The Curry Coastal Pilot

Whatever else might be on your schedule this weekend, there are two things that should have your attention: Change your clocks Saturday night from Daylight Savings Time (fall back), and cast your vote in the Nov. 6 election.

If you are registered, your ballot came in the mail, and every household received an Oregon Voters Pamphlet in the mail.

About half of Curry County voters had cast their ballot -- as of Wednesday. Curry County voters usually turn out in larger percentage than elsewhere in the state and that was already true Wednesday. The statewide figure was just over one-third.

Remember, this is not a test; there is no "right" or "wrong" vote. Also, you don't have to cast a vote in every race or on every measure; if you can't make up your mind, skip it. And be aware that it's probably too late to mail your ballot; use the drop boxes in front of Brookings City Hall, the Curry County Courthouse in Gold Beach, or Port Orford City Hall.

Finally, don't believe that your vote might not count. Polls and predictions are the things that don't count. Only our votes make the final decisions, and often the size of the margins guide future public decisions beyond just the race or issue at hand.

Every vote counts, as long as you get your ballot in the box by 8 p.m. Tuesday.