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This involves the issue of our President being "transparent."

He was not "transparent" on Obamacare (it will be on C-SPAN). Pass it and you will find out what's in it.

He was not "transparent" on Fast and Furious. He was not "transparent" on the Black Panthers and voting intimidation.

He is not being "transparent" regarding the actions/inactions in Libya by him and his State Department on the attack which killed four Americans.

Mr. President, you are "transparent" and We the People can see right through you!

Allan W. Stewart


rocks on the docks!

Hello South Coast!

The Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve has now been officially closed for 11 months. However, research has been conducted at Redfish Rocks for past three years.

The Redfish Rocks Community Team in coordination with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Port Orford Ocean Resource Team, Fishtracker, Surfrider Foundation, the Port of Port Orford and Oregon Sea Grant are hosting an event called Redfish Rocks on the Docks! This is an event on Sunday, Nov. 4, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the docks in Port Orford, next to the port office.

The team will have a ton of information about current research being conducted in the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, research equipment on display, the latest information on the Japanese tsunami marine debris that is floating our way, and plenty of folks to talk with who have been involved in the Redfish Rocks Marine Research Reserve and Protected Area.

The community team will be offering free coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts in the morning and will have free hotdogs and libations for lunch until 5 p.m.!

This is an opportunity for the fishermen, communities, and organizations to meet down on the dock in Port Orford. Please come and talk with us, ask questions, give us your research ideas that you think are important and learn more about what has been happening at the marine reserve and protected area at Redfish Rocks. We hope to see you on the docks in Port Orford, Nov. 4 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tyson Rasor

project coordinator

Redfish Rocks Community Team

No Panhandlers

In regards to the Oct. 27 article, "County considers ban on panhandling." Thank you, this is long overdue.

The city of Brookings has a long-standing enforced panhandling code. Maybe Curry County Attorney Jerry Herbage should look at adopting this code.

I have personally observed these Harbor "fair weather panhandlers" coming and going from their government provided apartments, which would also include other paid amenities, such as their EBT food cards. They sit with their legs out in the roadways, hoping to get hit.

Drinking beers and leaving their trash on the spot. Constantly trampling on landscaping with no respect for businesses or property owners. Also using their dogs to pull on the heartstrings of animal lovers.

There are jobs to be had, but why work when they can continue to get free government handouts? These panhandlers make more $$ than most of us in a day. I'm told of one who ended up in the emergency room and had more than $400 on his person. I'm sure there are a few real true hardship cases, but most of these local panhandlers are bogus and running from the law.

I do know of one older man, with one blind eye, his small companion dog and bike. He isn't bogus and you don't see him out panhandling.

People, most of them don't want to assimilate into society, being a positive member. STOP co-habituating them with money and alcohol.

Mark St. James


Brookings Tourism

I have an idea that I think would be good for Brookings tourism. I think we need our own private casino. Of course, Measure 82 needs to pass Tuesday to make this possible.

A casino would be good to help our economy since the measure mandates 25 percent to job growth and education. It would help every business in Brookings-Harbor and add tourists in the wet winter months, along with jobs. We need more businesses.

Where would we put a casino? I think the big empty building on Lower Harbor Road, in the port, would be perfect. There are motels, RV parks and restaurants. This would help the port also.

Our area supports the California casinos and I think this money should stay here. People say casinos cause crime but a casino might just keep our sheriff sub-station open. We already have crime but without a sheriff, it will grow regardless. I think we would all win having a casino whether you are a gambler or not.

I welcome your comments; please remember to vote.

Jim Carlson


Couldn't do worse

I have been reading all the opinions in the paper about the presidential election.

I for one did not vote for Obama and I have no intentions of ever voting for that man. He has done nothing but disgrace this country.

Both he and his wife are racists and everything they have done has shown this to be true. We do not need another four years of an Obama regime.

I'm not saying that Romney will do better. But, he sure couldn't do any worse. At least we should give him a chance. Hell, we tolerated eight years of Bush and that was definitely a disaster for which we are still paying the price.

The Republican Party keeps giving us nothing but losers to vote for. This guy actually has some credentials to be worthy of. I've heard the liberals cry about Medicare and taxes. Well, I'm on Medicare and I know there's no way he is going to be able to change a system that's been in effect for over 40 years.

The libs have cried wolf every time and it's never happened and never will. Medicare is here to stay.

Bob Meunier


Hatchery Happenings

The Indian Creek Hatchery has had a few salmon returning with these early rains, so it's time for the volunteers to get a little wet!

I was a bit disappointed in the rainstorms, expected more, but I'm sure Mother Nature's just getting started. The Curry Anadromous Fishermen (CAF) volunteers and ODFW have been collecting brood stock for the hatchery and the jacks and excess hatchery fish have been donated to the food banks in the local area. Fishermen Direct has been processing and vacuum packing the salmon for the food banks at an awesome reduced price and I've been delivering. Salmon has been delivered to the Christian Help of Gold Beach, Brookings Harbor Community Helpers and 3rd St. Food Bank so far. It's good to see the salmon being used for a good purpose in our local community.

The CAF Indian Creek Hatchery Pizza Feed is coming up Wednesday, Nov. 7, at Sunset Pizza. This is a great opportunity to visit with friends, support the hatchery and enjoy great, all you can eat pizza and salad for $10 a person, with kids half price. CAF will have homemade desserts available for $1 apiece and if anyone remembers last year's I'm making my awesome Blueberry Cream Cheese Delight! This is one of Curry Anadromous Fishermen's Fundraisers and all proceeds go to operate and maintain the Indian Creek Hatchery which is an all volunteer run STEP hatchery, overseen by the ODFW.

The pizza feed will be from 5-8 p.m., and advanced tickets will be available at Rogue Outdoor Store or at the door. Hope to see you all there.

We will start spawning salmon at Indian Creek Hatchery Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 9 a.m., so if anyone would like to volunteer and play with fish, give me a call at 541 247-0396.

Chris Underhill

CAF volunteer coordinator

Gold Beach

Panhandling zones?

Panhandling is close to becoming a national epidemic as people are falling from the ranks of the middle class to that of the poor and homeless.

Many city ordinances prohibiting begging have found their way into the legal system as a violation of free speech. Giving people money is not illegal unless it for the purpose of buying drugs or prostitution.

Some communities have created panhandling zones where this activity may only take place. In some communities people are encouraged to buy vouchers for food and other basic necessities and give them instead of money. If anyone has any more ideas, they should speak up.

Panhandling is not going to go away, anytime soon.

Joe Willett


Out of context

Regarding Ralph Martin's letter (Oct. 17, 2012) entitled "Troubled By Obama" in which he cited several quotes from President Obama's books "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."

I find it difficult to believe that Mr. Martin has actually read either of the books. I have read both books and know for certain that the quotes cited were taken completely out of context. However, I did my own review of both books and then I also Googled "Out of context quotes from "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope." My search came up with several websites dedicated to an anonymous email that had gone viral some time ago and it matched all the quotes cited by Mr. Martin.

However, those sites also found the quotes to be incomplete and out of context which leads me to believe that Mr. Martin had found just the fodder he desired for his disrespectful and irresponsible letter in the hopes of discrediting our president.

It is obvious that Mr. Martin holds our president and his policies in contempt. I do not take issue with his contempt. I do take issue with anyone who builds his case on inaccurate and irresponsible information that suits his agenda.

For anyone interested I suggest the following Web links:



andbull; 13927


Barbara Nysted