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Ignoring the Facts

Dianna Blazo misquoted me in the very first sentence of her forum piece (Jan. 5) in an attempt to mislead the public and discredit me at the same time. December 29th I wrote, the folks who attended the December 19 meeting were "ignorant of the facts," not "ignorant" as Blazo claims while invoking the community's need to know. The deceptive quote was used to legitimize her comments. The public meeting was held to discuss limiting vehicle driving in the Chetco River and State Rulemaking pursuant to the Oregon Revised Statutes and Oregon Administrative Rules.

"Unruly, vocal minorities" are Blazo's additions not mine. I wrote, public interests are protected by the rule of law and not by cynical maneuvers of a minority who consider facts and the truth a mere inconvenience.

Blazo ignores that Oregon Watershed Councils do not have any regulatory authority. She ignores the support of the State Rulemaking by State and Local law enforcement. She ignores the documentation of 30 vehicle crossings a day on the Chetco River, as reported on the record by the State Trooper, Fish and Wildlife Division.

The YOY (young of the year) statement I made is not a "new expression" and comes from Sediment Removal from Active Stream Channels in Oregon. (March 2006) It was developed with support from: US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Environmental Protection Agency. These are the "misguided ideas for fish." Really? Does Dianna Blazo believe she has more expertise than Federal agencies? She certainly does not have all the facts.

Yvonne Maitland


Support for Oasis

Oasis Shelter Home would like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Curry County for all your kindness and support toward families in need this holiday, through our Giving Tree Program.

Oasis Shelter Home, The Elks of Brookings, Toys for Tots, Wild Rivers Foundation, St. Charles Catholic Church of Gold Beach, First Street Baptist Church of Gold Beach, the Lions of Gold Beach, U-Haul of Brookings, and Quality Fast Lube, along with participation of our wonderful community volunteers, made this year another success.

We delivered to Port Orford, Gold Beach and Brookings 50 food baskets and approximately 350 gifts to 45 families for a total of 113 individuals. Gifts ranged from small bicycles and Barbie dolls to gift cards and candy. While we had a more challenging year than past years, probably due to the economy, and many tags were not filled, Oasis elves used funding from the Wild River's Community Foundation to purchase the remaining gifts to ensure that no one who signed up was left out.

Every year we are truly amazed at how generous our community is. All the recipients expressed gratitude and many were moved to tears. One mother of three said this about the program "It truly made our Christmas. Thank you so much for putting smiles on my kids' faces."

Thank you again, community folks, for your continued support of this Oasis program that helps families have a great holiday.

Happy New Year.

Lea Sevey

Oasis Shelter Home,

Gold Beach

THanks for the News

Since retiring and leaving Brookings in September 2012 I have missed my friends and community immensely. I read the news on your website faithfully to see what's going on in my town. Thank you for being there and sharing the Brookings community news.

P.S. Hello from Alaska.

Bill Sharp,

former Brookings

Fire Chief

Anchorage, AK

Delivering the Pilot

I really enjoy delivering papers to Curry Coastal Pilot customers.

Most of my customers have stayed loyal over time and I really like that I don't have to make many changes. I appreciate all the tips you have given me over the past year. So many of them are unexpected, and that is what makes me want to do the best I can.

Thanks again.

Ivan T. Mann