The Curry Coastal Pilot

Don't Know Earl

I am writing today in response to the letters to the editor on Sept. 28 and Oct. 9 regarding Earl Upton and his rental units.

Obviously the person who wrote those letters doesn't know Earl Upton at all. I have had the pleasure of knowing Earl both personally and professionally since l987.

How anyone could say anything negative about Earl is beyond my comprehension. I have never known a kinder or more thoughtful and honest man as Earl Upton He is one of the few people who provides affordable housing to the lower income people and accepts HUD. Earl loves God and would be unable to hurt a fly.

I say, consider the source when reading the letters written against Earl. I am honored to call him my friend

Beth Henion

Crescent City, Calif.

ron cares deeply

I'm asking the people of Brookings to join me in supporting Ron Hedenskog for mayor.

Ron has lived and worked here for 40-plus years. He and his wife raised children that still live here and now children of their own. Ron has strong roots here and he cares deeply for this town.

His time on the City Council has proven that he has the passion and tenacity to bring about positive change in our city government. When asked by the City Council to take the mayor's seat, he accepted humbly and graciously. It wasn't something that he aspired to but answered the call when he was needed.

This is the kind of leadership we need.

Jake Pieper, president

Brookings City Council

he's got it together

The coming election brings a great opportunity to the people of Curry County to elect a county commissioner that understands the meaning of public service.

I have worked beside David Brock Smith for years on the city council and let me tell you this guy has got it together. He has been our city budget chair for four years and not only does he understand how municipal budgets work, he is able to explain the complex finances to the rest of the committee.

David is professional and respectful in dealing with issues that come before us and always attentive to public input. He never makes up his mind on an issue before listening to the citizens' concerns regarding an agenda item, whether it be talking to folks at the post office or listening at the meeting. If we disagree on an issue, and we have a time or two, he respects the decision made by his fellow Councilors.

David comes prepared with the facts and looks out for the people who elected him. I'm going to miss working with him as a city councilor; although his desire, once elected, is to always have a commissioner at the Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford city council meetings. He feels the commissioners need to know the issues facing the cities and the people of the cities need to know the issues facing the county.

Join me in voting for a true public servant, vote for David Brock Smith.

Bill McArdle, city councilor

Port Orford

ccbr scholarships

Good morning.

As discussed, here is the information for the announcement of the 2013 Curry County Board of Realtors Scholarship Award:

The Curry County Board of Realtors is happy to announce that it will be offering two, $500 scholarships to (high school) seniors in Curry County. The scholarship will be awarded mostly on the student's essay answering, "How do you motivate your generation to give back to the community?"

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please contact the Curry County Board of Realtors at 541-469-0219 or check with any of the high schools counselors' offices.

Deadline for application is January 7, 2013.

Roxann Haynes, CCBR executive officer


when you ...

When the media feeds you anti-Bush rhetoric 24/7, you want hope and change. When you want hope and change, you vote for Barack Obama. When you vote for Barack Obama, you get high unemployment, wasteful stimulus spending, and run-amok deficits.

When you get high unemployment, wasteful stimulus spending, and run-amok deficits, you get inflation. When you get inflation, you go broke. When you go broke, you lose your house, car, and job. When you lose your house, car, and job, you end up living in the forest. When you live in the forest, you end up wrestling bears over nuts and berries.

Don't end up wrestling bears in the forest over nuts and berries. Vote for the return to fiscal sanity and sound governance by electing Governor Mitt Romney president.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

thankful and proud

I would like to express my gratitude for our South Coast Humane Society Animal Shelter on Railroad Street, and all those who make it possible:

Thank you to the SCHS Board of Directors who provide leadership andndash; unpaid but definitely not unappreciated! Thank you to the employees who give their very best every day to every animal in their care. Money cannot buy that kind of dedication; it can only come from love.

Thank you to the volunteers who faithfully walk dogs, cuddle cats, and help out in a million other ways. They do it purely out of compassion for the animals. Thank you to Thrift Store employees and volunteers who work so hard to earn money to support our shelter.

And for those faithful folks whose donations keep the bills paid and kibbles in the food dishes andndash; they do not seek anything but the good feeling that comes from helping a truly worthy cause.

As a long-time volunteer myself, I am so proud to be associated with South Coast Humane Society, and to know that any animal who enters the SCHS Shelter is on the way to a very good life.

Loritta Smith


check the facts

Apparently, Ralph Martin must hate President Obama, for why would he write such wild things about the president in his letter to the editor Oct. 17.

