The Curry Coastal Pilot

obama irresponsible

Of course it was Hillary Clinton's fault that there was inadequate security at our embassy in Lybia.

Of course the president had no responsibility in it. Just as he had no responsibility for the fiasco "Fast and Furious." Which is exactly why we need a new, responsible commander in chief; a new chief executive officer.

We need someone who will be responsible and aware of the actions of his top officers in the business of caring for our nation. President Obama is not responsible; which is another way to say that he is irresponsible.

We aren't talking about minor issues here. We are talking about the actions or inactions of his top people. And the fact that he is more than willing to let others take the blame shows his lack of good character. After all, he has an election to win, not a country to serve.

I repeat, that is exactly why we need a new president of the United States of America, not some irresponsible stooge.

Laurie Reynolds


Wayne krieger cares

I am enthusiastically supporting Wayne Krieger for reelection as District 1 State Representative.

I have worked with Wayne on several commercial fishing issues and have found him to be very responsive to the needs of our community. When Port Orford fishermen called Wayne in 2009 for help with our crab fishery opener date, he immediately took action on our behalf. The area-based solution he negotiated was exactly what we needed and has served as a model for future crab management.

I am surprised and pleased at how fast Wayne responds to issues brought to him by people in his district. He works hard for a solution. When he says that "we are his people" I truly believe that. Wayne cares about his constituents and is in Salem to work for them.

Jeff Miles

F/V Top Gun

Port Orford

center open to all

Mr. Sullivan, yes, your bickering needs to end.

Interesting you would mention that while, at the same time, maligning an institution where the Tea Party has held its last few events. If you have an issue with one or two individuals who happened to disagree with the group's agenda, why would you claim the entire institution feels that way? You have not been denied a place to meet, have you?

The Chetco Activity Center is a non-profit corporation and is, indeed, open to all. It is required by law to be non-partisan. It opens its doors to any elected official who needs a community town hall, and rents rooms to organizations needing to reach the community. However, it cannot be affiliated with or advertised as a sponsor of any political agenda or it could lose its nonprofit status. This does not mean that individual members who attend such functions are precluded from voicing their personal opinions, as long as they don't state they are the opinions of the Center.

If an individual has made disparaging remarks, you have a right to feel slighted. But, to accuse the Center of feeling this way is inflammatory and a bit over the top.

Dana Hall


Become an advocate

In a typical year more than 60 children go through the Court System in Curry County alone because their family is in crisis.

But the system isn't always equipped to assure a child's basic needs and rights are protected.

There is a simple and effective solution andndash; A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) volunteer. A trained advocate works directly with all the parties to make sure that the best interests of the child are always front and center. A child who has a CASA volunteer has the best chance of a successful outcome.

I would like to take this time to challenge Curry County to rise up and take a stand for neglected/abused children in our county. We owe it to our children to give them a voice. I would ask for you to join us in the next advocate training that will be taking place within the next 30 days.

If you are unable to volunteer your time I would encourage you to make a financial donation to the Curry County CASA Program, P.O. Box 4144 Brookings, Oregon 97415. The donation is a tax write-off; a receipt will be sent. Please call Mona Chandler, CASA director, 541-813-2272 or cell 541-698-8086.

Call for more information on becoming an advocate. Every child has the right to thrive!

Mona Chandler


bill violated cap

Regarding Harry Frieberg's letter (Pilot, Sept. 26): I, too, would have liked the veterans job corps bill passed.

However, if the bill violated a cap on spending agreed to by Congress in 2011, the bill as submitted was out of order. The bill's sponsor stated that her bill was fully offset by new revenues. Was this her "hope," or did she submit figures substantiating revenue income to support her bill?

The issue that bothers me is an attempt to bypass a spending agreement made by Congress. Laws are to be followed as passed by Congress and are not to be ignored with an intended bill that had a lot of merit.

Rather than blame Republicans for failure to pass the bill, perhaps the bill's sponsor should bear responsibility for attempting to pass her bill in violation of the cap on spending, hoping that the bill wouldn't be scrutinized by a senator who is governing by law.

Barbara Wieneke


whatever you can do

Kindness and generosity are alive and well here in Brookings.

Last week, a very nice gentleman came into our food bank asking what we were most in need of. I stated that we were completely out of oatmeal and most any types of cereal.

One hour later he returned with over 100 pounds of oatmeal. We did not get your name, sir, but you know who you are and we send you a huge thank you!

To all the rest of our caring community, please remember us during the cold winter months.

Unfortunately our need never seems to end. Whatever you can do, whether a cash donation or bags of groceries, your kindness and support are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Maureen Kee,



amendment idea

I have a proposal for a new Constitutional amendment that should greatly relieve congestion in our nation's prisons and the need for more and more police officers. How's this:

"Amendment: No crime listed in the existing criminal code shall be punishable for the regular American citizen unless it is effectively of a greater magnitude against the people of the United States collectively than by anything the president and his cohorts shall have done to them."

So, what do you think?

C.L. Grove


get out of mideast!

Mitt Romney says we need to be supporting the rebels in Syria. Huh?

Our foreign policy of supporting al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya and Egypt hasn't been a big enough disaster; now we are going to get involved in a full-out war against Syria?

Who cares that Syria is getting supported by China and Russia?

I think World War III would be just lovely!

