The Curry Coastal Pilot

Day of Infamy

Tuesday was the anniversary of the self-inflicted day of infamy in American history: January 22, the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court legalization of abortion. Since then more than 55 million pre-born babies have been killed. Pastor Jim Schultz (Jan. 5) rightly described the procedures used: literally tearing the child into pieces or destroying the head after the rest of the baby has been born. These are facts! What a barbaric atrocity!

So leftists with no facts in opposition resort as always to character assassination: How terrible Christians have been!

But the facts disprove that lie! True, some in history who claimed to be Christians did some terrible things. But atheists have killed countless millions (examples, communists in Russia and China and Indochina).

In contrast, actual Christians have worked to help people live. In pagan Rome infanticide was prevalent andndash; Christians ended that. Slavery was abolished in modern times primarily by Christians in England. In our time if you want to be sure that people suffering from catastrophes are helped, don't trust the government with all its corruption and ineptitude, but give to Christian organizations such as Salvation Army, Lutheran World Relief, and similar faith-based agencies (not most televangelists, however, who first make themselves rich).

In our community Christian congregations are the ones who sponsor weekday noon meals!

And it is primarily the Christian community which stands against the murder of unborn babies!

Theodore Allwardt


hire manager type

It's time to ask why we only have two choices: Taxes or "Burn the county down."

It seems that the new commissioners are not getting much cooperation from county employees on this budget problem. When Mr. Short was asked to come up with a smaller budget, as an example, he refused. When the commissioners, for the past six years, have asked for a list of the mandated services that the county needs, employees have stonewalled them, and we still don't have an answer.

The sheriff (who gets 65 percent of the budget) has not been very helpful in this matter; at last he has said that he could live with a $3 million budget.

The commissioners in the past have been so inept that they have gone to the county counsel for advice on everything, driving up the counties "Professional Services" costs.

We should eliminate the commissioners' salaries and hire an experienced manager-type to run the county professionally, the way the city manager does in Brookings. But of course the commissioners won't do that, they like the status quo. Apparently, it's better that we fail and lose everything.

Richard Wickstrom


help wanted

When I retired in 2007, I was at a loss for something meaningful to do.

I heard about the Individual Money Management team which helps the disabled and elderly pay their bills and keep their bank registers organized. I felt this would be a meaningful and heartwarming adventure for me, so I contacted Shirley Craig who graciously accepted my help. Shirley processed the paperwork for getting me bonded and once the paperwork was completed, I was helping my first client.

I truly enjoy helping the elderly and the disabled individuals. I have managed six clients since 2007. This is such a great service, but we require more dedicated people who are willing to volunteer their time for this fulfilling endeavor as well as donations (in-kind) for office supplies. Shirley has personally managed and funded this team for the past 14 years and has had to turn down potential clients due to the lack of volunteers. It is very sad, not to be able to help those in need.

If you are interested in volunteering three or four hours a month, please contact Shirley Craig, in the Sea View Senior Living facility, room 258, 541-831-1770, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jean A. Williams, volunteer, Southern Oregon Coast

Money Managers


Dear community

Cancer touches so many people in our community. Getting a cancer diagnosis is probably one of the most devastating things a person has to experience.

We can only imagine what a person who has heard the words "You've got cancer" must feel, but that doesn't mean we can't sympathize with the situation and tell you that you will be strengthened by this journey you're on.

So, if you're living with cancer or experienced it the way we have, through a loved one, a diagnosis doesn't have to be the end. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever season you're in with this disease, please know that our heart goes out to you.

If you have ever wondered how you can make a difference, then please join the family and friends of Jeff and Monica Fischer, of Brookings, to help Monica battle breast cancer.

We encourage you, your friends, families, co-workers, and fellow fishermen to unite and make a monetary contribution to a donation account set up at any U.S. Bank (Jeff and Monica Fischer Medical Fund) to help the couple with medical bills and expenses.

Whatever you can give, will be welcomed and received with deep appreciation.

Please show your support! Together we can make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, support and kindness.

For further information contact me at 530-945-3474.

Dennis and Patt Funderburg

Shasta Lake, Calif.

luke courageous

I must shout this one out!

Luke shows so much character in his decision to grow his hair for Locks of Love despite the ignorance that surrounded him. ("Boy donates long hair to Locks of Love," Pilot, Jan. 19) Someone is going to share his beautiful hair and the heart that grew it.

I once sat on the edge of the bed with my pre-teen daughter, Becky, a leukemia patient, the day she pulled off her sweater and all her hair came off with it. That moment, that emotion that crossed her face I will never forget. All her hopes of "getting better" with chemo left and the reality of her life and her illness hit her hard. We found her a wig with the help of the Locks for Love program, and she and her friends had fun with her new hair, and she got through it.

Luke, you have done something wonderful. I hope you to stay on this path. Be brave in choices like this one.

Blessings on you forever.

Karin Larsen


i'll be protected

My writing skills may not be the best but good enough to get my thoughts and feelings across to the rest of my home town and some people who can move back to where they come from.

I stand behind our sheriff 100 percent when it comes to someone taking our rights from us, and want to say thank you to him for standing up for us.

I have lived here all my 49 years and come from a family that were some of the first people to settle in this valley. They lived off the land not only by growing crops and fishing but also by hunting with a gun. They protected and provided for their own.

I think the people that are saying such nasty hateful things to and about our sheriff should be the last people to be calling for help from our law enforcement agencies who carry guns to protect them. If they want to live a life without firearms that's their right and it's also my right to live with them.

