The Curry Coastal Pilot

Feelings will pass

In sadness I ask myself Why? Why? Why did Trooper Sgt. Punch kill himself? What a man he was!

Here is the thing. Depression. There is a stigma about having emotional issues. People, especially macho guys, don't talk about their feelings. This is a shame because depression is a fairly easy thing to treat. I know, I'm a nurse. The big problem is that some people have easy access to firearms and other methods where there is no time to change your mind about committing suicide.

Guys (and gals) like police who are working with nothing but the troubles and suffering of the world and the meanest of people, they are at high risk of depression. Plus, in their life, there are many guns around. Feelings, even very dark ones, are temporary. They are like clouds that come and go across the moon. If you feel like killing yourself, wait five minutes. If after five minutes you still feel like killing yourself, wait another five minutes. Repeat as needed. I guarantee you, the impulse will pass. Then call a doctor and get treatment. You might have to take a pill or something. I am so sorry I will never get to meet Trooper Punch. I would have liked to meet him on a flyfishing river. I'm sorry for the people of Curry County, his friends, wife and kids. I'm glad he had kids.

Melissa Bishop,

Elk River

Believe in the Bible

This is to thank Jim Schulz who is brave enough to tell the truth on Faith Forum even though what he says is mocked by foolish and ignorant men who would rather rag on others about what they believe other than taking the time and effort to really look into the matter and find the truth.

The Bible has been proven to be archaeologically and historically correct and true thousands of times over but we will always have mockers making fun of God's redemption plan for us, to their own detriment.

The preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness but to us who are saved it is the power of God.

Jim Schulz may not have come out and said it but I will since a human being is completely human from conception through the rest of his life; abortion is murder. Our society has things completely twisted around as they would rather keep convicted murderers around for the rest of their lives, and condemn innocent babies to death through abortion. The morals of our country keep sinking more and more every day.

I'm looking forward to the Rapture when Jesus comes back for His believers. It will happen, because the Bible says so, and the Bible has always been true.

Thomas A. Moody


My rights are Clear

People have the right to own military arms, and state governments have the right to regulate their use. Much misinformation is being said that muddies the issue.

The Second Amendment is intended to protect government from foreign and domestic enemies, not to protect citizens from the government. Tyrants do not consolidate their power by confiscating guns. Specifically, Hitler promoted Aryan exceptionalism, and he misled people by gaining control of radio to launch a powerful propaganda campaign. Does this sound familiar?

The solution is as plain as the magazine on an AR-15. Anyone who is physically, mentally, and morally qualified to serve in a militia may have as many military arms as one person could take into battle. However, state governments have the right to incapacitate these arms until an attack from foreign enemies or insurgents appears imminent. Incapacitating the arms could be done by locking them with an electronically-controlled device. Unlocking them could be done by transmitting a signal from the person in charge, namely the U.S. president.

Incidentally, Hitler's Third Reich had an economic miracle that provides a lesson for the American economy today. Germany was the first county out of the Great Depression. Hitler ridiculed Franklin Roosevelt's inability to end the Depression in America. Hitler did it by enormous government spending on weapons, not by an austerity program. Of course, it would have been much more humane and productive to spend on infrastructure, education, and ameliorating environmental problems than to spend on weapons.

Leonard Azar


call for vendors

Brookings Farmers and Artisans Market: We are looking for vendors of all sorts.

We would love to have a hot food vendor. we would also love to hear from some of you talented people with a green thumb. Fruits, Veggies, Flowers; even different house plants can fill a booth nicely and would look great in a tourist's RV . ...Home-made treats will for sure be a hit. We all love those goodies and getting certified or using a certified kitchen isn't as hard as you might think.

I am sure there are so many more talents that I have not asked for andhellip; but if you are interested in joining us this summer let me know and I will send you an application. You can look us up on Facebook or give us a call 541-813-1611. $20 a day is the vendor fee. And you don't have to commit to a schedule either. Plus, the view from our Boardwalk and our core group of vendors are so nice it might become your favorite "office" to sell your goodies.

Thank you to all who are supporting us in our first year managing our Farmers and Artisan Market. Vie and Lenny Burton have done such a great job these past years and we can only hope to do half as well.

Happy New Year to everyone and a special "hello" to my friend "Hawg" we really appreciated the Dutch Bros coffee you bought for us the other day. I sure do miss having A.M. coffee with ALL you gentlemen.

