The Curry Coastal Pilot

take a deep breath

We're so glad the election stuff is over.

We are gratified that a metric ton of 100 dollar bills couldn't buy the Oval Office.

For my GOP buddies, just take a deep breath, back up 10 yards and punt. The world won't stop spinning.

John Baker


abortion is problem

There are 1.2 million abortions in the United States every year.

Of that 1.2 million, only 1 percent are because of rape or incest. Why should some people have the twisted notion that we, the people, should pay for the other 99 percent that are just too lazy to go obtain the free contraceptives that are given out everywhere, even in many of our schools?

Babies are not the problem. People creating the unwanted babies and the people supporting their bad decisions with abortions are the problem. I believe in freedom of choice, and when people decide to have sex without protection, they have made their choice.

There should be no second choices as to whether or not they should kill their baby. They should be held responsible for their actions.

As for women being raped and being forced to look at their rapist's face for the rest of the lives is a moot point, as there is something out there called adoption.

Tom Moody


looking forward

I started on this election journey one year ago and it has turned out to be a most rewarding experience.

I listened to diverse points of view, inspiring ideas, stories of personal triumph, business successes and failures, and learned of potential opportunities for our county, but the most common theme in these conversations was the belief that our county is strong and viable and that we just need to find our direction, our destiny.

I am extremely grateful to all my campaign supporters and especially thankful to everyone who cast their vote for me in this election. I am ready to get started and have already started making plans regarding public involvement. My campaign focus was that if we all work together, we can lay a solid foundation for the future of our county, and I know that this county is filled with talented, knowledgeable people who are willing to work together to achieve a goal of financial stability and economic growth. I look forward to working with all of you to achieve these goals and more.

A special heartfelt thanks goes to my campaign committee, Pattie and Gary Cook, Mary Gay, Beth Barker-Hidalgo, Linda Elfman and Marlyn Schafer. Their commitment, support and belief in my skills has never wavered, even through sickness, broken bones, long hours and rain filled days.

Susan Brown

Curry County commissioner-elect

Port Orford

Do good, together

Election Day 2012 was a celebration, regardless of what party you supported.

More Americans got involved directly in the democratic process, more (and more diverse) Americans voted, more American women took political office than ever before. The dreams of America are alive and well: equal and excellent education, voting rights for all, health rights for all women and men, dignity in the workplace, a healthy future for our children and our planet. We woke up Wednesday morning celebrating.

Let's not get caught up in the rhetoric of who won and who lost. Rather, let's look for ways to join together in our communities, our states and our nation to make the American dream come true for all Americans.

Recently in New York, following Hurricane Sandy, a man whose entire building full of people had been without electricity, food and water for several days heard that food was finally being distributed down on the street. He left his apartment, ventured down dark flights of stairs to the street below and, thankfully, got food. He was so happy that, several times, he thanked the volunteers who'd come to help, finally blurting out, "What can I do?" He was asked to take food to those who were not able to get to the relief effort. As a result, he spent three days running up and down dark stairways taking food to the elderly and immobilized. He said he'd never felt better in his life; fit, happy, reaching out to others, making new friends.

I don't know this man's name, but let's allow him to change our lives as he changed his own. Get out, get connected, make friends, participate in respectful discourse, feel good andndash; and do good. This is our community. Let's work together and assume best intentions from every person we meet.

Warren and Jan Krick


let's stand united

Just finished reading the letters to the editor.


Election is over, people have spoken so now instead of being crap hangers support your president and get letters off to your senators and representatives to get of the pot and work with the president; ask them to please not do as they have done the past four years.

Enough of the stuff that keeps going around to cheapen the president. Like it or not, Obama is our president and for heaven's sake, quit making comments about things you really don't understand or think what you hear from Fox News and Limbaugh as Gospel.

You want to remain a free nation than let's stick together help this next four years be better. Remember the saying: "United we stand, Divided we fall." This is very true so come on folks let's get past it and begin a new year, be positive, be American.

Always remember Freedom is not free but worth fighting for. We can do it as a nation.

God Bless America!

Marie Garcia


volunteer spirit

Some of the folks in Brookings and Curry County may remember me, I was the D.A.R.E. officer/juvenile officer in the 1990s for Brookings Police Department.

I live in Idaho now, and am retired. I follow the local Curry County news via the Pilot. I have noticed all the fiscal and personnel problems Curry County Sheriff John Bishop has had to face recently. What I am wondering is, where is the spirit of volunteerism I saw in the County when I resided there?

Sheriff Bishop is a good man. Call him, ask what you can do to help! Perhaps you can do office work. Or donate some funds to keep the few deputies you have left provided with the equipment they need to protect you!

These men and women dedicate their lives to serve the public. They deserve your financial and physical support. Don't rely on the Feds for a "bailout," take control and help the Sheriff's Department to help you!

Thank you!

Officer Al Thorusen (ret)

Kuna, Idaho

act of kindness

Thank you!

Just want to share a story to our beautiful community of the kindness, thoughtful, and very unexpected circumstance that happened to us on Friday the 9th of this month (November).

I took my family out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. After our meal we asked for our check and our waitress had informed us that the lady sitting across from us had paid for our meal. We would like to thank the person responsible for this act of kindness from the bottom of our hearts.

We are the Quale family and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a special new year, as well as a very big GOD BLESS YOU!

We did indeed pay the act of kindness forward to our waitress with a very generous tip to start her weekend off. This act of kindness was a very positive memory for our children to carry with them throughout their lives.

Once again, THANK YOU.

Matthew Quale