The Curry Coastal Pilot

As you read this, the election will be over and, for everyone's sake, most of the races and ballot measures will have been conclusively decided.

Readers' reactions to election results will vary depending on which way each person voted. We hope some of you are not too disappointed. Those who are celebrating, we hope you behave like good sports.

In the months leading up to the election, the Pilot received tons of political letters. We were more than happy to publish most of the letters and we tried our best to encourage the broadest-ranging discussion of these concerns without it becoming a cesspool of negativity and bitterness.

Some readers accused us of being too liberal with the letters, publishing some that should have never seen the light of day. Indeed, there have been a few that, in hindsight, perhaps shouldn't have been published. Did they cross the line? It's a judgement call, one we don't take lightly.

We appreciate all opinions expressed by our readers, and we hope that this exchange of ideas about the governmental process will continue to excite our readers even now that the election is over.