The Curry Coastal Pilot

There was lots of warning for this week's weather andndash; forecasts for a week of storms, with heavy rain and high winds at times.

Before the storms, how many of us really made sure we were prepared?

When the landslides and high water closed our roads or driveways, did we have enough food, water and medicines in the house? When we went out in the morning to check on the damage, did we go knock on our neighbors' doors to see if they were OK? Did we have a flashlight handy for when the power went out? Or shoes, gloves and a hardhat near the bed in case the weather somehow stormed our castle?

Had the weather been more serious andndash; higher winds and heavier rains andndash; things could have been worse. If there had been more trees across the roads, longer power outages, or more damage to your home, would you have been ready?