Santa's a busy man, but he stopped by the Pilot office this week for a quick interview.

Me: So Santa, got any good fishing in?

Santa: Sadly, no. It's been raining too much. This global warming thing is messing everything up this year. We had to turn up the AC at the North Pole just to keep the polar bears from getting cranky!

Me: Yes, it's definitely been raining a lot. So what's the most popular gift that Curry County folks are asking for this year?

Santa: Kayaks. Oh, and wood planks andndash; a lot of folks are thinking of building arks.

Me: Why do you like to hang out in Brookings?

Santa: It's a nice break from all the hustle and bustle of the workshop. All the toy making, chittering elves and never-ending lists of Christmas wishes. Oy! Coming to Brookings is a great escape.

Me: Do you think you'll move here?

Santa: It's possible. I'm thinking of moving the whole toy operation here. My consultants were looking at some property at the corner of Railroad and Wharf streets but Bi-Mart beat us to the punch.

Me: Have you had a chance to read the Pilot's Holiday Greetings section in today's issue?

Santa: Yes! We have a mail subscription to the Pilot at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus loves to read the classifieds, especially the Bargain Corner. Me? I like the Letters to the Editor.

Me: Why?

Santa: Helps me keep track of who's been naughty and nice.

Me: In the letters to Santa the most popular gift requests are for iPods and video game players and other high-tech items. Any thoughts?

Santa: Well, call me old fashioned, but I'm a little concerned that children may be tuning out the real world by plugging into their iPods and playing video games too much. But then again, people once thought Elvis and the Beatles were a bad influence. So who's to say?

Me: The childrens' letters I've received have some great questions for you. Mind if I ask you a few?

Santa: Fire away!

Me: Have you ever crashed your sleigh?

Santa: Nope. It's magic, so it never crashes. I fell out of it once andndash; I tried to do an inverted loop-the-loop andndash; but the sleigh didn't crash.

Me: Do you really go down chimneys?

Santa: Yes. With more and more people locking their doors andndash; which can really slow down the delivery process andndash; the chimney is still the best way to go.

Me: Do you eat all the milk and cookies that children leave for you?

Santa: Man, that's the best part of the job! I eat and drink most of it, but I do share some cookies with the reindeer andndash; the sugar rush mixed with the pixie dust kicks them into hyper drive!

Me: Oops! Looks like I'm out of space. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions. It's been great. Merry Christmas!

Santa: Merry Christmas Scott and to all Curry Coastal Pilot readers!