The Curry Coastal Pilot

give pooches pennies

For those who do not know Pennies for Pooches andndash; I know it's hard not to andndash; let me try to explain for those who may be new to the area.

Since Sept. 1, 2012, your non-profit 501-3C Pennies for Pooches took the Gold Beach county shelter completely over. There was absolutely not one other non-profit in Curry County stepped forward to help but Pennies did.

We are open seven days a week with two employees, the rest volunteers; we have no thrift store. It is amazing how people have come forward as the word is spreading who we are and the tremendous responsibility Pennies took on to help all animals in Curry County. If you live in Curry County we definitely are your shelter.

Did you know: If a dog is wondering the streets, lost or a stray with no ID or microchip anywhere in the county, it will end up at Gold Beach, no matter where you took it. Then Pennies will hold it for three days. If no one claims it we will spay, neuter, give shots to ready it for adoption.

We do not only take surrenders, we are here for all animals and we do not pick and choose who we help. Not only do we care for Curry County we rescue from high-kill shelters too.

Please consider for the sake of all animals in Curry County andndash; make a tax-deductible donation to Pennies for Pooches P.O. Box 1883 Gold Beach, Or. 97444, phone 1-800-242-5118. Thank you all for your support.

Beverly Duncan


no worries on tax

In reference to Paul Milazzo's "warning" about yet another Obamacare tax on home sales andndash; don't panic.

Yes, it would be nice to close escrow soon andndash; but it is probably not going to cost you extra if you don't.

It is true this bill will impose a 3.8 percent (not 3.25 percent) levy tax on non-wage income staring in 2013 andndash; but this tax will not impact the majority of citizens. It applies only to individuals with an adjusted gross income over $200,000 (or $250K for couples). Only about 5 percent of American households make that kind of money.

This is an additional tax on all sources of non-wage income, not just home sales. According to The Tax Policy Center, in 2013 about 0.2 percent of households with earned or investment income would pay any additional tax under this provision. On home sales, individuals can exempt the first $250K ($500K for couples) of profit. That means if a couple bought a home for $200,000 in 2000 and sold it for $699,999 in 2013 (and good luck with THAT!) they would not pay any additional tax andndash; and if they managed to sell it for $710K, they would pay a whopping $380.

Since the average value of homes in this area is around $330,000 and the average sales price around $190,000, hardly anyone in Curry County needs to worry about this levy.

R.K. Bernhardt


free to donate

I've read the letters going back and forth about funding a flag for the veteran's memorial.

As a veteran I was gratified at the wholehearted support and interest of my fellow citizens. However, I think many of them are missing the point.

One of the basic principles my fellow veterans and I served for was freedom. Which includes the freedom to donate your money to whatever cause you feel is right. You have the freedom to support a veterans' home if you choose. More power to you if you start a fund for that worthy project. You also have the freedom to donate to a proud symbol of our country and the service of those who served her under arms. I salute and thank you for that gesture as well.

You also have the right to donate to a fund that is dedicated to the reform of pickpockets, prostitutes, panhandlers and all manner of alliterative criminals whose infractions begin with the letter P. I might not particularly agree with the latter ... but feel free to donate if you choose.

Whatever you choose to do it is not up for criticism by anyone but yourself.

Kenneth Swanson


pants on fire re tax

A letter to the editor in the December 1, 2012, Pilot spoke of a "3.25 percent real estate sales tax" in Obamacare. Turns out there is no "real estate sales tax" in Obamacare. awards a "pants on fire" label to reports of this Obamacare real estate sales tax. You can read the whole story at

Here's the scoop: The only part of Obamacare vaguely related to real estate is the very fair 3.8 percent Medicare hospital tax on certain high-end investments made by high-income earners. Chances are slim that you fit into that category.

So, before you panic and close your escrow early just to avoid this rumored tax, take a deep breath and check out the facts first.

And, how about checking facts before writing a letter to the editor, or before forwarding a chain email. It would also be a great idea for the Curry Pilot editor to do a quick fact-check before printing "pants-on-fire" letters.

Linda Bozack


wave flag for home

As a former Marine and both members of Vietnam Veterans of America 757, we wonder why a flag is needed more than a temporary shelter for our homeless vets?

First of all, a lot of concrete and support would be needed with all the wind at that location. Second, we bet the majority of homeless under the bridge now are vets. In this day and age that's pretty embarrassing to have vets without a place to stay, out of the elements.

Instead of hiding the problem, perhaps it would be better to bring it out into the open. After all, this is the richest country in the world.

