The Curry Coastal Pilot

what's plan b?

"County considers ban on panhandling."

So, what's Plan B? Raffle? Bake sale? Tax increase?

Harry Freiberg


Lucie has my vote

Lucie La Bontandeacute; is awesome.

She is a Curry County Fairgrounds board member, ensuring a profit in two consecutive years. Furthermore, Lucie left office with a significant surplus in the county.

Economic times may get a lot worse. We need someone with strength and vision.

Lucie has my vote.

Brent Lawrence

Gold Beach

not obama's forte

Why would anyone re-elect a president who has been an "on-the-job" trainee for the past four years and hasn't been able to do the job?

It isn't because he's not bright but because the presidency isn't his forte. Some people aspire to become wealthy, but they make the wrong decisions, which prevent them from achieving their goal due to lack of knowledge about economics. The president has, at his disposal, top people who are adept in their chosen fields of knowledge, and he has the liberty to appoint those who can best advise him. He has the choice of accepting their advice or blazing his own trail thinking he is an expert and skilled in what he is doing and convincing voters that he is.

Gov. Romney has the proven track record to get the nation back to work. It's going to be a tough job combating those who have their own agenda. Hopefully Romney will be elected the next president and slow down the march toward socialism. Remember what President Johnson said in 1954. "We are going to try to take all of the money that we think is unnecessarily being spent and take it from the "haves" and give it to the "have-nots" that need it so much."

For those who condemn Gov. Romney for his wealth, he didn't inherit his wealth. He had the capability, "know-how" and will to make it happen and he earned it.

Romney isn't and hasn't been the only wealthy person to seek the presidency. There have been a few wealthy Democrats who have sought the office. Some were "do-gooders," whose actions have ultimately deprived citizens of their dignity and self-worth by giving them "handouts, which are now the norm and that citizens expect is the role of government without any thought as to where the nation is headed.

God bless and save America.

Barbara Wieneke


The position of Mayor is not just a leadership role, but also one of understanding, compassion, determination and vision for the community.

Ron Hedenskog has all of these qualities and more.

I have known Ron for over 40 years and can honestly say he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a dedicated family man with roots in our town. Ron lives his life with humility and a strong faith. He is always ready to help a friend or anyone in need, and asks for nothing in return. Ron goes about life with a quiet, unassuming demeanor, but also with passion.

Of Ron's many good qualities two stand out to me as necessary to be elected mayor. 1) Ron loves Brookings. During his working career Ron had the opportunity to travel extensively to many of the most beautiful places in the world. He told me that to him nothing compared to the beauty of our area and all that it has to offer. 2) Ron is a problem solver. In his private and public life Ron approaches a problem with quiet and calm determination, looking for the simplest solution that addresses all the criteria.

If you want to get to know Ron, just ask around our community; you will find that he is a good guy that will be a great mayor.

Bill Dundom


port casino assett

In answer to Jim Carlson's letter on Oct. 31: I totally agree with Jim.

I think that big empty building on Lower Harbor Road has been empty too long. A casino would be a great asset to the community. The closest casino is only 15 minutes away, but it's in California and they're getting all the revenue.

This surely would help with some of the financial problems the community is having. Also, in addition, there would be plenty of parking spaces available.

Millie Archuleta


the greater evil

I believe many of the people who will vote for the Democratic ticket have no clue as to what they are voting for.

The Democratic Party is no longer the party for the little or common man. Ever since the liberal faction took over, everything has changed.

The Democratic party now stands for killing innocent babies instead of expecting people to be responsible for their actions. It backs sexual perversion, socialism, and communism. It is anti-Christian and lately, pro-Islam. Can Sharia law be too far behind?

Now it appears that its main function is to break the United States' back through an economic collapse.

The Republican Party has many of its own faults, but they pale in comparison to what the Democratic Party has in store for us.

Join me and vote against the greater evil, the Democratic Party, or prepare yourself for the consequences.

Tom Moody


fire the incompetent

If you're not satisfied by services rendered, for example, by a roofer, mechanic, dentist, doctor, accountant, lawyer or our president and you believe that person is incompetent, untrustworthy, untruthful or leading you in a the direction to bankruptcy, then do as someone suggested months ago in a letter to the editor: Fire them and get someone else and if that doesn't work for you do the same again.

This Nov. 6, the choice is very clear in a different direction or more of the same with the present administration. Listen to both sides of the media. It's obvious which side doesn't want you knowing the truth and is dancing around our questions and concerns and blaming others for their failures.

Lou Costa


Forum disturbing

I found the Faith Forum very disturbing (Pilot, Oct. 27).

The pastor was clearly politicking from the pulpit in violation of his tax-exempt status. Men of the cloth have an unfair advantage over others because of their position in their churches. They also have a captive audience which is their congregation and because of that advantage, they can lead you astray and cause great harm. Being a pastor, priest or anything similar does not mean you cannot be wrong.

It frightens me to think of what is currently going on in our churches. Telling people how to vote by religious leaders is a form of intimidation.

A wise man once said "When Fascism comes to the U.S., it will be waving a flag and carrying a cross. "

I. Grassi


rights and choices

I'm not a fan of organized religion.

I do not considered myself a Christian and I find most interpretations of the Bible confusing to say the least.

My God is everywhere I am, but he has already finished his job.

I am pro-choice which troubles some, but the "Bill of Rights" gives me choice and freedom to practice my faith.

I support the Catholics regarding birth control. I do not agree, but it is their religious right. When I married I had to purchase a license, receive instruction from the minister in order to be married in his church and leave a contribution at the end of the ceremony. A judge, justice of the peace and a ship's captain can marry you; what does that have to do with religion?

In the parts of the Bible I have read men are taking unto themselves a wife, no license or ceremony required, then they begat a multitude. Really?

Some Christians are tolerant; many are not. Maybe you should read the Bible again.

I have a multitude of friends who are living an alternative lifestyle; some are family. None took a course on "how to be different," and none have suffered the "Wrath of God"; but narrow-minded bigots are never in short supply.

Choice is everyone's right; why does religion suffocate women?

Ask your God for guidance. We are on the wrong road.

Clifton Siemens