health care system. If you're interested in traveling to Salem for this rally, contact a local healthcare advocate, by email at, or by calling Linda at 541-469-1970. The full rally schedule and information about transportation options are posted at and on the HCAO Facebook page.

Eileen Sorrels


Protecting the River

There has so much acrimony over the issue of driving in the river that I felt it was time for some simple logic and common sense. The argument that local residents have always driven in the river is one that is fatally flawed and needs to be carefully examined. If that logic is reasonable then this country would still have slavery, women wouldn't be voting and segregation would be the law of the land. Just because we have always done something in the past doesn't make it right and may not be in the best interest of the country, it's people or the environment. The words, "these truths are self evident" applies beautifully to this issue. There some things that by their very nature are harmful and destructive and need no additional evidence to make it valid. Driving a dirty vehicle in a wild and scenic river makes no sense. Driving a vehicle in the city's water supply makes no sense. Driving a vehicle in a river that is home to endangered Coho, Chinook and Steelhead makes no sense. Driving a vehicle in a river that crushes immature fish or other creatures that live under the rocks makes no sense. Driving a vehicle up the river's tributaries crushing plant and animal life makes no sense. We all love the river and want to share it with our children and grandchildren. We can still camp on it's beautiful gravel bars, swim in it's water, fish for it's Salmon, Steelhead and Cutthroat and float it's beautiful water in our boats. We all need to take a deep breath and realize that by not driving in the river we are showing our love and commitment to a river that has given all of us so much enjoyment through the years. I ask all citizens of Curry County to join me in protecting this very special treasure.

Gilbert Nett


praise bonds' bounce

I think it was fantastic that the baseball writers decided to keep Barry Bonds and the other two drug addicts out of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Steroids have killed Lyle Alzado, Ken Caminiti, and so many pro wrestlers have died. It would take up too much time and space to list them all.

There is no way Barry Bonds should ever go to the Baseball Hall of Fame, as long as Pete Rose isn't allowed to go.

There are too many people who take a shortcut like Barry Bonds did and get praised for the results they got later.

We have a president who takes the shortcut every chance he gets. If he can't get Congress to agree with him on something, he always goes over their heads and issues an executive order. Barry Obama doesn't need permission from Congress to go to war anytime he wants to because NATO and the United Nations tells him he doesn't.

Our first black president invades a country in northern Africa without the consent of Congress. What a disgrace!

Would that make Martin Luther King (Jr.) be proud if he were alive today?

I don't think so.

Joe Thomas