A good example for the little park would be something similar to Elmo's chapel in Azalea Park. Would people be willing to provide a temporary shelter with restrooms, cots and electricity? Naturally there would have to be rules and limits.

We realize area residents wouldn't want to provide a Habitat for Humanity-type building to take care of the problem. After all, there is a big, empty building at the port that's been vacant for a couple years now and still unfinished.

Paying back our servicemen and women would not be as expensive as leaving them "exposed" and "hidden" at the same time. At this time of year, we hope your conscious gets to you.

Linda and Ken Smith

Hartford, Wis.

Kitchen Table to end

This is a reminder for all Curry County residents to participate in the Kitchen Table project survey.

The last day to complete the survey is this Saturday, Dec. 15. The link to the survey is

This is a great opportunity to participate in local government and let your voice be heard.

Ken Hall


grateful for grant

The members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 966 would like to extend their grateful appreciation to the Wild Rivers Community Foundation for the Holiday Partnership Grant award.

This grant will be used to provide free meals for veterans in transition from active duty to civilian life, new veterans in our community, disabled/disadvantaged veterans, senior veterans, and military families of deployed active-duty members.

Special activities and holiday events provide a supportive atmosphere and multiple opportunities for local veterans and military families. We are the only veterans' organization in the Brookings-Harbor area that has their own facility and is multi-faceted in the services provided. We also help veterans receive their earned entitlements allowing us to reach out to veterans from all conflicts and branches of service. This outreach program enhancement project will begin immediately upon receipt of funding.

This will provide for veterans in need who seek the camaraderie and support of the veteran community who cannot afford the cost of admission to these special events. This underwriting will allowing us to stretch other fundraised dollars even further and reach more veterans more often.

Therefore, the VFW Post 966 is honored and grateful to have been awarded this grant. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, more veterans transition to smaller rural communities like ours. We want to be a community that welcomes them home with more than just open arms. In addition, we are developing a community veterans initiative which will encourage community alliances on behalf of all veterans.

We will try hard to coalition-build and therefore capacity-build with other veteran serving, community-based programs. Much of any veteran-serving organization's efforts go unseen. That is simply the nature of outreach and safety nets.

Gladly and humbly serving our community,

Wade Hatfield


cry me our river

In response to the de-rock the Chetco - 100-percent yes, yes, yes.

Since the time the special interest groups have taken over the river. How we use it, when we use it, who can use it, etc. It has turned into a creek that has scum, moss, garbage, etc. It is horrible and I have been saying it for years.

Guess us old-timers kinda knew what to do when we pulled gravel. My family had the upper end of what is now known as Social Security Bar; it was J and R Rock. Every year we pulled rock, then at the end before the rain we would push the rock up against the bank and put grooves in the bar. This would help the rocks drop in and the river stayed where it was, with deep holes where the fish had a place to hide.

The deep holes were beautiful for swimming, the fish were abundant and always nipping my feet, and the colors deep. The river flowed with a lot more current; this kept things sparkly clean, crisp and nice.

Please give us back our river and our rights andndash; it has all been given away!

Why did this happen - why did we let them take it from us?

Teresa Rice


devaluing the dollar

I stopped by a glass store the other day to check on the price of plexiglass. It will cost me over $100 to entomb my "awesome" Viking warship in a display case fully adorned with Viking artistry.

When I cringed at the price the nice lady said "Yes, the price has gone up." I quickly shot back that it's not that the price is going up, but it's about the devaluation of our money.

When I joined the Marines in 1961, I could still walk into a bank with a one-dollar bill and walk out with a .999 ounce silver dollar. It was that way since the founding of the nation because our founding fathers knew that in order to have economic prosperity a nation must have a fixed rate of exchange. That is why they made it a law that "one dollar" was one ounce of silver. How many of those dollars does it take to buy an ounce of silver today?

If you can't figure out the implications of this, you are going to be a very unhappy camper in the years to come.

By the way, my next letter, hopefully in early January, will tell you art lovers when and where you can see the coolest thing you have seen in a long time. No fooling.

Arthur D. Larason


reason for season

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

All the beautiful lights, decorated yards and fantasies of Santa coming down the chimney bring back warm memories of my childhood. I love Christmas time.

But, this country has gone way too far to be politically correct, bent over backward trying not to offend anybody that we've turned completely upside down! Hey! Where does it all stop! Now I'm offended!

