The Curry Coastal Pilot

a really 'kewl' place

Hey Everybody, Just want to publicly give a BIG thanks and accolade to the 2nd Saturday Art Walk.

I was there for the first one and the 100th, 'tho not all in between. I am so compelled to acknowledge all those involved for starting this fun and cultural event and those who keep it thriving. That includes all who attend and support the venues throughout town as well as artists, musicians, poets, actors, providers, janitors and the rest. Certainly there are individual names and acquaintances, but no IDs for fear of omitting ones who have done so much.

Here's my point: After years of rubbing shoulders with these folks and going to the after-hour "togetherness" with other musicians where the entertainment is so eclectic, you folks are so refreshing and uplifting, totally friendly and encouraging, showing loving friendship and sharing your homes and selves.

Brookings community is a really ~kewl~ place for it, the people of the 2nd Saturday Art Walk, the folks keeping the warmth alive make me feel good.

Thanks for your service and friendship!

Tom Tanzi


no reefer fear

In response to Mr. Alan Jensen. There is much "reefer madness" style scare tactics that I don't have the required space available in this medium to address all of his misinformation. Lets start here though: "The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act andhellip; has failed miserably to stop illegal growing." Are you serious? OMMP was never intended to do that!

In these dire economic times, keeping cannabis illegal is not only pointless but perhaps equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. With our county so impoverished that we are discussing new taxes and laying off police, can we afford to let this source of tax revenue flowing through the county daily go untapped? Prop 80 is on the ballot this November and if passed is estimated to net the state 25 million a year in revenue!

Prohibition does nothing to make cannabis less available to those who want it, while wasting time and money of law enforcement. This is eloquently stated in a credible source "The Psychology of Health" By Marian Pitts, Psychology Press, May 6, 1998 andndash; A scientific study on the effects of cannabis prohibition concluded that, "The cost to the public in police man power, legal proceedings, probation and prison services are enormous, yet the benefit to society is unclear because cannabis causes few real problems."

I beg you to read a little. Stand up to the fear mongering, end the injustice, and put money back into the county and state budget. Vote yes on Prop 80 this November.

Ryan Jones


NLCS, World Series

We learned last night that the above games are going to be shown on Fox 26. If you don't know, Fox and various satellite and cable companies are disputing, therefore removing, Fox 26 from our TV lineups. We called DIRECTV and tried to subscribe to Fox West (399W in our area) for $2.50 a month so we can watch these games. We are excellent customers (according to DIRECTV) but we still have to be approved by Fox to see if they will allow us to purchase this sports channel. What kind of "malarkey" is that !!!! (Yes, malarkey, it's a very old word). We suggest that DIRECTV and Fox get their "Malarkey" together before they lose more customers than they can afford to lose.

Come on people, if you are any kind of a sports fan, "lets fight this" ! We are paying for a service we cannot receive. Is that right? We are willing to pay the $2.50 monthly charge to see these games, but also feel DIRECTV and other companies should be giving credits on our bills for stations we can not receive.

Greg and Linda Woods Brookings

Wayne Krieger cares

I am enthusiastically supporting Wayne Krieger for reelection as District 1 State Representative.

I have worked with Wayne on several commercial fishing issues and have found him to be very responsive to the needs of our community. When Port Orford fishermen called Wayne in 2009 for help with our crab fishery opener date, he immediately took action on our behalf. The area-based solution he negotiated was exactly what we needed and has served as a model for future crab management.

I am surprised and pleased at how fast Wayne responds to issues brought to him by people in his district. He works hard for a solution. When he says that "we are his people" I truly believe that. Wayne cares about his constituents and is in Salem to work for them.

Jeff Miles

F/V Top Gun

troubled by obama

Barack Obama wrote in his book "Dreams From My Father" that he harbored a "Coil of rage," toward white people. Below are additional quotes from his books.

From his book Dreams From My Father:

"I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites." "I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race." "There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe and white." "It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names." "I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the blackman, son of Africa, that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela."

From Audacity of Hope:

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

I realize that many elderly people do not have computers and do not have access to YouTube, but there are several YouTube videos of Barack Obama prior to becoming president speaking to large Muslim groups where he says he is one of them. I am troubled by this evidence of racial bias, and also by his claim to be a Christian when indications are he is not.

Ralph Martin


praise from pennies

How do you put in words how grateful we are from Pennies for Pooches? Thank you all for coming by and buying derby ducks from us and making it possible to win first prize of $1,000 by selling the most ducks. We couldn't have done it without the outstanding support the pooches have received. Thank you deeply for all those who came forward asking how they could help in volunteering for us, it is amazing! I guess it is proof that two people can make a difference.

Oct. 13 at the port we had a fundraiser for Pennies for Pooches/Gold Beach shelter andndash; a cobbler bake contest; what a turnout! Thank you to the port, to all the bakers, to all the tasters, you truly made a difference to the lives of homeless shelter animals. Dori won top prize, Kate third prize and both generously donated it back to Pennies for Pooches, a truly huge thank you to all of you.

Yes, the holidays are coming upon us and Pennies for Pooches/Gold Beach shelter is no exception. Come by and visit with us to learn more about us, at the Christmas Bazaar on Nov. 10 in Brookings. We are proud to be your shelter open seven days a week. Pennies for Pooches were the only ones who came forth to take over the county shelter in Gold Beach and along accepted all responsibility of it. Yes, we are your shelter for all of Curry County. Anyone else who wishes to volunteer, call 541-469-0360.

Beverly and

Forbes Duncan


Len, vi say thank you

We want to thank the community for supporting the Farmers and Artisans Market this season.

Saturday was the last market for this year.

The market will go forward with Tina and Dale Kirkpatrick as managers.

Len and I have had the honor of building the market for the Brookings Harbor area and are proud of the work we have done. The many vendors who have participated have offered wonderful handcrafted items. We know the Kirkpatricks will continue the high quality we set for the market in the future. We plan to be a market vendor a few times and will be participating in the local shows as well as others out of the area.

Again, we'd like to say thank you!

Violet and Len Burton


the past reminds

Before you vote in the upcoming election please watch the movie: "I Served the King of England." This is a 2006 Czech film made in Slavakia where I recently visited.

The film, although extremely satirical in its presentation, depicts truthfully the annexation of Czechoslavakia during the Third Reich, Hitler's attempt to make a new master race and most importantly the communist power in 1948.

While staying in Prague in April this year, I was horrified that such events, that come to light in the movie, did actually occur. It's a real eye-opener to listen to the stories from the tour guides and the residents in Praha.

Now, watching TV and listening to the horrendous diatribe between the two parties I am suddenly afraid of the future. I urge everyone to watch the movie, sub-titles and all, before voting.

Angela Ewing