The Curry Coastal Pilot

Let our light Shine

Another year has swiftly passed us by. Do you ever wonder where has all the years gone? We're in a new year and yes there will be the normal resolutions we make, stop smoking, more exercise, and lose weight. I'm making a resolution to enjoy each moment and live in the moment now and just be.

We all have a past but that is gone can't do anything about that now; the future hasn't come and really we don't have much control of that either all we have is this precise moment. It's time to make choices to be happier and more at peace with ourselves. No one can do this for us except ourselves, do what we enjoy doing. Receive with gratitude and give with joy. Let our light shine and brighten a life whether human or animal we can make that choice, with it comes peace, serenity, and to be a happier and more loving person.

We can change our karma and we can spread the seed of kindness little at a time; in the end it will make our lives better and to help others. Don't be afraid to smile, wave at someone; you don't know what they are going through it just may lighten their load. Enjoy the little things, the beauty, enjoy seeing the sunset or a hummingbird, or just laugh watching your pet play with toys or run on the beach, life can be simple but that is your choice.

I wish everyone a peaceful year to enjoy every precious, treasured moment.

Beverly Duncan,


ill-advised spending

I read how the city is hoping to raise System Replacement Funds by $2.35 a month to cover storm damage. This amount would be, I think, in addition to the recently increased monthly fees for sewer and water and the substantial anticipated fee increases coming in 2013 for sewer and water.

What I wonder is, and please correct me if I am wrong, hasn't the city somehow found the funds to build a 9-1-1 tower, redesign Railroad Street, waive SDC fees for the Curry Health District clinic, build an emergency operation center, remodel city hall, acquire the airport, extend sewer and water to the airport and who knows what else?

Has the city, as a matter of fact, been spending YOUR money like there's no tomorrow?

Here's what I know. Curry County has the oldest population in the state, 28 percent are over 65. With so many people probably living on fixed incomes, can the citizens of the city afford another fee (tax) increase? For many I know it will mean choosing between an electric bill, food, medicine and city taxes disguised as fees.

I must say that the dilapidated state of the city's infrastructure had been clearly identified way back when. That situation, of course, reflected mismanagement of the city during the building boom. Namely the failure to impose adequate SDCs and building fees put the city in a financial hole that was too deep to get out of.

Nevertheless, if the city had not gone on an ill-advised spending spree for optional projects, more funds would have been available for infrastructure repair. Can the city re-dedicate some of the funds that are currently earmarked for optional projects?

Mike Shrum,


Predicting the end


December 21, 2012, the Mayan calendar ended.

Dec. 31, 1999, the millennium ended.

There were three Friday the 13ths in 2012.

What do they have in common, nothing, except nothing happened.

Well, a lot of people spent a lot of money on survival food, shelters, and supplies and a few people made a lot of money, so I guess something happened.

I'm told every time the "end is near" churches take in extra money, but so far no refunds.

Predicting the end of the world is almost as foolish as trusting a politician.

If the world ends no one will know it.

If you trust a politician, you will be proven a fool and the wise will know it.

I offer these predictions for 2013 and beyond:

andbull;Taxes will rise to a level we cannot pay;

andbull;Spending will rise to the level of insanity;

andbull;The cost of living will be more than the cost of dying;

andbull;The president will play basketball in China, and become a professional golfer;

andbull;Congress will give itself a raise and fire one public employee who will confess to everything that has gone wrong since January of 2009. That person will be given a new identity and a government pension. Then he will have an accident;

andbull;The nation will collapse under the weight of its debt and Curry County commissioners will take a pay cut and file bankruptcy.

And, we will all go to heaven.

Clifton Siemens


not a real problem

Mrs. Maitland wrote in the Public Forum on the 29th of December that vehicles cause damage to the bottom of the river by disturbing the gravel. There is only one place left on the river where you can cross the river with a vehicle and that's Loeb Park. Once you get to the Forest Service boundary about a mile upstream, it's all off limits.

What does she think people playing in the water at Loeb State Park do? Whenever I go to Loeb I see people/kids digging and scratching around in the water making dams and the like to contain salamanders, fish and other aquatic life. I see them throwing rocks and wading in the water that is probably scaring fish. And what about the hundreds of people that urinate in the water daily at Loeb? I wouldn't be afraid to drink the water from 10 feet below where someone is crossing the river with a vehicle but I wouldn't drink it below where hundreds are swimming.

