The Curry Coastal Pilot

Why so many guns?


I just want to understand, in this world of guns, in this world of the so-called right to bear arms, why do people need so many guns? And especially why do gun owners need to have guns with hundreds of rounds?

I get the need to defend and protect ourselves. It only takes one good hit to do that, or at least one hit at a time. But when you put that gun in the hands of someone who is upset, drunk or on drugs, mad at their spouse, all you get is pain.

It just takes seconds to make a mistake that can change your life and other lives forever.

It takes one gun for protection. I recently wrote my son in law that life is too short and it can be taken away with one shot. That was after the Clackamas shooting, the area where my daughter lives. The next day 26 people were shot. My daughter is a school teacher. And she cares for an ailing husband. I am scared. I respect all our amendment rights, but gun owners, you can stick that right up the gun barrels because sick people are getting those guns and now they are killing children.

I am praying for those families and for families now because I don't know what may happen tomorrow.

Speedy Ede Viale


Sloppy thinking

I was amused at a recent letter here stating that "the early Christians in Jerusalem were communists, as they sold their possessions and the proceeds were held in common and distributed according to need."

That's like making the connection that if you are named Jim then you are clearly associated with Jim Jones (who actually was a communist sympathizer) and you are likely a member of the People's Temple, formerly in Jonestown.

The distinction, of course, is that communism can only come about at the point of a gun and those that do not submit to this particular political ideology are murdered, the numbers having mounted to the tens of millions. On the other hand, the circumstances found in the early church were voluntary and documented in scripture as history, not doctrine, or economic principles to be followed.

My first inclination was to blame the sloppy thinking in the letter on public education, but it could just as easily come from watching daytime TV or possibly from a diet lacking in essential nutrients.

Cam Lynn


Send them a Message

It's the holidays!

So many of our young men and women in the military will not be able to come home this season and I hope everyone who knows one or more of them will send them a message from Brookings to make their holidays a little less lonely.

My own son, Gideon Warren, BHHS class of 2007, is now in the Air Force, and this will be his first Christmas away from home. I thought it would be fun for him if family, teachers, friends, etc. from Brookings who know him would send him a card for Christmas or New Years.

He doesn't receive much mail and it would brighten his holidays to get word from his hometown.

So, if you knew Gideon (or if you just know his goofy mom or dad) and you have the time and inclination, please consider sending him a greeting and personal note from Brookings this holiday season. His address is:

A1C Gideon P. Warren 6867

527 "I" Ave. Unit 2019

Sheppard AFB, TX 76311

Thanks for helping me make his holiday a little bit special this year!

Jean Phillips


THanks for your help

I am writing to thank all the first responders who were dispatched to the traffic crash I was involved in on Dec. 6 in the early morning hours. I also want to thank all the members of this community who offered support, prayers and get-well wishes. The outpouring of support for my family and me was incredible and heartwarming. You all know who you are andndash; many thanks!

I want to recognize Sgt. Terry Murray, Officer Rob Johnson, Officer Zane Van Zelf and dispatcher Kristi Spini of the Brookings Police Department. These men and women work many thankless hours providing professional services to the citizens of this community.

Kristy overheard the incident on the OSP radio frequency. She responded quickly by sending the officers, ambulance and fire crews to the scene. She also volunteered after her shift to care for my family. She provided my wife transportation to the hospital and brought both of us home from the hospital. Sgt. Murray, Officer Johnson and Officer Van Zelf arrived on scene quickly and assumed control of the investigation. Trooper Oliver maintained security and responsibility for all OSP issues. Thank you all.

The crew of the Cal-Ore ambulance arrived on scene quickly and provided quality medical care immediately. Thank you for the care and transport to Sutter Coast Hospital.

In addition, I want to thank the members of Harbor Fire. These volunteers responded quickly from their homes to get their emergency service vehicles to the scene. They then assisted Cal-Ore with medical care and provided crash scene safety and support.

Finally, to all the community members who called, texted and offered support and prayers. My family and I appreciate your care and concern. I am sure many of you kept everyone in your thoughts and prayers without making direct contact. Thank you all.

Jeff Johnson,


The lunacy continues

A long time ago, people claimed that the world had fought its last war. It was agreed that war was so horrible, so massively injurious in a myriad of ways that man would never again see it as the best way out.

Of course, the men who decided to use war again chose not to recall the suffering of others and so we have gone from horrible war to wars unending. The loss of loved ones, the cost to society on a great many levels gets worse as the weapons get better. In their infinite wisdom, man creates more weapons with which to fight the wars they claim to despise.

The atom bomb was surely going to end all wars, but then many people learned how to make that terrible weapon, and on it goes.

Now, some say that if every man, woman and child were armed, we would all be safe.

Crazy, crazy and even crazier.

S.J. Hyatt


Show of Support

The shooting of innocent children in Newtown Connecticut has affected me deeply. I don't know how to deal with the grief and anger I feel except with an outpouring of love and sympathy.

I have an idea. I have a vision of a candlelight memorial in Brookings to show our support of the children, teachers and grieving families in that small rural town in Connecticut.

I would love to see the residents of Brookings on the Chetco River bridge and down on the boardwalk in the harbor; a local clergyman to say a prayer; ORCA singers to raise your beautiful voices in song. I know the children will hear you.

I have no idea how to organize something like this except to write this letter and ask for help.

Mr. Mayor, Ted at the harbor, clergymen, all the dedicated people who volunteer for various causes; someone knows how to make this happen.

Let's show the world what a wonderful, giving community Brookings truly is. Hey Gold Beach, want to join in? Thousands of candles lighting up the Southern Oregon coast.

Marian Mills


Kudos to CandK Market

The Brookings-Harbor Garden Club would like to gratefully acknowledge the effort and zeal that CandK markets has put forth to establish the incredibly entertaining and successful ChariTree event held Dec. 1st-7th, 2012, at the Brookings-Harbor Shopping Center.

Their gracious contributions and prize monies,which we are fortunate to have all received a portion of, will help many charities and organizations in enhancing the health, beauty and vigor of our communities.

A very sincere thank you for such "Holiday Spirit."

Janet Seikel

BHGC, corresponding secretary

Good new Bad news

This is a Thank You letter to all those who voted for Obama. I recently received a letter advising me that my Social Security was raised. It was very pleasant news until I looked at the second line. A large amount was deducted for Medicare making the total amount of my Social Security less than I had ever received before.

So, before you get excited about the large amount you will receive for your Social Security, read the bottom line and weep. I now wonder what else will be deducted to cover the debt the President's cronies and his Democratic Congress have incurred.

So, Merry Christmas to all and enjoy what little we will receive for the next four years.

Gerry Kass


Help the Mentally ill

It doesn't get anymore blunt than this. We in America ignore mental illness at our own peril. The 20 young innocent children recently slaughtered in Newtown, Conn., were victims because our society makes it difficult to care for the mentally ill.

Our refusal to address mental illness even in our own families is costing us. Acquaintances or someone in Adam Lanza's family knew something was wrong with him and whether or not they had the resources to help Adam should be irrelevant. He needed help, and we as a civilized society should have tried to help. Those whom claim that we should be on our own regarding health care issues conveniently ignore the larger repercussions.

Identifying, containing, and treating those who suffer from mental illness should be our focus. When we don't, we do so at our own peril.

Vikki Nuss


Arm our Teachers

The time has come to have some trained armed teachers and staff in our schools. Our teachers and children should have the same protection as any large company.

Schools and areas around them should be secure zones. You can not see a evil ugly mind like a broken leg. Anyone who has served in a combat unit for our country knows there are evil people.

Marshall Maze Brookings