I refuse to live unprotected and I won't.

Mabel Boardman


guns and Evil

Perhaps gun violence can be solved through a Presidential Executive Order legislating morality for inner city gangs, wicked shooters and Congress.

Peace and love will reign.

Thomas E. Holden


freedom not free

As a former US Marine and veteran of World War II, I am in full accord with Sheriff John Bishop's declaration not to follow any gun control mandated by Obama by circumventing our Constitution of the United States. I also agree that any federal officers coming in to our state should not be obeyed when such laws are made by executive orders which do not follow the Constitution of the United States.

Remember, freedom is not free; it must be fought for.


Fred Pate


duties are explicit

Thank you, Sheriff Bishop.

As a person who enjoys the shooting sports I take great pride in the Oregon sheriffs who have shown the courage to stand up for the Constitution they have taken an oath to defend. Every freedom we concede to the government is the further we slide into subjugation. The sheriff has chosen to represent the people of Curry County and not be subject to the whims of the federal government. The federal government was established in our Constitution with specific duties and obligations.

Those who wrote the Constitution also stated that the power of the government comes from the people and that the rights of the people were God given and not to be infringed upon. Anti-gun activists who cry out for gun bans and restrictions do so from the emotion that this act will save lives. This is false and never proven by real facts. It is never mentioned that 1 million to 3 million people in Switzerland own and possess assault weapons. In Switzerland, in 2010 there were 43 homicides committed with a firearm. Mexico has some of the toughest gun laws and had 37,000 murders with firearms.

I would suggest that those dollars we send to Washington be focused on treatment for the mentally ill and not used to make criminals out of honest gun owners who wish to exercise their rights. Sheriff Bishop and other sheriffs throughout the country are to be supported in their efforts to protect and defend our rights. Each owner of a firearm and those who believe in our Constitutional Republic should use their right to vote, as long as we have one, to remind our senators that their duties are explicit in the Constitution.

Marvin Parker


against liberty's end

Sheriff Bishop's principled defense of human rights against those who would try to deny them deserves everyone's support.

We the People retain our power over government and we are well served by men like Sheriff Bishop, and all those who stand against the encroachment of tyrants, petty and otherwise. Like those who stood against slavery, and those who stood against King George, those who now stand against the end of liberty will not be a majority, and will not be popular nor understood.

But in time we will be seen as having furthered the cause of humanity in the face of enslavement.

Richard McNamara

Crescent City

avoid negative news

Did you know that Curry County made national news? It was not the type of news that will attract new residents or businesses unless we want to limit our potential growth to Alex Jones' ("911 was an inside job") believers.

The recent national news from local law enforcement hardly portrays our county as welcoming to most of us who desire a limit to the type of weapon anyone in America can freely acquire or the type of bullet capacity a weapon magazine will hold. Most Americans desire background checks from weapon buyers. Most of us want funding for resource officers in our schools. Hopefully, we all want increased funding for mental health programs and facilities to treat those who need it to prevent harm to themselves and others.

In Curry County we can't afford these types of costs on our own. We need the partnerships of state and federal programs. We need our local leaders to explain that to those of us that think otherwise. Our leaders should explain that only the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate signed by the U.S. president can pass new laws regarding future weapon purchases, bullet magazine limits or any other laws, and that those laws will be enforced in our county whether we agree with them or not.

We are residents of Curry County, living in the State of Oregon which is a state in the United States of America. Let's try to avoid national news that implies otherwise.

Vikki Nuss


safe between spots

Well first off I would like to thank Sheriff John Bishop for standing up for all the honest gun owners in Curry County. I completely support his efforts in standing up for our gun rights.

I was raised around guns I have been taught all my life how to handle all types of guns safely. Of all the people I fear in the world I fear the "misguided citizens" the most. This does not only affect the economy, but it will affect many of the local businesses that thrive on the lawful sale of guns.

I know that if I am ever stuck between a rock and a hard spot I can protect myself, with my gun, that I have taken certified safe handling courses for. Please remember, if guns kill people, then spoons must be what is causing childhood obesity. I personally think that all the concerned "misguided citizens" need to move south just past the sign that says "Thank you for coming to Oregon, come back soon".

Megan Boardman, legal gun owner


the price we pay?

I see that NRA president David Keene and his puppeteer, Wayne LaPierre, have advanced the argument that folks should be permitted to freely acquire assault rifles and mega-clips of ammo, faulting our inadequate mental health system when such weapons are put to use by mass killers. Other NRA representatives are now echoing this argument from numerous media outlets. They declare that it's unaddressed mental illness that is causing the problems, not the weapons to which the mentally ill have such easy access without background checks.

This poses an interesting dilemma. Consider, for example, a quiet American neighborhood in a quiet American town, like Brookings. Imagine that in this neighborhood dwells a man who harbors an assault-style weapon with a handy stash of 40-round ammo clips. He does not hunt, although he does a little target shooting for fun. He cherishes this weapon, expecting that in the near future the UN will be sending out commandos to seize his arsenal and - by gum - he's ready for them.

Is it fair to question the state of this man's mental health? Or is it irrational and un-American of me - knowing that my children must pass his house on their daily walk to school - to allow the kids to leave home without an armed escort, in my own neighborhood? Shall I allow them to frolic in the playground across the street from this man's house, despite my anxiety? Is this the price we must pay to protect our Second Amendment rights?

Who's crazy here?

Richard Carey