The Curry Coastal Pilot

all honors Welcome

It never ceases to amaze me how people can be so negative, especially when there are good folks out there trying to do something positive.

My letter is in response to the apparent "issue" of an American flag being "funded" in honor of our veterans.

There have been two letters now that rain all over Mr. Tillung and Ms. Ramelli's heartfelt and well-intended parade. These folks stepped up and wanted to do "something" to remember our veterans, only to be picked apart for doing so. If (Ms. Goss) the writer of "Need home not flag" wants to initiate steps to have a home for disabled veterans manifested, then I applaud her and wish her success.

I say, "Thank you to anyone who wants to anything to honor our veterans."

Sherri King


give needed things

In reference to the letter from Donna Goss in the Saturday, Nov. 24, paper, I agree with Ms. Goss re: certain events and projects that veterans' organizations and people who support veterans give to frivolous money-raising projects.

Monies that could and should be raised to benefit the welfare of said veterans, not to buy flags, fireworks (25K), walls, etc. Not handouts but helping hands. A veterans' home would benefit the community also. Employment opportunities; maybe even for those veterans who stand on the streets asking for help and work.

Don't ignore them and then offer to buy them a flag or show off fireworks or honor them with a wall. Give them something they can use andndash; a safe haven, something some of us seem to take for granted. ...

Just saying.

Pamela Vanvliet


Make a difference

Gentle Readers, Thanksgiving is behind us and the Christmas season is upon us.

Every year we spend millions, yes millions, of dollars on wrapping paper alone during the Christmas season. Children go to bed hungry, their bellies yearn for the feeling of fullness, the morning dawn brings yet another day, where shelters across the United States start their day and those in "the room" know it is the day that they will die for space or because they are the breed that no one wants. They sit in "that room" watching and smelling, watching the others go in and never to come out. Today is their day; the day they die. Yet we go to the store get that "hurry up"gift and the wrapping paper to wrap it in.

This Christmas season lets make a difference in the lives of others. Save a life, feed the hungry, give to a charity, a nonprofit of your choice. Give in honor of or in memory of your beloved or best friend, two-legged or four-legged.

We at Pennies for Pooches will send a Christmas card to let your loved one know that you have "saved a life," given to Pennies for Pooches in their honor. Be a part of rescue, saving lives.

Make a difference this year; be a voice and you shall be heard. God Bless you.

Catherine Powers

Pennies for Pooches/Curry Animal Shelter

Gold Beach

no dogs in kidtown

My wife and I are just recently full time residents of Brookings. We love it here and hope to be here for many years to come.

We care for our grandson while our daughter goes to school in Klamath Falls and take him to KidTown, weather permitting. Frequently, I spend 15 to 20 minutes picking up trash which I don't mind as young kids often don't think of the consequences for dumping trash; but, I do resent the dog droppings and the clueless, ignorant owners who bring them into the KidTown playground.

If we can afford to waste money refurbishing city hall for an unneeded visitor center, we can certainly afford a sign keeping stupid people with their dogs out of a kids playground.

Donn Dickerman