The Curry Coastal Pilot

no suit against Curry

Greg Empson's ghost writer, John Harbpr, almost got his facts correct, but left out some very important details.

First, there is no lawsuit filed against the county for termination, or any other action. Second, the advisory letter (which was suggested by BOLI in case further action was needed) was received by the county months before her candidacy, and finally, the actual complaint was filed with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI).

BOLI does not file lawsuits, but what BOLI does is negotiate for job reinstatement, which is exactly what was being sought. I know this because I also filed a BOLI complaint seeking job reinstatement along with Susan Brown and another terminated employee. We were specifically asked by the BOLI interviewer if we wanted our jobs back and the answers were yes. This is documented in the interview.

Ms. Brown wanted reinstatement to complete valuable projects and continue with the contributions she was making to the economic health of the county. As commissioner she could do just that.

What actually doesn't pass the "smell test" is Mr. Empson's large campaign backer who is telling him how to run his campaign and what to do; check Orestar at to find campaign finance reports.

Do you really want a commissioner who is beholden to someone else, and a commissioner who only gives you small portions of the truth? We might as well have kept the current commissioners in place to continue to see this kind of dishonesty.

Linda Elfman

Pistol River


In our opinion the people who do not like our community are the losers! Just let us tell you of our recent experiences.

On Aug. 18, Marge tripped over her overenthusiastic bulldog at the Farmers Market at Sporthaven, crushing her shoulder. Many of the vendors and shoppers immediately rushed to her aid, rounding up the dog, getting Marge off the ground and calling Al for assistance. She is in rehab for a couple more months.

Our thanks to all you lovely people, as well as to our neighbors who continue to check up on us and assist with current needs. Then, Sunday, Sept. 30, a storage shed six feet from our home caught fire. Again, our community to the rescue. Al and our neighbor, Jeff, started spraying water on the flames while Marge dialed 911.

In less than five minutes Harbor Fire Department and volunteer crew was here, and had it extinguished within the hour. Can't say how many responded, but our street was full of fire trucks and great men and women who not only manned the blaze, but kept us calm and informed of progress.

Yes, we are a real mess, but thanks to our dedicated public service workers and the wonderfully caring people who surround us, we will survive.

Thank you all so much, and rest assured we will pay it forward, as that is the nature of our community. Loveya all!

Al and Marge Brown


krieger vs mail-in

Oregon's popular vote-by-mail system is nationally known and respected as one of the best and most secure voting systems in the United States. Wayne Krieger, our state representative, wants to change that.

Representative Krieger and six other Republican state representatives introduced a bill in the Oregon State Legislature to abolish mail-in ballots and go back to the old method of voting at precinct polling places.

Why does Representative Krieger want to return to the past? When questioned he gave different answers at different candidate forums. But the real reason is obvious. It's part of the national Republican voter suppression campaign that, if successful, will effectively disenfranchise millions of voters across America.

Oregon's vote-by-mail system is the best way to ensure that all registered voters are able to vote. If you value this system, be sure to remember that Wayne Krieger wants eliminate vote-by-mail in Oregon and make it harder for you to vote. Keep this in mind when you vote.

Linda Bozack


comments on 80?

Though I no longer reside in beautiful Brookings, the Pilot is still on my reading list.

I was wondering, since voting time is coming up upon us, and all Oregonians are looking at this Measure 80 Marijuana Legalization initiative andndash; it will affect greatly the state areas with the best all-year warm weather for growing season andndash; and that would be Brookings. It will be a major cash crop for your local economy, as well as inland in the Grants Pass/Cave Junction area.

Be interested in your comments, as we in the colder towns up north decide this issue.

Keith Allen Higgins

Gold Beach

hedenskog the one

For the past several months it has been my pleasure to volunteer a bit of time and effort to the Community Kitchen at St. Timothy's every Tuesday. It is one of six "soup kitchens" in Brookings that do a great job of providing hot meals for anyone who wants one.

Like all entities of this nature they require leaders, people that are passionate, dependable and talented, people that can be depended on week in and week out. The leader of our band of knuckleheads at St. Tim's is Ron Hedenskog, who is our current mayor and is on the ballot to remain our mayor.

Mayor Hedenskog is getting my vote and here's why: He has lived here forever, he knows everyone, he is liked and respected and he gets things done without a lot of fanfare and self-promotion. He doesn't bully, badger or name-call, he instead gets people of wildly divergent points of view to work together for a common goal. He is stubborn too; it is highly unlikely that you will ever hear of him throwing his hands up and saying "it's too hard, I can't do it."

That's why I'm voting for Mayor Hedenskog. He's the right person for the job and Brookings is fortunate that someone so capable is also so willing to share his talents with the city he loves.

Jim Williams


health act talk

Do you have any questions or concerns about how health care reform or the Affordable Care Act is going to affect you or your family? How about how it will affect Medicare?

On Friday, Oct. 12, Rand Dawson is going to give a community talk titled "Health Care Reform and Medicare under the Affordable Care Act". Mr. Dawson is a retired attorney and health care activist from Lane County and has traveled with the "Mad as Hell Doctors" group that has traversed Oregon in recent years.

Mr. Dawson's talk will include the following topics:

andbull;How can the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) help me and my family and/or my small business/employees.

andbull;How does the Affordable Care Act affect Medicare and my benefits?

andbull;Will the Affordable Care Act benefit me if I already have Medicare coverage?

He will also offer to discuss the general provisions of the ACA, including insurance reform, and intended future impacts on national health costs.

There will be ample time after the talk for questions and one-on-one discussions.

Brookings: 12 p.m. at the Event Center, 800 Chetco Ave., Unit B (opposite Les Schwab).

Gold Beach: 3 p.m. at the Showcase Building at the Fairgrounds, 29392 Ellensburg Ave.

Port Orford: 7 p.m. at the Port Orford Library, 1421 Oregon St.

For more information call 541-254-0936.

Eileen Sorrels