The Curry Coastal Pilot

Christmas gift ideas

Last year we decided to send locally made products to all our out of state Christmas gift recipients.

Not only was it a lot of fun to meet some of the producers of those items, but our friends and family members loved the gifts we sent to them! Because of the great experience we had, we are encouraging other Curry County residents to do the same, where possible.

If every Curry County Christmas shopper made a conscious decision to buy at least one gift locally, it would give our local entrepreneurs a nice financial boost at the time of year when tourism is low and income sags. Curry County is awash with talented local craftspeople. If those same shoppers also decided to buy at least one gift from one of these local producers, it would help those creative individuals make a living, as well as provide the recipient with a unique gift item, made in America, right here in Curry County.

Our local craftspeople produce high quality consumable items such as lotions, soaps, honey, candles, jellies and jams, candies, and baked goods. There is also an abundance of locally made durable goods available for purchase in Curry County, including woven products, jewelry items, pottery, chimes, and other artistic creations. Some of these items carry prices not much above the mass produced items available in large chain stores, while others will cost more, prices reflective of the small-batch-created-by-local-hands character of the products. In either case, the purchase helps our neighbors and benefits the loved ones who receive the gifts.

So, this season, why not step into some of our locally owned shops and galleries and explore what Curry County has to offer?

Steve and Kathi Lindsay

Port Orford

species we call 'us'

Greetings from an environmentalist writing to agree with a view not usually associated with members of our camp.

I'm all into protecting the trees, the bees, the whales, the snails, the salmon the steelhead, and so on. I fear however that there is one member of the ecosystem being overlooked by the decision makers, and it's US!

In his letter of Dec. 1, Reg Pettinger was right on regarding the need to resume appropriate gravel extraction from the Chetco River. I can assure you that he is correct in stating that those of us living on the river have been losing sleep at the prospect of having our homes become house boats.

So, while we toil to combat climate change, loss of fish habitat and all else we hold dear, lets not overlook the survival of the species we call "US"!

Bruce Chambers

North Bank Chetco

give ray's rewards

Hey folks,

The Christmas Bazaar is on December 8 and 9 at the fairgrounds in Gold Beach. Pennies for Pooches/Curry County Animal Shelter will be raffling a four-star rated, 32 inch color flat screen TV with all the bells and whistles.

Also, Ray's Food Place markets has a new All Access Cash Rewards card and it earns 1 percent on all your purchases.

You may allocate the 1 percent to yourself or if you wish you may select a non-profit organization of your choice. A list of such organizations is on their website.

Of course, we hope you select Pennies For Pooches Animal Shelter here in Gold Beach. It is amazing how much this type of donation helps us.

You need to go to the store itself or go online at access or call 541-412-0005. If you have an All Access Card, go on online: Click on ALL ACCESS andndash; then click on COMMUNITY REWARDS and follow instructions. You must have your card so you may enter the account number.

If you wish to donate the cash rewards to Pennies For Pooches, enter our telephone number, 541-247-2514.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

Carole Meuret, PFP volunteer

Gold Beach

new owner of 'dog'

I would like to thank all those friends and supporters who helped me reach my goal of purchasing the Salty Dog Coffee Bar in Harbor. They stood by me during the lengthy negotiation process that led to the ownership of this great business on the Boardwalk.

To my loyal morning customers andndash; Lee, Ken, Par, Oz, the Wednesday aerobics group, The Salty Dog Stitchers, Margie, Jamie and Marianne, Surfer Ken, Kim, Charlotte, Geri, David and anyone else I missed. Also to the Port of Brookings-Harbor for their continued advice and support.

I love Brookings-Harbor and I hope that the Dog and I can look forward to a long and prosperous adventure together in the years to come.

Stop in some time and see what's brewing!

Jason Ramsey, owner

Salty Dog

faithful censored

My point exactly illustrated, Mr. Hansen, on our government's continual path of censorship to people of faith.

It is governmental intrusion to the free practice of religion, one's faith. It is governmental censorship of religion, something that our Constitution forbids. Our increasingly socialist government continues to pursue that path by passing laws and putting in place judges who support a socialist agenda instead of the Constitution.

While the subject of "followers of Christ," the "government," and a "spiritual leader's position in one's life" is far too elaborate for a letter to the editor, it is still questionable as to why our government allows non-profits that are not faith-based and labor unions to take part in the political process through political contributions and influence on their members, yet forbids a person of faith in leadership.

There is a reason I attend the church I attend. There is a reason I desire to set my world-view according to my faith. My world-view, my faith, will always dictate the way I pursue my right to vote, just as any person's world-view may dictate the same right. To do less seems hypocritical to me.

But this I call to mind, therefore I have hope, "The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases andhellip; great is His faithfulness." Lam. 3:21-23

Laurie Reynolds


solving the problem

Dear Sheriff Bishop and Curry County, I have an idea. Hose and dredge all of the sand out of Port Orford and build an offshore island. Close the jail and put the prisoners out there on the island.

They can live like the boys in "The Lord of the Flies." There won't be much in the way of expensive hots and cots for the transients, drunks and meth freaks, however. How unfortunate.

Melissa Bishop

Elk River

good folks warm me

While driving to see my friend who isn't feeling well due to just having had chemo, my car decided to die on me.

This happened at the corner of Wenbourne and Benham, not a good place for this to happen.

I just want to thank all the people who were so kind to stop and ask if they could be of any help while waiting for the tow company. During my 45 minute wait I would say that nine out of 10 people would pull up next to me, roll down their window and ask just to make sure that I was OK.

A special "thank you" to the very kind lady from across the street who brought me a cup of coffee saying I looked too cold standing out there. It certainly warmed my hands and definitely warmed my heart!

Once again I say we sure live in a wonderful place so full of caring people.

Jule Johnson



I would like to thank publicly the wonderful people who gave me the birthday wish in the Pilot's community calendar.

It is a perfect example of why I love this area and the people that live here and it inspires me to keep on doing all I can to contribute and help continue making this a fantastic place to call home.

Thank you all!

Bruce Ellis