The Curry Coastal Pilot

It's not the normal turn of events, but this year supporters have abandoned three separate ballot measures in the weeks before the election. Yet though they've ended their campaigns, voters should still go ahead and vote against all three.

Just last week supporters of ballot Measures 82 and 83 gave up their fight. Measure 81's supporters backed out in September.

Measure 82 is a constitutional amendment that would allow private gambling casinos in the state if there were an initiative petition to allow each one and if voters in the city in which each was placed also approved. Measure 83, its companion, would allow the state's first privately owned casino in Wood Village, a suburb of Portland.

Three of four former governors and current Gov. John Kitzhaber all came out against them, as did virtually every politician who was asked.

That's not surprising. Most money generated by the casino would head out of state, the contribution to schools would be relatively small. Too, there's some evidence to suggest that if the casino were built, it would simply draw business from nearby Indian casinos.

The other measure no longer being supported by its original backers is Measure 81, which would force commercial salmon fishing off the Columbia River. Stop Gillnets Now announced it would no longer fight for the ban after Kitzhaber announced his plan.

Knowing that even supporters of the trio have given up their fight, it might be tempting to skip over Measures 81, 82 and 83 when ballots arrive this weekend or early next week. Don't give in to temptation.

It's important for supporters of all three to know that Oregonians did not support their proposals early in this election season and they do not support them now.

andndash; WesCom News Service (Bend Bulletin)