Where is Jesus in all this holiday cheer? Whose birthday is this anyway? Since when is Christmas about Disney characters or cartoon characters? Has anybody found a manger scene bigger than 6 inches square in any store in town? How many kids are being taught that Jesus was a real historical figure that has had a significant affect in peoples' lives over the last couple thousand years and that Jesus is the reason for the season?

Vicki Theriault


ranger for azalea

I have volunteered in Azalea Park for several years in which I have witnessed the results of many acts of vandalism.

I would like to propose that the City of Brookings take the sensible step of installing a full time "Park Ranger." With the money that has been spent on cameras, a small residence for this individual might already have been constructed. My bet is that a veteran would welcome a place to live, perhaps with a dog companion. He would be a positive presence in the Park.

The Snack Shack already has electricity, plumbing, a kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Adding a living space would not be unreasonable.

Think about it. Cameras work and police can go over the tapes after the fact and perhaps apprehend the culprits. How much simpler and easier and cheaper would it be to have a friendly but authoritative figure appear in the moment? Deterring the stupid impulse of some kids to commit a petty crime is far better than using the police to track them down. It might also serve as a lesson in civic responsibility. A teaching moment? What a concept!

In due time, those of us who do all the work in the park will be gone. The younger generation will have to care enough about the park to step in. Hmmm. How can we help to make this happen?

Think about it.

If you support my idea, please let the City Council know.


Shirley Hyatt


right wing don't fly

Since the election much ugliness has become known.

First, there was the Republicans' disbelief of Romney's loss due to FOX Noise calling the election for Mitt right up to the point where they had to come to grips with the results. Right-wing Americans got angry and threw temper tantrums.

It is amazing that the Right doesn't understand our form of government. We do what is called voting. That means one side wins and the other side loses. DUH!

When I heard that people from 50 states sent petitions to secede, I was overwhelmed with disgust. These right-wing whack jobs who wrap themselves in our flag obviously don't believe in democracy. What do they want, dictatorship?

I am for splitting off Texas and give it to the secessionists. Let them all move there and have their own looney nation. They wouldn't last long, as they are uneducated Cretans.

It is unfortunate that the GOP folks live in a parallel universe. I've tried to talk with right-wingers. Most of them blow up with anger. If you can get one to talk they reveal some of the craziest ideas one can imagine: our President is a Commie, he is Muslim, he is gay, he is African, he speaks too well, etc.

The GOP has to get rid of racism and non-freedom elements, or they will be impotent to move ahead. It may be too late already since they can't deal with change.

Mike Schrum


no difference in vets

I would first like to start off by saying, I appreciate what our veterans in the military are doing in protecting us and keeping us safe.

Now on the other hand we have veterans here who are trying to do the same here at home. They are our veterans of law enforcement who are asking the public to help them do their job here at home, to keep us safe. Both of these veterans put there lives on the line each and every day they put their uniforms on, and yet the public gives the law enforcement veterans the "international symbol" instead, if you know what I mean, and that's a shame. There is no difference in what they do as to protecting us here in the U.S.

Think about it. They are asking the public to do the right thing and help them finance what we need.People just look in the papers and see what these people do and what they have accomplished this past year. I will list a few for you. How many burglaries, Search and Rescues, drug stops, mental issues on the street, warrants services, domestic violence, and agency support to back up others. These men and women put up with more than most people out there couldn't do. Most of them are ex-military themselves and now they are risking their lives here once again. So why can't we help them do their jobs the same way our military is protecting us abroad. If we choose not to, we all will suffer. Inmates already know they will be cited or released, because it's happening now. Just look in the paper at how much the crimes have gone up. The cuts will hurt each city in this county, even if your city has its own police department. Just something to think about.

What is the difference in veterans?

Jeff Paiva

Gold Beach

vesting for vandals

Re: Vandals damage holiday light display.

Editor, I for one, am happy these two girls got caught in their theft and criminal conduct.

Too many times minor crimes lead to greater ones, and for these two girls to be so selfish and self-absorbed to think the defacing the property of others is fun, or a funny joke, is not something that should be overlooked. I hope that their parents were mortified by their actions, just as I would have been had it been my children.

I would suggest that court sentence these two individuals to 1000 hours of community service each. The holiday light display takes hours for the volunteers to put together for others to enjoy, and these two destroyed part of that in just a few minutes. Maybe if they were vested in its success they might find it harder to tear apart what others work so hard for.

I hope they are taught a lesson by making them serve others so they stop thinking only about themselves.

J.A. Hodge