The Curry Coastal Pilot

Time marches on, and no other day of the year reminds us of that more than Jan. 1.

The holiday becomes a two-part event: Looking back to review what has happened, and looking forward to what might come our way in the next 365 days.

So while the Pilot's annual Year in Review section might seem like recycled news, we discovered "new" things as we compiled the information this week.

For example, January and March were wetter than November and December. And, in total, our weather station recorded 155 days with rain through the year.

There were more house fires over the course of the year than seems normal, but in every case the residents escaped safely.

Some new ventures were launched, such as the Brookings Campus of Southwestern Oregon Community College and a Brookings store for Bi-Mart. Some notable milestones were reached, for both individuals and organizations. And, as always, some people died and some efforts folded.

The old year's news also pointed toward the events to watch in the new year. Curry County's march toward its own fiscal cliff has not been stopped. There are still decisions to make in the balance between use and protection of our natural resources. There are adjustments to be made in how our community does things - in health care, in public safety, in education and more.

So take a moment in this long New Year's weekend to scan the Year in Review. It's a way to both remember where we've been, and forecast where we might be heading.