His diatribe about statements President Obama made are not accurate as they are taken out of context. I'm an elderly person (85 years old), have a computer and have access to YouTube, but I also have access to and which explains the false and misleading statements concerning President Obama.

I learned long ago when I received email that made critical statements or warned of dangerous conditions to check them out on or Most of the time the statements were not true or distorted, which is the case with Ralph Martin's letter to the editor.

The Internet is a great source for information, but unlike the old fashioned encyclopedias packed with accurate information, the computer is also packed with information but also is packed full of misinformation. Thus, one must continually check the information one receives on the Internet for truthfulness. In short, is not the source to go to for accuracy. If you seek information that matches your bias or hatred, you will find it on the Internet.

Thus, us seniors as well as everyone else who uses the computer for information must take statements like those made by Ralph Martins with a "grain of salt" in order to arrive at truthful conclusions.

Art Moore


something smells

I follow the election process pretty closely, from the national level to our local races.

I watch many of the news channels to get coverage on what everyone is saying about the candidates nationally. For the local races I attend the Candidate Forums and read the local papers in our county.

I recently read a letter to the editor on how former commissioner and now commissioner candidate La Bontandeacute; is all for the fishermen. This interested me, as I like to fish. I also like to be informed and get the facts, which is why I read ALL the papers in the county, that I can, come election season. In doing so, it seems Ms. La Bontandeacute; has been telling all of us what we want to hear in different places around the county. She tells us here in Brookings-Harbor how she has always opposed Marine Reserves. Although in North County where there is a reserve, she said at their Candidates Forum that she got all the major players together and without her pushing for our counties' Marine Reserve it would have never happened. Now there is a seasoned politician for you.

Ms. La Bontandeacute; has been telling all of us what we what we want to hear for way too long and now our county is on the edge of bankruptcy. We need results and cannot afford another term of her telling us what we want to hear.

Something smells real fishy and it's not a fresh fish.

Stephen Shannon Brookings-Harbor

race card issue?

Prop 79: To those Republican hypocrites voting for Prop 79 should think about what happens when Romney takes away your mortgage tax exemption along with Medicare benefits. It sounds to me it's more of a race card issue, because no one in their right mind would want that taken away.

Kenneth Lodwick


qualified candidates

Knowledge. Experience. Integrity.

These are the traits we want in our elected officials.

We are so fortunate to have three candidates who qualify. Lucy La Bontandeacute;, Rep. Peter DeFazio and President Barack Obama.

Read about them in your Voters Guide and I think you will agree.

Judy Kaplan


Logging not answer

Hello. I have spent the last six weeks in Curry County. I (see)a lot of people writing in the paper "our forests must be logged for money so we don't go broke." And I read in the newspaper where is the lumber going? Its going to China to make concrete forms.

There is timbering in the OC counties! Its selective cutting, plenty of it. Our national forests do not need to be clear cut and monocultures of Douglas fir be planted. And those trees that are replanted are way too close together and result in matchstick forests.

I have been all over Oregon in the past six weeks. Most of the hills are a hodgepodge of various height clear cuts. I have seen moonscapes of clear cuts.

Shall Curry county look like this? The Sixes River BLM lands already look pretty hard used to me. Shall the whole county look like this?

Please, many of the people of Curry are on fixed incomes. Its already pretty expensive to live here. Lets not raise taxes. How about doing with fewer municipal politicians?

Tourism and fishing are the key to this beautiful county.

Melissa Milton

Port Orford

6-candidate question

There will be six (6) candidates on the Presidential Ballot in the November General Election. Can you name them? All six have complied with electoral requirements in order to get their names on the ballot. They have filed the necessary paperwork and paid filing fees. They will receive matching funds from the government to help offset campaign expenses (matching funds are paid with taxpayer dollars). Four of the candidates were not allowed to run in the Oregon primary election. Do you know why they receive our tax dollars to campaign for an election that they are not allowed to run in?

Now the debates are on. Why are four of the candidates not allowed to participate in the debates? I wonder who wants to keep them out? Imagine a rancher keeps 100 cows on his ranch. He provides grain at six locations. He makes paths to each location and fences each path to make a "chute." He then blocks four of the "chutes," keeping the animals from feeding at those four locations. He feeds the cows at only two locations for a period of six months At the end of this time, his cows have been trained to think they only have two places to eat. Even after he opens the other four chutes, the cows continue to use only the two they have been directed to.

