The Curry Coastal Pilot

crazy as california

It's official: Oregon is just as crazy as California.

No sooner were the elections over, than Salem started peddling a plan to tax Oregon drivers' mileage. Oregon taxes gasoline 30 cents per gallon. However, with the popularity of hybrids and other higher mpg vehicles, people fill up less often, and less revenue goes into the state's coffers.

So, state Democrats have devised a plan to tax gasoline once when it is purchased, and again when it is used. Never mind that this contradicts why people purchased higher mpg vehicles in the first place, to save money on gas. Never mind privacy, that the government generally has no business knowing how much you drive. Never mind that it's inherently unfair to rural Oregonians.

My brother in Portland can walk to Hawthorne Street and find any shopping, dining, or professional service imaginable. But should you reside in Burns, or Jordan Valley, OR BROOKINGS, and you need services not available in your community, you would be required to report these trips to the government and pay the tax on them.

President Obama trotted out this plan nationally a couple of years ago. It went nowhere then but expect it to come up again soon. I live in California now, but I've always been proud of being a fifth-generation Oregonian. However, I'm not sure what difference it makes anymore.

Oregon's just as crazy as California.

Steven Owen

Crescent City, Calif.

giving-tree time

Happy Early Holidays.

As you all know Christmas is near, and with that being said, so is our Christmas Giving Tree Program. This is out 12th year of providing this service to the community. Christmas is truly the spirit of giving, so please help us to make this Christmas a memorable one for those who are less fortunate.

Last year was a huge success, thanks to all of you who participated. We distributed over 350 gifts to over 45 families. About 15 volunteers helped to wrap, organize and deliver gifts. The spirit of giving from the community was overwhelming, and it could not have happened without your contributions.

Again, this year the Christmas Giving Trees will be located at both Brookings and Gold Beach City Halls, starting Dec. 3, 2012. Please stop by and pick up a tag for a needy family this year and return the unwrapped present at that location.

For all of our families in need that do not already belong to a Christmas program, feel free to pick up a Christmas Giving Tree Form at the following locations: Quality Lube on Railroad in Brookings, at both the Brookings and Gold Beach City Halls, or contact myself or Tana at 541-247-0607 at the Oasis Outreach Office. You can return your form to the same locations or fax to 541-469-0750. We want to assure you and your family that your information will be kept confidential.

The number of families needing help each year continues to grow; over the last seven years the number of participating families has doubled.

Thank you for your love, support and compassion for your community and its citizens.

Janae Crosson

Oasis Shelter Home

Gold Beach

support for pastor

What a curious letter finding a pastor's Forum article "very disturbing."

I wonder if the same "very disturbing" is found in having one's Union boss or, say, the local sheriff advising on how to vote? How about one's union using your dues to support political candidates and causes that you find abhorrent? Are those not positions of power over one's life? The lie created around the term "separation of church and state" has been increasing used to deny religious freedom.

Sinclair Lewis is the supposed "wise man" who stated that fascism would come to America wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross; perhaps he meant a wolf in sheep's clothing pretending to be American and Christian? Was he a wise man, or simply a writer? He lived his life like most of us, with the ups and downs of living. He also said that America "is the most contradictory, the most depressing, the most stirring, of any land in the world today."

Mussolini, who knew something about fascism said, "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power."

Hmmm, is that something currently that we see a local pastor supporting or rather a particular national political party?

Laurie Reynolds



Last week we witnessed the acceleration of the decline and fall of the American dream.

We did not have a political election; instead it was an "American Idol" popularity contest. President Obama had no positive record to run on since he is incompetent regarding economics (witness: higher unemployment now than when he took office), foreign affairs (witness: Benghasi), and political ability to achieve bi-partisanship results (witness: Obamacare only by Democrats, no budget approval in four years, and continued Washington gridlock). Yet, because he is so "popular" through his appearances on entertainment shows, etc., he was "elected" by those who unthinkingly prefer style instead of substance, especially since his primary political tactic is ruthless character assassination (both in 2008 and this year).

