The Curry Coastal Pilot


What is an "Ameri- can bulldog?" Are you talking about a pitbull? If you are talking about a pitbull, I can tell you this, you do want me on the jury when this man comes to trial as he would be released before you could turn on the lights. I am well informed about these dogs and I would rather face a loaded gun.

Carl Roten Gold Beach


In response to Mr. Carey's letter of Dec 26. First let me say I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the NRA. This does not mean however that I do not support the right to keep and bear arms.

Mr Carey wishes to ban "assault rifles." Well, I have news for him. They are not banned per se but are already so heav- ily regulated as to be impractical for anyone that wishes not to have the FBI, Homeland Security and the BATF living in their pockets. All automatic weapons are closely controlled. Unless of course you are not talking about as- sault weapons after all.

Are you referring in- stead to semi-automatic

rifles with a 10 round clip that have a folding stock and a pistol grip? Because that is not an assault rifle. As for a strong defense of the Second Amendment, I amallforit.Itisinfact the lynchpin of all the other amendments. By being armed and ready to defend ourselves we insure the respect of all our other rights are not denied. As Mao Ze- dong said " All political power flows from the barrel of a gun." The Second Amendment was written to keep the political power flow-

ing from the barrel of the guns owned by the citizens not just the government.

Kenneth Swanson Harbor


Our community is about to experience a loss, again, of a key person who has given so much of his time and effort and caring nature to almost every cause and needy situation which has arisen since he arrived here. Let's not let him go without taking note and giving thanks.

Matt Galli, present manager of Fred Meyer, is leaving in less than a week. If you don't know who he is, that alone is

proof of his many tal- ents: invisibility while performing above and beyond his job descrip- tion. We could not pos- sibly know or attempt to recount the myriad acts of kindness and generosity he has initi- ated in this community, but he will be missed.

If you see him at all this week, it will be miraculous as he is pre- paring his new home in Portland. If you do see him, be sure to shake his hand and thank him. Or you if you want to send him a note, you can send it to him at Freddy's or drop it off at the customer service desk.

We are losing a major player in the ongoing process of making this a better place to live. We only hope the person who replaces him is half as dedicated and responsive as he has been.

We'll miss you, Matt. Thank you so much!

Wayne Schmidt, and Chuck and Victoria Weller, Brookings


My name is Christian Rushton and I am a sophmore at BHHS. In September I had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C to at-

tend the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security. This was quite an honor and would like to thank the teachers of BHHS for nominating me to at- tend. My country is my third great love, behind my God and my family. While there, I had the opportunity to partici- pate in simulations that challenged my knowl- edge of my country as well as international relations. I attended seminars given by some of the greatest leaders in our nation's history.

I was able to visit the Japanese Embassy to gain a greater knowl- edge and appreciation for different cultures. Based on my perfor- mance there, I have been invited back to Washington D.C. for the Presidential In- auguration in Janu- ary.Thisisaonceina lifetime event for me! The keynote speaker for my group of youth will be Condoleezza Rice. I would like to ask the community to help me make the trip to W ashington D.C. An account has been set up in my name at USBank. Please refer to account # 153665784622.Thank you.

Christian Rushton, Brookings

Honoring veterans

Thanks from a vet to Mattie's Pancake House. Thanks for caring for our vets by giving a free meal on Veterans Day. I think it is a great way to say thanks for your service to our country and is the best food you could ever want. Thanks again to you Dale and your staff.

Ron Sutton


Airport Confusion

I am confused about the recent airport report.

In the recent past, the county commissioners could not keep the Brookings airport in good shape and it was losing money - $26,000 this year alone.

The county is preparing to turn the airport over to the city of Brookings, which will take it off the county tax rolls leaving the Brookings town homeowners with a tax increase. The sewer and water bill for the current residents is already high and will surely increase to help pay for getting the utilities to the airport, and to pay for the million dollar funds for the recent grant money agreement.

When all the work is completed and paid for by the city residents, will it then be handed over to a private company for management and possibly total takeover of the whole operation?

I read in the Pilot months ago (Sept. 28 and Aug. 28) that a company with airport management experience suggested it would take over the airport facility for its emergency use.

If this happens how will the taxpayers be reimbursed for the development expense?