Mitt Romney and Barry Obama cry their crocodile tears about a few people getting killed in a civil war in Syria but they couldn't care less about 55,000 people getting killed by the drug gangs at the Mexican border.

Obama says the border with Mexico has never been safer.

We don't have enough problems in our own backyard, we need to start stirring it up over in the Middle East again. Lara Logan of 60 Minutes was gang raped in Egypt and our ambassador in Libya was killed.

I have had about as much of this "democracy" movement in the Middle East as I can stand.

The same people who loved the Arab Spring now tell us that the Syrian government invaded Turkey recently. What a lie. The Turkish military is at least six times larger than the Syrian military.

It would be completely insane for Syria to invade Turkey.

Once upon a time Nazi Germany said they were invaded by Poland and World War II started the next day.

I don't want to see World War III get started up this time over in the Middle East. I am sick and tired of warmongers like George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Obama.

I have two words for our Middle East policy: Get out!

Joe Thomas


JFK or reagan?

Are you JFK or Ronald Reagan?

Are you a patriot like JFK and ask, "What can you do for this country, not what can this country do for you." If you're like JFK you care what happens to your neighbor, your city, your county, your state and your country.

Or are you like Ronald Reagan and only care "If you are better off now than you were a year ago." If you're like Ronald Reagan and believe that a economic trickle down hill will benefit the average American then you don't care if your neighbor is doing better, your city, county, state and country is doing better.

After watching the two presidential debates, Romney is like Ronald Reagan and says the only thing that matters is if you are doing better ignoring the facts of the economy is turning around based on consumer spending. Jobs have gone from a negative 800,000 a month to a 100,000 month gain. A stock market that has almost doubled from 2008 and most importantly housing making a turn upward with the largest application for construction permits in five years.

Obama is like JFK doing everything he could for the average Americans. Obama passed laws for equal pay for women, saved jobs in the midwest by bailing out the auto industry that Romney wanted to let go broke. Romney against average hard working Americans.

Who are you, JFK or Ronald Reagan? Your vote will tell.

Nick Hammon Brookings

vote yes on 79

I was sickened by the Pilot's editorial regarding their non-support of Measure 79.

For example, a family purchased a home in 2006 for $400,000. The same family has to sell the home and move to another town. Their once $400,000 home sells for $305,000 and the Pilot believes that the government should be able to fine the family for selling their home.

Thousands have lost money on the once great American dream, Home Ownership. Now we have the opportunity to keep government from placing a financial fine on those having, needing or wanting to sell their home.

Please, don't listen to the Pilot, vote YES on Measure 79. Keep government out of real estate sales.

Eldon Gossett

Oregon Coast Realty


vote late for leader

I take exception to your advice in your Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012 editorial urging voters to fill out their ballots as soon as they receive them and then mail them or place them at designated drop sites before 8 p.m. Nov. 2 (?) deadline.

Prior to any election, anything can happen to change your choice of who is to govern you for the next four years.

Mail or turn in your ballot at the last possible minute so you don't waste your precious vote by marking the wrong box.

Further, do you want a Chicago politician mentored by the Reverend Jeremiah Wright or a proven businessman to LEAD our country our of this mess we're in.

Diane Rawley


donations by duck

Thank you to everyone who supported the cats and dogs of the South Coast Humane Society by adopting one of our rubber ducks for the Wild Rivers Ducky Derby.

Your generosity raised $1,115 for our animals and a second place finish in the fund-raising competition.

A big THANK YOU also to our wonderful volunteers who sat in our booth and sold 611 ducks and, in addition, collected $627 in donations. We invite you to become a volunteer and join us in future fund raising activities. Share your ideas and talents for the benefit of our furry friends. Call us Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. at 541-412-0325.

As a non-profit organization we rely on community support of our fund raisers and thrift store sales to ensure that we can continue to spay and neuter animals and find them forever homes. Currently we are at maximum capacity for dogs and our cat population increased by 35 just in the month of September.

Come in and visit us at 828 Railroad Avenue in Brookings where you may just meet your new best friend. While you're in the area, also visit our Thrift Store at 620 Hemlock.

Tanya Collins,

director, SCHS


facts blind liberals?

I must take exception to the letter of Oct. 13, authored by Doug Bewall.

In this letter Mr. Bewall lists a dozen positive events in our history which were brought about by Republicans. Of course if you investigate these events, the facts are borne out. And there lies the problem.

Doesn't Mr. Bewall understand that being factual just blinds liberals and disrupts their ability to convince others that lowering the standards of this country is something we should all strive for? Come on now, doesn't this plan make a more "level playing field" for other countries with whom we deal?

For goodness sakes, next he'll be saying that our liberal entitlement programs and running our national debt to astronomical levels by this administration is somehow not in our own best interest! Come on conservatives, people who don't want to work deserve all the "free stuff" liberals provide. Just ask them!

Gosh, I suppose Mr. Bewall will then suggest that people should be responsible for their own success or failure, and that the government shouldn't be investing billions of our hard earned tax dollars in failed "green" companies.

But please, Mr. Bewall, don't throw out historical facts. It just confuses liberals.

Mike Wiley


two cents worth

Just thought I would put in my two cents worth.

I believe abortion is the only crime whereby the perpetrators receive an unconditional pardon and the innocent victim receives capital punishment.

Tom Moody