Tina Kirkpatrick


Dogs killing deer

Sometime during the early morning hours of Saturday, Jan. 5, a young deer was killed by a predator in the driveway of a property along the 300 block of Memory Lane in Brookings. The body was found in front of a garage with a large portion eaten. Oregon State Police believe it was killed and eaten by dogs. This information is to suggest people living in the area to be aware if out at night of the potential danger of such dogs. Also if any dog owners noticed blood on the faces of their pets Saturday morning to ensure that they are securely enclosed and not allowed to roam free at night.

Jim Benson,


Biased on Abortion

In partial answer to G.G. Thompson's tirade aimed at Pastor Jim Schultz, I want to let him know that, yes, Pastor Schultz is totally biased as should all Christian pastors be on the subject of abortion. In fact, abortion is not a Christian or Jewish issue. It is an issue of all of humanity since it attacks the most vulnerable of our humanity, a defenseless child in the womb. And since Jim Schultz "did everything but call it (abortion) murder," I will call it murder as it should be named. A living, developing child can be seen on ultrasound at 22 weeks with heart beating and from there the child moves and sucks his thumb. If this is a living person with beating heart and movements of a developing child, how can you not decide that this is a life to be protected?

Sue Morro,


FinD Felines Homes

We all have relatives who have passed.

When they leave children someone is there to assume custody. When it's a dog, if that doesn't happen, there is the Humane Society. When it's a cat, too often people say "Oh well, cats can fend for themselves."

This is why I house, feed and get medical care for 10 cats. All but four had already been neutered, so at one time they were somebody's sweet baby. Only one was feral and had to be put down as she had feline leukemia, an infectious disease much like AIDS in humans.

The last fellow (named Leno for his large chin) was in such sad shape, I feared he had the same problem. His pelt was covered in a rash and he was very thin. Fortunately, he was only infested with fleas, an easy fix, but for a cat on his own, not so. Now two months later, Leno is fat, healthy, with clear skin.

If you have a family member who has passed and has left a pet, please, please, jump in and at least find them a good home. This is what their owner would want. If it were a child you would do something, and after all, they are ours, as well as God's, children.

Barbara J.



Voice of the People

It's long past time for Curry County lawmakers to listen to the voice of the people. Voters have consistently said "no" to new or higher taxes. A true fix is gonna require work. Raising taxes in a community where there is not enough income to support the raise is irresponsible at best. We've regulated ourselves out of jobs, freedoms and independence. Every time we sit quietly by and let another emotionally charged group tell us a tree, an owl, a fish or river are more important than people, we lose our ability, as a community, to help ourselves. No logging. No fishing. Stop mining the river. Now we look to government to support the folks who would have held jobs in those areas. Jobs that would have paid for housing and groceries. Yes, I understand there will always be arguments against logging, fishing and mining. I also know that relying fully on any form of government to support its citizens is asking for disaster. It may be too late already for change to take place. True change is gonna require more than just the people speaking. It requires the voice to be heard. Until our governing body of elected people listen...well, nothing changes does it?

Wendy Riddle,


New issues on Table

The House Majority (Republicans), who control the agenda for the House, are really the ones behind the "redistribution of wealth" plot which has lead to income inequity at historical extremes. And they've been getting away with it for years.

If the House Majority were honestly interested in cutting costs, maybe they should think about how much they spend every time they bring up another bill to repeal Obamacare. So far they have tried it at least 33 times. Multiply that times the $30 million it costs for each day Congress is in session. You do the math.

During that same time they held zero votes on any of the president's jobs bills, blocking the 2011 Jobs Bill, Fair Pay Act, DREAM Act, Small Business Jobs Act and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. While they were at it they also blocked Wall Street Reform, Anti-Rape Amendment, Benefits for Homeless Veterans, Unemployment Extension bill HR 4213, Health Care for the 9/11 First Responders, Political Ad Disclosure bill, taxing companies that ship jobs overseas, oil spill liability, and immigration reform.

Let's put some new issues on the table. How about ending the war on drugs, saving $410 billion and tax the sale of marijuana adding $467 billion for a net benefit of $877 billion. Allow Medicare to negotiate with Big Pharma to save billions. Close offshore tax havens - saving $1 trillion. Add a 0.25 percent financial speculation tax, adding $1.5 trillion in revenue, and mint more money by printing fewer dollar bills in favor of dollar coins, saving $4.4 billion over the next 30 years. And on immigration, replace detention with ankle bracelets, saving untold millions. Now it's your turn to come up with something besides cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Mitch.

Gordon Clay