Deborah Crawford,


christmas surprise

This letter is addressed to The Brookings Merchant Association and to all the volunteers.

Last year I wrote a letter to the editor about my desire to have a Christmas tree with white lights displayed in Brookings. This year, to my surprise, I got my wish. I grew up in Germany, and no matter how hard the economic times were, we always had a Christmas tree, both at home and in town.

When Prince Albert married Victoria from England, he always brought Christmas trees from Germany to England. If they looked down from heaven and saw the Brookings Christmas tree, they would be proud and happy. Thank you very much for providing the tree this year. I appreciate it very much, and hope to look forward to enjoying it again next year.

This past Christmas Eve during the Candlelight service at the Lutheran Church, we were able to sing Silent Night in German first, followed by the English version. This was wonderful! Thank you to Charlotte Heatherly for making this possible. These are just another couple of reasons why I appreciate the kindness shown by the people of Brookings. Thank you,

Heide Heikkila


Twice Blessed


On the 20th, we went to the Brookings-Harbor Christian School Christmas program.

On Friday, the 21st, we went to the Kalmiopsis School for their Christmas singing.

Both were terrific!

Thanks to Sea Breeze for their beautiful singing. To the staff of both schools and all of the students: Many, many thanks.

Annie and Jim Phelps


Thank you, Santas!

I am a volunteer at the Brookings Harbor Food Bank. We have a very generous community that helps us get food to hundreds and hundreds of hungry people. However, this holiday season extraordinary things have happened. Santas came to call!

A box of presents (one for each and every volunteer) was delivered to the food bank. They were bags full of wonderful hand made cards and bookmarks, candies and Christmas cheer. I am afraid we all acted just like a bunch of little kids on Christmas morning! Thank You!

Friday December 21, a gentleman appeared in the food bank, pulled me aside, peeled off five $10 bills and instructed me to give one to each of the next five people who walked through the door. He left as quickly as he had appeared. I did exactly as I had been instructed, explaining to the five recipients that I had nothing to do with this, that Santa had given me the money to give out. Naturally, there were five very happy people. One couple in particular were in tears and the young man said "You have no idea how much this means!" Well Santa, you not only touched the lives of five of our clients, you touched all of us in a way that has lifted our spirits and brightened our lives. Thank You!

December 24th, two of our volunteers decided to go to the food bank (we were officially closed) just in case anyone in need came by. A very nice lady (not sure if she were Mrs. Claus or a Santa Helper) came in with a generous donation of food and gave the volunteer that accepted the food an envelop stating "This is for you." The volunteer opened the envelop and there was money inside. The volunteer donated the money to the food bank because it will buy half a case of macaroni and cheese and she felt that was the best use of her gift. She said the "Thank You" gift was truly the best gift anyone could receive. Thank You!

It has truly been a wonderful, heartwarming Christmas at the food bank, not only for all the generous food and monetary donations, but also for recognition of our hard working volunteers.

Thank you, Santas one and all!

Carolita Briggs


A logic Paradox

The "Battle of the Gods" quickly became a logic paradox, to try to equate the faction of a deity believer's power and prosperity to the bona fide verification of an actual contender in the match-up. Western European vs. Middle and Eastern deities are of loose origin, at best. Some even sharing the same "holy ground" and original believer bases, with branching sects that, over time, resemble completely opposing viewpoints. For example, Sunni and Shiite Muslims have little tolerance for each other, likely similar to American and Missouri Synod Lutherans.

One would have to assign prosperity "points" to the European for the Industrial Revolution, the Middle East with the "geographic-luck of vast oil deposits" (excluding Israel-which we give credit to the Atomic Age, instead, through it's brilliant contribution of physicists). All deities hold records in expanding their regions (some would define these all as cultural deformities, but that remains another discussion).

To conclude, one would have to as well leave the door open to the feasibility of a deity which would require no fanfare, no "believer pool," nor any scenario of human success strategy -- to prop up it's existence abilities. That would be the fickle model.

Jesus hinted that a real deity would return like a "thief in the night." That statement would suggest a future visitation non-predetermined, unannounced, perhaps even unobserved, and unwanted by the majority of prosperous global households.

Keith Allen Higgins, Gold Beach