And after four more years of what we've already suffered through? Don't be surprised if he becomes dictator (possible scenario: economic conditions get so bad that rioting is so widespread that martial law is declared so he can claim executive power to rule). He only partially follows the Constitution now (selectively enforcing laws which have been duly passed, opposing religious freedom through Obamacare regulations), so why should he uphold the Constitution regarding elections?

And the American "dream" will become a "nightmare!"

By the way, Mr. Schrum, what you charge against Republicans is what Democrats have been doing for ages, and the only voter intimidation reported nationally was by Black Panthers again in Philadelphia.

Theodore Allwardt


A much bigger pile

A letter to the editor in the Nov. 14 issue suggests that a ton of 100 dollar bills could not buy the presidency.

The writer was right! What it took to buy the Presidency was almost all the time of Air Force One for vote gathering at taxpayers expense worth a part of a ton of 100 bills, not including the cost of the staff, hotel rooms, Secret Service folks and the food and vehicles for over three years to sell the present president's vote gathering using the tease of free college students loans, food stamps for all, legal status to illegals, all the birth control anyone could want and exempt states and buddies from the coming Obama medical disaster to business and the middle class.

The priceless commodity offered by the captive media to Obama was in suppressing bad news. What bad news you say? Three different government versions of the Libya killings and attacks (UN Rep., CIA and State Department). Printing/broadcasting Obama attacking Romney about Wall Street monies then raising money there too. Suppressing fact that Obama claimed to be an assistant professor when he was a lecturer. Suppressing the fact that Obama gave a public speech that asked for votes as a revenge (revenge!). There sure was tons of something at work: a much bigger pile than 100 dollar bills could be stacked.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

kitties dumped

Somebody in the Arnold Street area recently deposited upon us a pair of sweet, adolescent cats who appear to be siblings.

These are not feral cats. The male showed up first, hanging around my yard, lurking under the bird feeder and hiding under the hedge. When I went out to work in the yard he showed himself to be extremely friendly and very hungry andndash; following me, crying piteously.

When I realized he was an intact male, about 9 months old andndash; prime breeding age andndash; I knew I couldn't leave him loose. I already have an indoor cat and can't keep more. I put the newcomer in my workshop and got on the waiting list at Humane Society to get him fixed. In spite of the several-week-long wait for surgery, I was willing to feed him until we could find a home for this delightful boy.

Then his sister showed up. It was obvious they are siblings andndash; same age and they immediately played together upon meeting. Now we're talking big money to feed and fix a male and a female andndash; money I was not prepared to spend.

Shame! on the irresponsible party who brought these kitties into the world and then abandoned them. They were obviously raised in a home andndash; they are clean, well socialized, and not prepared to survive in the wild.

There are many loose cats here. I have personally witnessed vicious fights among them; and the meanest tom was already stalking this little male. The male is solid gray with a white bib and paws. The female is a calico/tabby mix.

If anybody knows these kitties, or would like to give them a good home, I can be reached at 541-813-1892.

Joyce Hannum


Post-vote sadness

Like many who wrote letters in Saturday's paper about the election results, I too was shocked, awed, and saddened.

In 2008, after he won, I was disappointed, but still held out hope that a biracial president could bring us all together for the common good of our republic. I was wrong. The partisan divide is greater now than at any time in my voting life. However, I still have hope.

This time my hope lies not in the president, but in the people of America. If we are to succeed as a nation, the partisan blinders must be removed so that we can all see the enormous challenges that face our country. How do we do it?

I've been studying on it and have come up with an idea. We form a new party by dismantling the other three. We form the R.I.D. party, made up of Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Then we RID ourselves of partisan bickering, and career politicians; we RID ourselves of senators and representatives who don't do the peoples' bidding; we RID ourselves of the graft and corruption that permeates our government. Basically, we RID ourselves of the stumbling blocks that stop problem solving and I think it starts with personal relationships, at the grassroots level, here in our own community.

Offer up the olive branch to someone with whom you disagree and I will too.

I offer my olive branch to Mike Schrum. The vituperative nature of your letters supporting the Democratic Party were disconcerting. I forgive you, and if a tree ever falls on you house, I will be there for you with my chainsaw.

Respectfully, your neighbor

Bill Dundom