I could understand if crossing the river was causing a "real" problem but it isn't. Especially where it's only being done in one place and not in great numbers. We used to run the rivers with anything with wheels. I defy someone to show me what driving in the river back then or now has done to the river. Letting the Chetco change course and eat away at the river banks, like is happening now, is causing far more damage to the river than a few river crossings. From the amount of sediment going downstream into our water intakes to the massive expense of keeping the river roads open when they slide into the river.

Reg Pettinger,


Right from wrong

The proposed rule to prohibit vehicles crossing the Chetco River has made quite a stir. While the results of the rule itself would affect only a few people, my concern is that there is no rational reason for the rule in the first place.

The rule itself is being proposed on the basis of unsubstantiated assumptions and far-fetched fears. Those of us that oppose this rule are not the type to attend public meetings and are even less inclined to speak. We're not the best dressers and have even been accused of rowdiness in public.

On the positive side however, many of us have spent considerable time and gained much experience over the span of many decades on, in, and around the river. And while we're not fancy scientists with advanced degrees, we're well able to distinguish between the unscientific and emotional appeal that is being used to promote this rule and sound science that helps us understand the natural dynamics of the Chetco River.

We may not be the best behaved, but we know right from wrong and are willing to speak out against this rule nonsense.

I plan to be speaking to the Brookings City Council at their January 14th meeting and hope those in our community that oppose this rule will join me there, either to address the council or just get a better understanding of what this issue is really all about.

You can also email your thoughts and opinions to the State of Oregon until January 31st at

Cam Lynn,


Totally Biased Forum


The Faith Forum was clearly out of line, totally biased information (Pilot, Jan. 5).

Jim Schultz did everything but call abortion murder and got away with it. Where is the equal rights of opposing opinion? Do you supply any alternative area of size and rhetoric as balance? No! Is the Faith Forum a free editorial supplied by the Pilot? The fact that we live in history and that religions, across the board, are perversions of cults, is enough biased rhetoric to disqualify this letter from the Pilot publishing it, or, if I were to say this God, being all knowing, and omnipotent, chose to murder his son Jesus, as an example to humans of his forgiving nature, or his misunderstanding of exactly what his message was, and, that if you believe in the Rapture, "He" is going to slaughter at least half of all humanity, or, that he creates innocent people, very young beautiful children, then "He" (God) allows the obvious incomplete births of those who would gun these poor innocent children down in schools throughout the world, or, wage wars in the name of these religions and their political power of biases, and drag those who do not subscribe to their intolerant Gods along for their demented version of life.

History is full of these faithful agendas that murder in the name of ? andndash; whomever andndash; and you, sir, are part and parcel to these offences. Your beliefs are truly meaningless - the same as mine - to each their own. That is freedom, not your way nor mine. Things offend you, so do they offend me. To wake up each morning and mind my own business are words an old elder should live up to, but that is not the case at all anymore.

Print this Mr. Editor, as equal response, and deprived of equal space, each paper shouldn't simply brand any opposition as devil's or atheist, of which, I'm not at all. I'm simply not a fool for cults.



Editor's note: The Faith Forum, published every Saturday, is free editorial space provided to designated representatives of all established religions in the community.

A ducky farewell

In the last five years, the Quack Attack Team and I have hosted Rotary Ducky Derby at Loeb State Park, raising over $110,000. Our 2012 Ducky Queen Bonnie Northrup, Rotary President Jan Ramelli, and I thank our generous sponsors, businesses donating prizes, in-kind contributors, and numerous volunteers.

Every Duck Adoption Dollar benefitted countless children in our community. Thank you Adopter Parents! Together we added stock to local food pantries for hungry children, awarded scholarships, bought shoes for needy children, provided swim lessons for all third gradersandhellip; the list goes on.

Local non-profit partners used Duck Derby Dollars to support their services. Thank you non-profits.

My retirement was not an easy decision. Did you know the school children named me for the annual Rotary gift of Webster Dictionaries to every third grader? I love my name. I loved puffing myself up to promote every Ducky Derby.

Don't be sad about my retirement. I've enjoyed working with your Rotarians. We made our decision, allowing me to retire, for good reasons. It was great fun being Rotary's icon. I can't wait for Rotary to introduce their "Raining Cats and Dogs" icons. You will love them!

In the meantime, look for me somewhere else in Brookings. I'm hoping to be invited to sit at the VIP tent in the Brookings Harbor Port when Dan Brattain of CAL OR Life Flight makes it rain "Cats and Dogs" on Saturday, October 5, 2013. I'm excited! Mark your calendars. Please!


Brookings Harbor Rotary Club