Why does the rancher do this? Because the cows are easily fooled and he knows what is best for them!

Jay Deyoe

Gold Beach

Lucie's a leader

It's not often residents of Curry County get the chance to vote for such as qualified, experienced and proven candidate as Lucie LaBontandeacute;. She is without a doubt the best choice for county commissioner.

During her previous tenure on the board of commissioners, Lucie proved to be an effective leader and advocate for county residents. She has extensive knowledge of how local governments work, and is intently familiar with the issues and challenges facing Curry County. In two decades of public service, she has developed relationships with key decision makers at the county, state and federal level. She knows how to get results.

Lucie's broad knowledge of advocating for fishing seasons, promoting tourism, helping residents wade through red tape and complicated government regulations make her the best choice for commissioner.

With the challenges facing county government, and county citizens in general, we need Lucie's leadership and experience.

Andy Martin


obama memorial

Now that the election is near and Barack Hussein Obama's days in office are numbered, I think it is time to think about a memorial to his presidency. A place in D.C. beside that other great socialist, FDR, is in order.

The memorial, I humbly suggest, should be an empty chair placed behind a large Teleprompter. At first I thought all his memorable speeches should be continuously scrolling on the Teleprompter, but I can't remember any.

Naturally, the power to light the memorial should come from a string of gold-plated, taxpayer paid for, Chevy "Volt" batteries. They should light the display for about one night ... that's as long as Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered. The money left over from the memorial should be used to buy Barack and his family, one-way tickets to the Worker's Paradise of Cuba. There he can stop worrying about changing the USA into a socialist state and enjoy the one created by the Castro brothers. Maybe they will permit Barack to become a community organizer! Wouldn't that be great!

The Castros are open-minded and welcome change. The Kool-Aid drinkers and fawning media robots will, hopefully, follow their leader. No free tickets for them, but there are thousands of boats, rafts and inner tubes on Florida's beaches. These are left over from that mass exodus of silly people who left Cuba just because they wanted to be free.

Bob Ford


kids coats thanks

A big Thank You from all the Emblem Sisters of Brookings Emblem Club 265 and members of Elks Lodge 1934 for supporting our annual Coats for Kids program with your article.

Thanks to the Pilot we were able to communicate this much needed program for children in our community of Brookings and Harbor and Smith River.

Our 2006 President Nadine Powers learned about Coats for Kids at the Supreme National Emblem Convention and our club adopted this program. Coats for Kids was established in 2004 by Paul and Cheryl Darby with a "mission to provide winter coats to children in need" in Alexandrea, Va. In 2011 they retired and partnered with Operation Warm, Inc.

We thank our drop-off location participants: Brookings: Chetco Community Public Library, Elks Lodge 1934, McDonalds, U.S. Bank, Curry Medical Center;

Harbor: Harbor Copy All (Harbor Shopping Center near fountain) and Curves. If you wish to donate money, please mail your check to: Brookings Emblem Club 265, P.O. Box 1854, Brookings, OR 97415, attention Coats for Kids.

Bonnie Jean Bremer, president

Brookings Emblem Club 265

jail/jailer stats off

"Sheriff's Deputies moved to jail duty" Oct. 5, 2012.

I read this article with appalled disbelief. Sheriff Bishop had 125 applicants for Corrections Deputy with only four (4) actual qualified that could be hired? WHAT?

Based on Curry, Clackamas and Oregon State Correctional Officer requirements: Is this indicative that ALL other applicants could not pass drug test, records check, were convicted felons, domestic violence or illiterate (no high school diploma or GED), under 21 or not US citizens? 121 out of 125? Really? Josephine County Deputies not interested in working Curry County Corrections, money not enough; job might end next year? Compared with other states including New Mexico; Curry County offers very decent wages. Spitting and throwing feces at Correctional staff? That is a FELONY charge. Oregon has fourteen (14) prison facilities, surely there is a riot/tactical team and a canine unit?

My husband and I visited the Curry County, Brookings-Harbor area looking at properties for sale. This article causes a lot of instant questions. Curry County's jail may be 50 years old and out of compliance, BUT, there are a lot of out of work welders out there and "pods" can be built. There are basic renovations that can be done to come close to minimum standards despite financial crisis. Creative review, open minded, from the outside might be considered without spending huge unrealistic sums for outside consultant impact studies. The facts as stated just do not add up. This is submitted out of constructive concerns for a community I am considering moving to.

Donna Sylvestre

New Mexico Corrections Department, RETIRED

Belen, New Mexico